Tabarrok Moving to India!

I am moving to India! Next semester (approx late Jan.-May) I will doing a sabbatical in India! Home base will be Mumbai at the IDFC Institute. I will be giving some talks and talking with people all over India and I hope to make some videos for Marginal Revolution University.



Bring dollars.

I love the rental!

It that the house you've rented for your stay? Not too shabby.

Heh! It will be one hell of a morning commute: The drive from Agra to Mumbai is about 800 miles.

The house looks OK, the lawn looks a little shabby

The neighborhood isn't so great, though:

Robert Byron noted that the Taj Mahal is a tasteless travesty of Timurid Islamic architecture. Its the equivalent of a Disney version of a European castle.

The Taj Mahal is a tomb, not a castle. It wasn't meant for people to live in, but just to visit, and maybe pray (for Muslims.)

Sigh... the Taj Mahal is to Timurid architecture as Disney palaces are to historic European castles....

Nice. You will probably be back just in time to see Congress start to gut FDA in line with your craziest recommendations. It's all happening!

People always spend their sabbaticals in the most pathetic countries. The only exception I recall is Feyman's historical trip to Brazil.

Where would you rather spend a sabbatical?

Brazil obviously, but is an acquired taste. If I were not Brazilian and I were on a sabbatical, I think I would visit Russia (as savage as it is, it has created an impressive culture, which means they must have done something right) or Mauritius or Cabo Verde or Macau. Even Argentina, the so-called Uruguay and the so-called Chile are better calls.

Hey, Thiago (or whatever your name is). Should you ever have a sabbatical please stay the hell out of America.

Hey, robert. Brasil is in America.

I am already in (South) America. And I have seen enough of your decadent society to know nothing there is nothing in the so-called America that can interest me in the least (although I have heard nice things about Cambridge, Massachusetts -- what a name!). America's double plague of phariseeism and jingoism are utterly disgusting.

That Brazilian peasant could never afford a ticket to the US.

I have been to the so-called America three times, and lots of friends and acquaintances of mine have been to America, some of them sightseeing, some of them studying and some of them working. Two cousins of mine live in America as of now, and I think at least one of them has become an American citizen, which I think is disgraceful. Our country has everything the human heart may want.

The heart perhaps, but the stomach and brain not so much.

Brazilian food is widely considered the best in the world. Brazil is the Asia's breadbasket being responsible for massive soy exports to China, which allows the Asian coutry to raise the necessary cattle to feed its giant population. Brazilian agriculture is so superior that Japan, EU and United States must impose absurd quotas and tariffs to prevent their incompetent farmers from going out of business.
Brazilian Literature is the most important Latin American Literature. Brazilians are widely accomplished in many fields of human knowledge. In 2014, Artur Ávila got the Fields Medal, "the Nobel Prizel prize of Mathematics". brazilains discovered the pions and the Urca Effect, invented a music play way before the Walkman,the radio, the airplane and a kind of public phone which makes the sound transmission much more efficient.

Are you kidding, Thiago? Brazil didn't even know how to farm anything, they lived on a diet entirely of monkeys and parrots until President Harrison left some seeds and hoes behind in 1891. This is widely known. Brazil has never discovered or invented anything. Even samba music was brought to them by wandering American troubadours in the early 19th century. Before that Brazilian 'music' was mostly drums made of monkey skins and fart noises made with the mouth, called "tambores flatulentos". Again, this is widely known throughout the world. Brazil has improved a lot since their sad defeat in the Great Southern War of 1891, thanks to the US. You're welcome.

It is not true at all. Portuguese colonist Pero Vaz de Caminha famoulsy said about the Brazilian soil: "in this land, anything can grow". Brazil was for years the greater producer of coffee, Brazil is one of the biggest meat exporters the world has ever seen. Brazilian cane culture is so efficient, American inefficient farmers must lobby to keep Brazilian sugar (real sugar, cane sugar) and Brazil alcohol,fuel out.
In fact, one of the most famous Brazilian poetry works, a nationalist poem from the 19 th Century, uses as its epigraph some of the most famous words of Goethe: "ennst du das Land, wo die Zitronen blühn,
Im dunkeln Laud die Gold-Orangem glühn,
Kennst du es wohl?
– Dahin, dahin!
Möch ich… ziehn."
Those are words every Brazil school boy knows by heart, those are words he will die for, if the need ever arises.

amba music can't be more than 100 years old, its 100 th anniversary was celbrated a few days, the music "Pelo telegone" (Through the phone), the first samba was presented in 1916. And the Estado Novo, the regime of Doctor Vargas, the dictatorship that promoted samba as the national rhythm because it is a Brazilian creation, not a colonialist invention like your foxtrot, only appeared in 1937

So many lies, Thiago. Do all Brazilians lie as much as you? I guess so, in soccer it's called 'flopping',

You are the liar. Brazilian agricultural success is well-known. We have transformed deserts in flourishing lands. And the history of Brazilian music is notorious. Samba was invented in 1916 in Brazilain by Brazilians and it was promoted by Doctor Vargas as an antidote against the Foxtrot and other strange foreign musical styles.

Safe Travels and Enjoy.

That photo from the India travel brochure is, shall we say, somewhat misleading. There's something ironic about Tabarrok spreading his message to the same country as Galbraith. I majored in economics in part because of development economics and Galbraith, the less developed countries (or LDCs, as they were called back then) laboratories for real world application of the latest theories. Take your white lab coat with you.

America is the traitorous country who sent Galbraith to India and Chuck Yeager to Pakistan, always playing poor countries off aginst each other. Shame on it.

Do you really think that US intrusion was necessary to set Pakistan and India at each others' throats?

Maybe not, but my intrusion is not necessary to esnare at risk youths in the terrible quagmire of vice, yet I don't go around selling drugs. Because I am a human being with an actual conscience. Meanwhile Americans set themselves to profit from human suffering. Sad.

Yes, all 300 million Americans spend most of their time thinking of ways to profit from human suffering.

They don't give much thought to it, they elect government officials to do it for them.

But that is not what you said. You said "Americans set themselves to profit from human suffering." It would be like me saying "Brazilians set themselves to murdering homeless children in the streets by the thousands."

Americans don't have to spend much time thinking about the mechanics of the thing, they just elect people to do the job. All they care is about getting more and more money, no matter how much pain their regime must impose on helpless foreigners.

At this precise moment, yes, I do feel like inflicting some pain on one particular helpless foreigner.

Violence and greed, greed and violence, Americans always return to those. Every Brazilian zoo should have a pair.

>Do you really think

You could have stopped there, DM.

But I like the bloke. His running joke is pretty fine.

It is not a joke. Brazil is strong. As our Independence Anthem says, "Congratulations, O Brazilians,
Already, with viril garb
From the Universe among Nations
Shines brightly that of Brazil.
From the Universe among Nations
From the Universe among Nations
Shines brightly that of Brazil."

It constantly derails entire comment threads. I would consider banning him.

It derais nothing but your jingoism and ignorance.


I've heard that "Indian food" is better abroad. If you do some sort of high level update on your experience there, can you please comment? Especially in regards to the vindaloo.

Fantastic news for those of here in India! Look forward to more posts about the subcontinent.

Have you read Shantaram? My wife (parents from Dehli) contests the accuracy of the book's portrayal of Mumbai. She hasn't been to Mumbai but doubts certain details. Specifically, do people wear "outer underpants"? And does an angry mob maim/kill you if you're responsible for a traffic accident? Or, at least, did those things happen thirty years ago?

I've heard of those mob maimings happening 30 years ago but that's kinda history..I don't live in Mumbai but go there often. As for those outer underpants, I think your wife is right for its surely not in my time


Congratulations. Do visit the Maldives.
best regards Ismail

Some of my friends are moving to Canada

After the Election

But you are the first who's moving to India.

Is it the quasi-socialist climate?

>Some of my friends are moving to Canada

If only that were true.

Be realistic. The Canadians wouldn't take them even if they tried.

But as Prof. Tabarrok has demonstrated, America will take Canadians.

Why do you always mention Tabarrok is Canadian? We already know, and he's already told us. Are you anti-Canadianist?


Has anyone found even 1 out of the countless dozens of famous people who promised to move, who will actually move?

I've wondered that myself. 8 years ago a bunch of right wingers threatened the same thing. Alec Baldwin was gonna leave when Bush II got re-elected. No one actually does it, on either side.

"I’ve wondered that myself. 8 years ago a bunch of right wingers threatened the same thing."

I'm not remembering any.

If the worst of fears come to pass, Hollywood can up and move to Vancouver, or maybe we can make space for the on "The Island".

But probably Trump will prefer to work in a way that is conducive to winning a next election, and not pander to the 1 or 2% who would Heil Trump if he would let them. (It's not yet 100% clear if he might...)

You'll want to bring your own cash. They don't have any.

Until May: aha, scuttling away to avoid the monsoon. Very sensible. Still, won't it be pretty hot by May?

Alex, I am sorry to hear that. I hope your luck improves.

clicked on Marginal Revolution University and IDFC institute to see what they were. They are on Facebook! I'm not on Facebook. Therefore I can't see much. I do understand Facebook is all about collecting people's personal information and maximizing their profit and of course they have a right to do that. But why place something on facebook that you actually want people to visit ??? Everyone like me who rejects the data collection goals of Facebook are exempt from whatever it is you want to put out to the public. Perhaps facebook should simply allow access without giving up personal information.


I clicked on it again and indeed you fixed it!! How did you do that? I didn't know you could open up access like that. Your site or facebook page looks interesting so I saved the link to look at in more depth. Thanks.

'Perhaps facebook should simply allow access without giving up personal information.'

Facebook is not the government - they are obligated to fulfill the mandate of their pursuit of profit, and not some nebulous idea of serving some poorly defined ideal of public service by providing information like a library does, to anyone who wishes it.

You are absolutely correct and I conceded that in my post. My point is that as a profit making company why limit your patronage? I don't like facebook, it feels like getting dressed in a store window to me. I do understand a lot of people do like it and based on some of the things my wife read me from facebook it seems a lot of people like getting dressed (or at least exposing their personal information) in a store window. But it appears that a lot of companies and other commercial interests are using facebook.and it would seem to me that this method of getting your 'product' out there would work better if you didn't restrict access. I guess in truth I don't really care. There are other sites that you have to sign in on to read and I ignore them too so no big deal.

Has Tyler told you where to eat yet?

Most of the best Indian cooks have moved to London. But do go to McDonalds for the McAloo Tikki.

Be sure to bring plenty of local currency...

There is malware attached to that India picture @ top [courtesy of Avast Web Shield].

Fastest growing middle class in the world in India.

Wonderful...I am from Mumbai..admirer of the work you do ..let us know about any public event you do

Hello Mr. Tabarrok,

Welcome. I am from Mumbai. Avid reader and admirer of this blog. Please give a shout on my mail, if any help is needed.

Humble advise, with this demonization drive(and subsequent cash crunch), please keep Digital wallet handy. Paytm is good enough, now accepted at many places in Mumbai.


Congratulations. Hope you are able to make the most of your sabbatical both professionally and personally.

I hope you're a good singer.

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