Model this, show your work


Mutually assured destruction spillover effects on a third party.

One of the kids is jumping over the other - is this so hard to model? The picture captures a single frame of what in a video would be apparent.

And not being able to see the other side, it is difficult to know how easy it would be for one or both to continue jumping until finding solid footing, seeing as how the boulder both are leaping to seems to have less of a slant than the face we see with a goat already on it. One should note, as seen from the other kids, that solid footing should not be measured using a scale involving what humans believe meets that definition.

Germany suits you well. No fun allowed, unless you have been drinking. You should down a stein or two before posting on MR.

I bet that goat is damn sorry it didn't build a Wall now.

Straussian reading: global warming is not as bad as everyone thinks.

King of the Hill, winner takes all.

What I see is an

Unsuccessful hump by an

Inexperienced mountain goat.

From left to right the goats are Microsoft, Google, Apple, blackberry

Nicely done.

Kids these days are engaging in risky behavior to try to fill the hole left by our decadent culture.

Rational risk-taking of low-status males to compete for the scarce sexual attention of females to compensate for the evolved sex difference in reproductive investment.

As I have a mild fear of heights, I'm scared for the photographer. ;-)

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