Sunday assorted links

1. Larry Summers on why Americans don’t trust government: “Though the bridge took only 11 months to build in 1912, it will take close to five years to repair today at a huge cost in dollars and mass delays.”

2. Men who live as dogs.  And this man lived as a goat: “So in the Alps, I had to use a pressure cooker at night to cook the grass I’d chewed up during the day, and spat into my not-quite artificial rumen.”

3. Prototype markets in everything: prosthetic foot designed for high heels.

4. U.S. nuclear force still uses eight inch floppy disks.

5. How masculine are millennials?  And why has Chicago stayed so violent? (NYT)

6. More on DAO, which is (sort of) a bot which runs a company.

7. Cass Sunstein on Star Wars, don’t forget June 15 is my conversation with Cass.


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