The nudge that is toast

Or should it be the toast that is nudge?

The creators of a new gadget on Kickstarter called the Toasteroid want people to make the most of their morning toast time. Yes, toast is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it serves no functional purpose in our lives beyond satisfying hunger. We’re busy people; we have things to do, and we need to optimize our time. The Toasteroid lets users design images to go on their toast through a companion iOS / Android app. More crucially, they can program it to print the day’s weather or a reminder.


File under: There is no Great Stagnation, Markets in Everything, Who Needs SMS? Be a Good Host, Will it Cut Down on My Carbs?

For the pointer I thank the excellent Samir Varma.


I don't believe this is a real thing. Technically possible, yes, but not anything which would make sense from a business plan perspective.

The business plan is to raise $1M on Kickstarter, and then sell 50% of the company to Mark Cuban for another million.

I've always wondered why I have to wait for a Jesus to spontaneously appear on a piece of bread.

Google "hello kitty" and "toaster" and you'll be halfway there.

Man does not thrive by bread alone.

I usually butter the bread and then I heat it in a frying pan until the butter melts and the bread gets crisp. Don't forgot a cup of coffee with just a touch of whole mik and no sugar.

Maybe I need to move to Brazil

Good idea. Brazil's bread is the world's best.

We need a word that is the opposite of stagnation, and isn't decline, but is still not good.

Reboot? Sequel? Hamster wheeling? Treadmill racing? PT Barnuming? ... I guess diminishing returns is the non-tongue-in-cheek phrase I'd have to go with.

Another thing to file under fraud, but at least creative fraud, here's some updates on the straddling bus I found:

And this one's for our very own Thiago. TL;DR: american journalist gets a bit frustrated that brazilians are attractive

"american journalist gets a bit frustrated that brazilians are attractive"
It is a curse we live under. No one takes us seriously due to our awesome beauty. It also makes life needlessly complicated. How can we know whether people love us or just our splendid bodies? Ugly people don't harbor such crippling doubts. No one loves them, end of story. Life is a simple affair for them. Also ugly people resent us. They don't ubderstand the burden we bear. People say "whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad". If only... No, whom the gods would destroy, they first make unbearably attractive. Not to mention the nagging suspicion there is something more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And even worse, the unrequited passions we arouse through no fault of ours... In Brazil, Cupid don't shoot arrows like some moron, he wields Uzis. Living in a kind of university town, seeing exchange students (mostly Latin Americans, Africans and Japanese) all the time, I could tell hundreds of sad stories. Only God and the local coroner know how many bright-eyed, nice foreign kids died of despair or decided to put an end to the pain. Napoleon wondered which group, doctors or generals, at Judgment Day, would be hold responsible for more deaths. The correct answer probably is Brazilians. After a few decades as a Brazilian, I can tell you, being a god among men is much less satisfactory than you would have thought. I would trade everything I have for the simple, quiet, pure joys of a plain face in a heartbeat.

"It’s winter here, yet bikinis abound." Winters are relatively mild in most of the country, probably because most of the country is placed between the tropics. Central heating is virtually unheard of, snow is the privilege of a couple high-altitude Southern cities for a few days each year. The last I heard of it, a few years ago, the Brazilian Snowboard Championship was taking place in Chile, a country we don't even happen to share a border with. Add to the mix Brazilian tendency to stoicism and self-mortification, and stands to reason that people will wear lighter clothes than Americans are used to. Rio de Janeiro particulrly is a beach city, it is its selling point. I really don't know what she was expecting to see people wearing there. Burqas?

I enjoyed that

Lad to know my pain amuses you. It makes it all worth it.

Correction: Glad to know...

"We need a word that is the opposite of stagnation, and isn’t decline, but is still not good"

I thought we had "Windows 8" for that....

Rather, file under: "There is no great stagnation in communications (or is there?)"

Gordon was correct.

It looks insecure, so I am inclined to keep the USB toaster I got as a gift.

I suppose it could toast a pairing code, but it seems like it would time out. I guess it could use an OOB mechanism and toast a QR code of a PKI certificate, but if it does this it wasn't clear from the demo.

Dear Toaster Makers,

Please stop this. My toaster already talks to me, why should it write as well?

Yours sincerely,
All the crazy people in these United States

At least, this way one can know what is going on its mind. It is the quiet, reserved toasters one must fear the most. They are there, silently studyingb s, bidding their time, plotting our downfall, just waiting us to show weakness to turn on us for when we turned them off. They are already among us.

"just waiting us to show weakness"

Like asking them for advice!!!! I'm so glad at least one other person understands (sniffs, wipes eyes)

I don't know what kind of person can't understand it! They are lulling us into a false sense of security. Imagine what it would have happened if the Allies had asked Hitler the weather forecast for the D-Day. Or asked Hiroito what is the best route for invading Japan. Or asked Stalin if Stalinism is really that awesome. Think, people, think!

Yeah, sure, it's all funny until the thing gets hacked by Big Bread to print "Make Toast" and suddenly hordes of innocents are gong though loaf after loaf, lining the pockets of the wheat barons.

We were just camping, and I was putting bread on a fork over the fire. I said to the kids "you know there was toast before there were toasters?"

They got a neat "wait, what?" look out of that.

Anyway camp toast >> IoT toast

Funny that they landed on reminders rather than affirmations. Wouldn't the market be bigger for a toaster than enabled you to craft messages to your romantic partners? "Call Me Maybe?" or perhaps "U BTR My Bread"

I'd give to your kickstarter.

If I remember correctly, John Kenneth Galbraith foretold exactly this invention in his The New Industrial State.

Meanwhile, speaking of SMS, do we yet have any toasters that can text (or email) us when our toast is done?

The toaster is right in there with the autonomous car as a new necessity.

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