Tuesday assorted links

1.  The economic value of book awards.  And “Perhaps even more impressive: the original English edition tops the current bestseller lists in both Germany and France.”  Link here.

2. 538 is hiring economics writers, and MRU is hiring.

3. Even low-wage Cambodia is automating.

4. Why don’t hotels give you toothpaste?  (The article could use a bit more Coase.)

5. “…we find that a surprising number of behavioral, demographic, and physiological measures (23 of 122), including fluid intelligence, reading ability, weight, and psychiatric diagnostic scales, correlate with head motion.”  Very often I find that observing head motion is a good way to get better insight into people.

6. Is Hitchcock’s Marnie underrated or overratedIs Andrew Wyeth underrated or overrated?

7. How researchers discovered the basketball hot hand.


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