Tuesday assorted links

1. Museum economics.

2. The Lion in the Living Room: How House Cats Tamed Us and Took Over the World.  I recommended many sources to the book’s author, Abigail Tucker.

3. “Chinese tourist who lost wallet in Germany ends up in refugee shelter — Man diverted to home in Dülmen after mistakenly filling in asylum application instead of stolen goods report.”  He was there for two weeks — “He was then taken 220 miles (360km) to a refugee shelter…and given food and spending money like other refugees. “He simply did what he was told,” Schlütermann said.”

4. Free the mayor, he does not deserve time in jail.

5. How dictators evolve.

6. You may or may not like limiting transfers and cutting taxes on the wealthy, but it is Orwellian to call that “redistribution.”   How about “unredistribution” at least?  “De-redistribution”?


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