Tuesday assorted links

1. Scott Alexander survey post on the value of good teachers.

2. Forty percent of the buildings in Manhattan could not be built today under current law.

3. “Ethicists do not appear to behave better.

4. Stop anti-Asian bias.  And a good and thoughtful piece on PC, Oberlin, and the like.  Please note I do not usually recommend pieces on this topic.

5. Although the survey consulted some leading economists, these answers on how to boost productivity growth are not so impressive.  It is nonetheless a highly instructive post in its failings.  On another front, to raise productivity Swedes in Gothenburg are trying six-hour work days (NYT).

6. The successes of Rutgers Newark.  And former Clark medal winner Jonathan Levin to head Stanford Business School.

7. The market for a Zika vaccine isn’t quite there yet.

8. An explainer for Ethereum and DAO.


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