The World’s Biggest A#$#Hole

Is this real? Is it effective? I don’t care. I love it.


Make America Great Again

Wow, that was pretty fantastic. Creative and emotional. Kudos to the agency that came up with that!

Come to Texas to see this on a regular, maybe even daily, basis.

True, but texas has a bimodal distribution on this. Either it's the coolest person you've met, or well mr coleman here.

There was a story on NPR's Planet Money last year talking about how the only way they have ever found that works to get people to become organ donors is to do it at the DMV when they are renewing their drivers license. (
All the messages like this, and all the pleas from organ recipients apparently do nothing, but asking people when they renew their license is the single best way to get people to become donors.
The part of the story that surprised me the most was that there are so many body parts they can use. I assumed they only wanted the usual suspects, hearts, livers, kidneys, maybe a lung. But as also depicted in this ad, they can use muscles, corneas and other parts you wouldn't think about. And if your organs aren't suitable for transplant, they can be used for medical research.
Here in Pennsylvania, it's a check box on the online license renewal form, and if you don't check it, they ask you in person when you go to get your new photo taken.

I feel a little bad for Stan, though, who got his liver.

Solon was Greek, you should know that.

Oops, @Ray Lopez

In reality a history of alcohol abuse would prevent him from being a donor in general and would certainly prevent the use of his liver.

Well the Romans always said you cannot judge a man's life until he dies.

I love it too...

Is it real? I would think so- the actor was a known one, Thomas Jane.

Is it effective, probably not.

Why would he register? A real asshole does not register. Never ever.

I'm an asshole. And I'm not registered either.

What a stupid unrealistic ad.

It must have been Opt-out (and maybe he got confused?)


Makes me want to apply for an asshole transplant.
Can they do that yet?

NB My daddy died waiting for a lung and my uncle is living because he got one in time... as is a cousin who inherited "some generous asshole's" liver and pancreas.

Wish they'd make organ donation automatic and anything else is an explicit conscious opt-out.

It is humorous, but ineffective.
If cell memory exists, I would not want a transplant from an a..hole.
Especially not an unhealthy one.

An asshole is a very useful thing.

Donation should be the default. If taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society, then I have no problem paying a DEATH TAX of any useful organs. Send the body to the medical school lab, grind it up for fertilizer; do something useful with it. If upon my death I can no longer own property, securities, cars, etcetera why should I control the fate of a small amount of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, etc.?

You can have my organs when you pry them from my dead body! Never before!


Shameful. The only purpose is to lower other people's utility.

It's real:

Makes you wonder why so few doctors sign up to be organ donors.

seems like they're more likely than the general populace to be donors

I just want to know if that was Dana Gioia narrating.

the scene in the strip club should have been longer.

This is my reason for buying American

Just realized ... the world's best person may end up donating organs to save a bunch of assholes.

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