Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Susan Athey will discuss machine learning, government and policy analysis in her keynote on Monday morning (Sept. 12) at Artificial Intelligence: The Economic and Policy Implications a mini-conference sponsored by the Technology Policy Institute at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. I will then moderate one of two panels featuring computer scientists and AI experts. More information and reservations here. Should be fun.


These areas of research are super interesting, but.....a bit of context: I tend to agree with the consulting pundits, "machine learning" could be near the peak of inflated expectations today.

YouTube thinks that since I watch videos on wood and metal working, I might want to subscribe to Alex Jones. ML fail.

On the other hand, Google dropped my mom an email asking how she liked the Orange Street Fair. I am trying to figure that one out. She does not carry a cell phone. Spooky.

On the other hand: (RIP for me) and youtube quickly understood I like metal & stoner rock. But, I'm still amazed Google suggests me to date 50+ years old women, is it because I spent lots of time in MR?

Will the mini-conference be webbed? I.e. is it possible to attend remotely?

Bank regulators, with their risk weighted capital requirements, operate as if what was perceived as risky was actually riskier for the bank system than what’s perceived as safe, and they refuse to admit their mistake.
So, in reference to that conference, please remind those in charge of the importance of introducing in robots that kind of human ego that makes it difficult to admit mistakes because, if not, the robots could take us over. ☺
PS. Had they used any artificial intelligence current regulations would not exist because any AI would have started with the question that regulators never asked, namely: what is the purpose of our banks.

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