Will Sylvester Stallone chair the National Endowment for the Arts?

So suggests the Daily Mail:

Donald Trump has drawn ‘first blood’ in the search for his incoming administration’s senior arts role – by tapping up Rambo legend Sylvester Stallone.

Sources have told DailyMail.com the president-elect sees Hollywood icon Stallone as the perfect choice to make art great again.

The likely position would be Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency that doles out funds to aspiring artists and creative projects.

Here are my earlier suggestions for how Trump could improve government support for the arts.  Here is an article on Stallone as painter, with photos.  Furthermore, Raphael once painted Stallone.  His favorite perfume is Bijan for Men by Bijan.  I say this is probably a good pick, as it would bring glamor and attention to a much-neglected agency.

Addendum: Judge Dredd is an excellent movie!


"Judge Dredd is an excellent movie!"

What is the straussian reading of such a sentence?

Mr. Stallone was awarded the Legion of Honor and a lifetime achievement prize at the prestigious Cesar Awards for his contributions for art.

Tyler was a master of the hot take before it was even in the cultural lexicon.

Oh, I didn't know this expression "hot take". Thanks.

Judge Dredd IS an excellent movie, especially for its genre!

Which genre? Bad films?

Dredd is great. Judge Dredd is awful.

"To combat crime, the traditional justice system has been replaced by a corps of Judges whose role combines those of police officer, judge, jury, and executioner."

I might have gone with Oscar(1991), and as bonus, Kirk Douglas going over the top:


Oscar is a near perfect farce (you could not re-cast a single one of the roles and improve it). It is absurd that there are folks out there who think Expendables was even half tolerable but don't get the knowing, winking comedy in Oscar. Of course - Demolition man and Judge Dredd are fantastic in their own genres also - but Stallone should get a lot more credit for the follow through in his performance in Oscar.

I'm a fan of Demolition Man, but I don't think I had previously heard of anyone with a positive view of Stallone's Dredd (the more recent one written by Alex Garland is a different story). I'd like to hear Tyler support that contrarian view.

Trump, Stallone, Kudlow... lots of 80's iconic figures. They can call it the Expendables government. Will Mr. Cheney make come back?

Mr. T for Secretary of Defense! Or at least head of the Secret Service.

Actually: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/12/dick-cheney-trump-surrogate-232746

This is awesome!

I knew Tyler would come around eventually. Get on aboard, the Trump Train. Make MR Great Again!

Especially when combined with this - 'Conservative television commentator Larry Kudlow is a leading candidate to become chair President-elect Donald Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers, which is usually run by one of the nation’s most prestigious economists.

Stephen Moore, chief economist at the Heritage Foundation and an adviser to Trump, told a Lansing, Mich. business group Thursday that Kudlow would be named to the post, though Moore later added the nomination “isn’t a done deal,” according to the Detroit News. A person close to the transition told The Post that Trump is trying to find a space for Kudlow, a Trump friend and loyal adviser during the campaign, in an economic advisory role.

If selected, Kudlow would mark another un­or­tho­dox pick for Trump. Under both Republican and Democratic presidents, the council has provided expert economic advice to the president and attracts a staff of top-flight young economists. But Kudlow lacks a graduate or undergraduate degree in economics and has not written scholarly papers on the subject.' https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/trump-considers-financial-pundit-larry-kudlow-for-council-of-economic-advisors/2016/12/15/476d5ba4-c309-11e6-9a51-cd56ea1c2bb7_story.html

Man, I should scroll down first - I'm just not all that evolved when it comes to infovoration strategies (which is pretty obvious - real infovores don't waste time at second hand web sites like this one).

This post has so much potential for awesomeness. It's disappointing you had to go off-topic and couldn't come up with some really clever, entertaining Stallone-based take-down.

Sure - humility when discussing anything concerning Stallone is always a mistake. And really, who can forget Stallone in Death Race 2000, with its over the top satirical take on American society, which somehow seems fitting in our dawning future under a reality TV show celebrity in chief? A man who seems to understand entertainment value like no other president-elect in American history.

Again, I plead to not taking the time to scroll through the front page offerings first, not bothering to compare time stamps between the Daily Mail link and the Post front page (I thought about it, though), and finding the idea of Stallone being named to a government position so outlandish I just assumed that reality needed a bit of time to catch up. And I was wrong - Stallone wasn't the most amusing news items when it came to Trump appointments.

The next 4 years are going to require skills that have lain fallow pretty much since the glory days of Reagan, and the even more surreal end times of Richard Nixon, losing his presidency under the lash of the nattering nabobs of negativism.

Though just imagining Stallone saying 'nattering nabobs of negativism' in a film, maybe in a specially written vehicle along the lines of Death Race 2020, The Race Never Ends, should make up for such a mistake.

So I guess that means Trump's first pick, Kanye, turned him down?

For the record, I think Mr West would be ideal for the NEA. But I would still prefer Chuck D or perhaps Flavor Flav.

What the Met's next performance of the Ring Cycle really needs is some randoms "Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" thrown in.

Flava Flav for Undersecretary of Housing and Crystal Meth.

That could work. After all, Trump knows what his base wants, and he wants to reach out to African Americans.

If Trump came out at his inauguration to this:

1989 the number another summer, get down
Sound of the funky drummer
Music hittin' your heart, 'cause I know you got soul
Brothers and sisters
Got to give us what we want
Gotta give us what we need

Our freedom of speech is freedom or death
We've got to fight the powers that be

Lemme hear you say
Fight the power
Lemme hear you say
Fight the power

Well, I would die happy.

Best of all, it could be a stepping stone to my long-cherished dream of seeing George Clinton, or at a pinch Bootsy Collins, in government service. A pity that Education is already taken.

htthis is Stalones best and perhaps least known performance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eS47L5yU2k8

This is Stalone's best and perhaps least known performance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eS47L5yU2k8

And just for the record, no, Judge Dredd is not a good film. It is not even half way to a good film.

If you want an under-appreciated Stallone film I would recommend Cliffhanger. Perhaps Demolition Man. Even Tango and Cash has its moments. The Expendibles aren't that bad. But there is nothing remotely likeable or entertaining about JD.

Only Rhinestone was worse than Judge Dredd.

One reviewer of Judge Dread wrote that Stallone's facial expressions once again ran the gamut from A to B.

Stallone has had a paralyzed lower half of his face since birth. But generally he does well if he is like the Matterhorn - a giant immobile presence around which other people act. In Demolition Man he just stands there and Sandra Bullock does all the acting. In Cliffhanger that role would be John Lithgow's in perhaps his greatest film role. Even Janine Turner out-acts him.

It may be limited but it can be very effective. Especially in the Rocky films.

Demolition Man is the far superior sci-fi action Stallone vehicle, even if its theory of industrial organization hasn't panned out.

Still waiting for the three seashells to appear in the toilet paper aisle.

We each have a dream. Personally mine is to introduce Sandra Bullock to actual physical sex.

I didn't say it was a realistic dream. But if you want your sea shells, that's fine too.

Har har. Of course you meant Dredd is a good movie (which does not have Stallone), not the execrable Judge Dredd. That said, Stallone would be great to head the NEA.

The Stallone version is actually more true to the source material.

Trump can improve government support for the arts by stopping government support of the arts. If you want to buy some art then spend your own money.

"Established by Congress in 1965, the NEA is the independent federal agency whose funding and support gives Americans the opportunity to participate in the arts, exercise their imaginations, and develop their creative capacities. "

Would anyone really try to argue that art in America has been great since 1965? Or the that the Americans have been able to exercise more than confusion, revulsion and anger due to the projects the NEA has supported? American imaginations have been exercised, and their creative capacities have been developed, but not by NEA funded projects, but via the free market venues of Youtube, blogs, etc.

"American imaginations have been exercised, and their creative capacities have been developed, but not by NEA funded projects, but via the free market venues of Youtube, blogs, etc."
One can't make it up

Did the NEA give any money to Basquiat?

Imagine if we always put art in private places where only the owner and a select club could see them.

Art is such a waste when we put it where everyone can see it, at a time of their choosing, at a price (sometimes zero) that is accessible to a large share of the population.

It's probably just confirmation bias but I see this as more evidence of Trump being a fan of The Art of War - "“The whole secret lies in confusing the enemy, so that he cannot fathom our real intent.” Either that or he's the capo di tutti trolls.

Cop Land.

A good pic indeed

Cop Land - I did not watch it all but I liked what I saw, except the part where he plays Springsteen on a record player. "El alma es la tarea del hombre" - The soul is the task of the human (Don Colacho). Expendables had a couple good scenes, too, there were like ten Kurosawa minutes in the 100 silly self-indulgent minutes. A thousand years from now the fragments of the Expendables, if the best fragments survive, may be seen as real art. And, for the record, Archibald MacLeish, the Sylvester Stallone of his day and his milieu, was a good poet, but he would have been happier with fewer governmental connections.

"What is more important in a library than anything else - than everything else - is the fact that it exists." Archibald MacLeish (than everything else should be taken in the Latin sense of everything 'totum" in the accusative, the "quod ad rem" not the "quid" if "quid" is meant as everything in the world- what the author was trying to say was that the most important things about the library that can be called 'anything else' - i.e., the various aspects that can be denominated as quid, and the most important things about the library that can be called "everything else" ("quod ad rem" - the totality of the circumstances of the library, not of the world) are less important than the fact that libraries exist. Lately, I have had many dreams about a world where my student days did not end, as they always do, with the drifting away of friendships, but continued on in specific ways - one might be hungry, it might be 3 in the morning, but all one needed to do was step onto a subway, emerge from the nostalgically but artistically decorated subway platform, and share breakfast at the not-all-that-much-changed student cafeteria with one's fellow students from a quarter or a half century ago, amazed and agog, but not surprised, that they were preparing for yet another test. But whenever one begins to walk into a library, no matter how inviting and fantastic, in these dreams, the library vanishes, one wakes up, and the long gone friends who looked forward to breakfast with you transform into whoever you will have breakfast with that day - a wife, a cat, a dog, even, once, years ago, Al Roker and his pals from New York on the newly bought and quickly abandoned and now long forgotten television set. All of which Archie MacLeish may have described, sort of, once or twice in his poetry, had he been asked to describe it.

Stallone would have done a much better job directing Godfather 3 than Coppola, and Coppola is a really talented guy.

What on earth is the federal government doing fanning about with the arts? None of its business, surely?

The NEA should be shut down, along with NPR, PBS and the other liberal cesspools.

Careful with that kind of talk, you could have a national artists' strike on your hands.

“The image that concerns most people is the reflection they see in other people’s minds.”
– Edward de Bono

This is an absolutely brilliant move. It's a loud, large f--- you to elite opinion, and the stronger elites object, the more they will be emphasizing their disconnect from the common man and the more the common man will appreciate this action.

The market tends to serve the lowest common denominator very well, no?

Does this mean jewelry designer Ivanka is out of the running?

How about Marla Maples?

Shutting down the NEA is the only correct answer. Why are the feds dealing in art? It sounds crazy because it is.

Has Trump seen Rocky IV? I wonder how Putin feels about this...

This could be the shot in the arm that art needs.

The National Endowment for the Arts. Isn't an "endowment" it is taxpayer funded welfare for a special interest group. If you want more good art then leave it alone. Don't endow it, don't subsidize it, don't throw money at it. The government has no business and no constitutional authority to do this.

Nice to see Tyler embracing the Trump Administration, and his chance to unabashedly go for clicks and comments full-time.

He's gone from smug in October ("Trump will obviously never win") to horrified in November ("Holy freaking crap we are doomed, Trump won!") to entrepeneurial in December ("All I have to do is say the word Trump and I get money? Nice!").

President Trump, who defeated Hillary Clinton in the historic 2016 election, is paying dividends to YOU, oh ever-ungrateful Tyler Cowen.

Don't worry, big guy, he knows you're just looking out for yourself.

Pretty soon he'll be masturbating to pictures of President Trump, who defeated Hillary Clinton in the historic 2016 election, like I do.

You do that too?

Demolition Man was better. The best part is watching it now, you can also imagine Wesley Snipes refusing to pay absolute any income taxes on it, on the legal theory that he doesn't want to. So in character!

TC seems to be getting all his ideas from the Daily Mail and Breitbart these days:


Alright, I looked at the paintings. I must say better than the films. I am pleasantly surprised.

Off topic but has anyone here researched the Flint Water Crisis? I don't know anything about water engineering, but I smell a hoax.

Check out h20reuse blog. Definitely a hoax.

People tend to forget that "Rocky" was considered an art film when it came out and Stallone was nominated for best screenplay at both the Oscars and the BAFTAs.

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