United States fact of the day

The Democrats alienated roughly 14 percent of their 2008 voting base.

That is from David French, via Arnold Kling.  David also states:

It turns out that the GOP is more functional and united than the Democrats.
Arnold makes some interesting points, including this:

I do not expect that the Republican establishment will unsay any words that they have spoken about Mr. Trump. But I expect all that will fade away once he is engaged in political combat with Democrats in Washington.

I also think that those progressives who are predicting that the election will have dire consequences for women, gays, and people of color are making a tactical error. They are setting a very low bar for Mr. Trump and the Republicans. When four years from now we still have civil rights laws in place, mostly-legal abortion, and widely-legal gay marriage, these putative victim communities will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

Both linked pieces are worth reading.

Addendum: Data are incomplete, here is French’s update.


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