Japan insurance markets in everything, moral hazard edition

One of Japan’s largest casualty insurers is going to start offering internet and social media backlash insurance.

Here is the link, including to the original Japanese.


Does it cover for damage from our own intemperate tweets?

It probably catches 22 hrs a day ; as long as the tweets are not from 2 to 4 AM you have coverage.

It's a good idea, and I wish they had it here.

Social media vigilantes are for real, anyone tied to a "community" (such as a university) will confirm that. If a professor's reputation is ruined by social media vigilantism, will the insurer indemnify him against losses?

Do they require that one of their own agents approve the tweets, ensuring that the posts are things that a reasonable person wouldn't foresee a backlash on?

I doubt a reasonable person can always foresee what will provoke a backlash. I think there is some sort of social quantum indeterminacy effect.

Right, but you can identify ones that will (almost) *definitely* provoke a backlash and make sure you're not insuring those, hence my comment.

This makes no sense. What's the insurable event? A tweetstorm? What are the damages? I suppose I can see some analogs to liable insurance for a news outlet, but in that case someone has to sue. This doesn't seem real.

Now, where do I go to get my reputation back?

This website should buy some of that insurance.

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