Sunday assorted links

1. Good thread on Tillerson.  Steve Coll tries to make Tillerson sound bad, I am not sure he succeeds.  Here is Rob Stavins on Tillerson.  I disagree with what seems to be Trump’s intended Russia policy, but I’ve known plenty of businessmen who have done deals with unpleasant foreign powers and I have never doubted their loyalties to the United States.  I see those issues being blurred and smushed together in a new kind of odd reverse McCarthyism.

2. Redux of my earlier post “Modeling Vladimir Putin.”

3. Westworld and the American Civil War.

4. “A person born in 1940 was, by the time he was 30, close to his peak earning point. A person born in 1980, by the time he is 30, is further away from a higher peak earning point. Thus, you are not comparing the same type of birth cohorts.”  Link here, and a bit more here.

5. “”I put out early,” she says.”  (NYT)

6. Niall Ferguson switches to supporting Brexit.

7. Oliver Hart Nobel Prize lecture.


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