Friday assorted links

1. Compared to other consumption expenditures, the U.S. is not a significant health care outlier.

2. Enjoy famous artworks without gluten.

3. “The man said he was hired by the airport to keep track of the precise location of every car in the lot, explaining that the data is most often used by the airport when passengers returning from a trip forget where they parked their vehicles.”  Link here.

4. You get what you measure: millions of fake accounts at Wells Fargo.

5. Not all Chinese companies are paying off on the Taylor Swift boyfriend break-up.

6. One way to rank World Bank presidents, not the way I would choose.

7. John R. Coleman, RIP: “In his abbreviated career as a blue-collar worker, he concluded that academia was not quite as artificial as he had thought and manual labor not nearly as satisfying.”


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