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#5 is a bad use of statistics from a company I've never heard of

Your loss, their visualization for airplane travel is amazing.

Their use of statistics in this case is quite poor.

Yeah. It looks like a shameless "native advertising" piece trying to cash in on the Trump trend to gain visibility for a company nobody has heard of. The abuse of statistics is atrocious.

5. But according to financial disclosure forms, golf revenue is way up in the Trump commercial empire.

That's not possible - according to an obscure travel website nobody's ever heard of the Trump empire is getting hammered, at least on their website. That's based on changes in percentage too, not actual numbers, so you know they're right. Admit it.

1. Is the link correct?

couldn't find the correct link here, so deleted, thus all the numbers are rearranged, just a result, not all of the comments may make sense!

domo arigatou!

What the GDP per capita of the Soviet Union and Russia were in 1990 seem to be a moving target.

2. A member of the Federalist Society has no problem with the secret funding of lawsuits? This is like linking to Prof. Zywicki defending 300% APR payday loans or Stewart Baker demanding full access to everyone's data the second that someone says the magic word 'terrorism.'

Oh please. This is an old old game. The fuss about this is who lost, not who funded it. The wonderfully powerful and useful smear apparatus made possible by the internet has hit a limit.

Is it possible that a wide array of political agendas and strategies now have to be reconsidered?

I wouldn't refer to it as a game. One never necessarily knows for certain who is funding a lawsuit. Never.

5. Trump Hotel's "share" of bookings are down. As bookings go up, it's not surprising that Trump Hotel's share would go down since Trump Hotel's are very expensive. As more people travel, more of them can't afford a Trump Hotel.

I don't understand why anyone would stay at a Trump Hotel, or would buy a condo in a Trump Tower. In my sunbelt city, the planned Trump Tower was never built, the developers having long since crashed and burned, the millions in deposits having been burned too. Trump disclaimed any responsibility to the marks, I mean customers, who put up millions in deposits to secure units in the "Trump Tower" because, as Trump said, he only licensed his name to the developers. The marks, I mean customers, when questioned why they would put up so much money in deposits, said they relied on the name Trump. Of course, Trump is a predator, the millions of people who worship celebrity and wealth, his prey.

I think that is the basis on which people think that Trump will make the america great again.

I age myself, but Dallas the tv show depicted a rather slippery business character who did very well by outsmarting or out muscling his opponents. I remember some discussion in one of the news magazines at the time that US business people were getting inspiration from that character, and in a way it characterized the US economic resurgence.

Commercial development and construction is comparable to a shark tank where any weakness will be exploited. Many a mid sized contractor has gone bankrupt getting into that game and being led to take on projects that were too big for them to handle financially, and being over the barrel got cleaned out. It has been said that Trump sets up situations where no matter what happens he doesn't lose, and that is the cardinal rule in that industry; if you can lose, you will. Someone will make sure that you do.

I suspect that Trump is finding the political game surprisingly easy. He is used to very smart and shrewd opponents in the industry where he grew up, and for him to succeed required developing the same smarts and shrewdness. The Republicans brain trust has lived up to it's reputation as the Stupid Party.

It is going to be extraordinarily entertaining watching him take on the Clintons. Everything he is doing is defining her and setting up ramparts against attacks where he could be vulnerable. In the end either he pays or she does. He will do everything to make her pay. I suspect he will be surprisingly successful. She is an awful candidate.

The question then is when he wins the presidency, whose behalf will he exercise his substantial ability to cajole and twist arms?

He's finding the game of winning elections easy, but I'm not convinced he will have any success at all implementing policy. He was able to take down opponents because there was a bonafide purchase to be made by constituents: their vote on primary day. What can he do when there is no election at stake, and when the voters on his policies are the people he insulted?

Perhaps American voters will take the plunge and start thinking for themselves, see through the smokescreen?

It's hard to believe that Clinton could be more self interested than Trump.

The first link!?

But Haiti doesn't have a lot of trees, read the article. It just has more trees that people think.

Also it has trees it seems where hardly anybody lives, such as rainforests.

4. See also the very impressive MyScript for converting handwritten math into computer-readable LaTeX/Mathematica

and the related iOS app

3. Is short on actual pictures of mature forest.

Counter example:

There villagers go over the border to rob Dominican parks of firewood.

#6, no it cannot. I think this is supposed to be "Lay down" which would be "Noo-uh" but I do not hear an "N". Its just "oo-uh"...

#2 from the article: "In any case, to destroy a media company, it is not enough that litigation be financed. A court must also find the defendant liable, award damages and have it sustained on appeal..."

what planet does this guy live on???

Many states, including Florida where the lawsuit was actually filed, have anti-SLAPP statutes that make it very expensive for plaintiffs to file lawsuits in bad faith in order to intimidate or silence critics.

#3 talk about burying the lede. I also love how people think changing narratives can change reality. When reality involves burning wood for fuel in the 21st century, narratives ain't gonna do shit.

er ... #2

(narrative changed)

#5 A dog that follows commands in English or Hungarian

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2. There are a lot of solar lights in Haiti now. I have a cheap Chinese made one in front of me I bought for 72 US cents. After being placed in the sun for several hours it will provide dim light for a full 12 hours. Mind you, I expect that period of time to decline as the battery gradually degrades. I don't know what they pay for them in Haiti, but a very large number of solar lights have been distributed by relief organizations.

In a hot country like Haiti, I'm sure a big shift away from using fire for illumination to solar light has occurred. I presume we could probably look at satellite or aerial photos of Haiti at night and see change in illumination from yellow fire to whiter electrical lighting.

#4 I s a clear sign that Trump is headed for an epic defeat in the general election. If the number of pro-Trump people in the electorate outnumbered the anti-trump people, bookings would RISE.

I stayed at the Trump hotel in Las Vegas in July 2014. Good hotel, bad location, and I found it annoying that they only offered valet parking; I wound up parking across the street at the mall a few times. I booked the trip in mid-June 2016.

My total bill for three nights (7/17/14 - 7/20/14) came to $412.85. I can't book that same trip for 7/14/16 - 7/17/16 for less than $545.

If the Trump hotels were really having problems due to his recent prominence, I'd expect prices to be at least flat, not up 32%.

Of course, that first paragraph should say that I booked the trip in mid-June 2014.

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