Monday assorted links

1. Dani Rodrik on Turkey’s baffling coup.

2. A tale of our times, from Eli Dourado.  “I don’t blame him for his lifestyle, economically it makes sense.”

3. China is relying all the more on credit and state fixed investment.

4. Food at Bowdoin vs. food at Vassar.

5. Profile of Martha Nussbaum.  “Last year, Nussbaum had a colonoscopy. She didn’t want to miss a workday, so she refused sedation. She was thrilled by the sight of her appendix, so pink and tiny. “It’s such a big part of you and you don’t get to meet these parts,” she told me. “I love that kind of familiarization: it’s like coming to terms with yourself.”

6. There is no great fraud stagnation in the sharing economy.


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