Finnish dining markets in everything

A pop-up in Helsinki, Finland might have just stumbled upon the answer to a question nobody was really asking: How can I order delivery and also go to a restaurant at the same time? Sure, table service restaurants kind of do that already if you look at them from far away — customers enter a restaurant, they order, and food is delivered to their table — but the AmEx-sponsored Take In goes a step further.

With no kitchen, guests at Take In choose from a curated selection of dishes from roughly 20 restaurants via an app called Wolt, the other sponsor of the pop-up. Guests eat their dinner in the Take In dining room. Take In offers bar service, and “hosting service,” helping get orders to the correct table. Guests who just want to drop in for a drink are welcome to do so. While it seems like a concept designed for solo diners, a Wolt spokeperson tells Monocle that the restaurant offers a solution for groups who can’t decide on what they all want to eat. The Take In pop-up started at the beginning of November, and will run through April 2.

Here is the full story, via Steve Rossi.


OTB covered this on LI in the 70s.

"off track betting" "Long Island"

So it is like a bigger food court? With food brought from further away?

It could catch on. But why would anyone bother? Is there a market for people who want to see what mixing Tex-mex take out with the remains of a biryani tastes like?

I'd like to see that

Like the The Lonely Planet motto: 'Everything is closer than you think' ;)

There have been brewpubs around here that launched without kitchens where you could bring in carry out. There's still one good one left that works that way. It's kind of a nice option.

That's borrowed from Belgian customs. In Brussels you generally buy your fries on the street and take them to the brewpub for a beer.

BYOF is the default mode for breweries in the Seattle area. Often they have rotating food trucks and some delivery menus. And you can bring whatever you like.
- Competition for the food truck slots keeps quality high
- The food trucks are often ethnic food and ethnic food places most often have terrible beer. Now I can have good food and good beer.
- Its not uncommon for a brewery to go out business because of their food operation - they actually just wanted to make beer.

It tastes pretty great and is the answer to where to eat when driving through Dallas:

The unbundling of the restaurant experience. Actually sounds pretty nice.

You could go somewhere with a nice atmosphere and pretty ladies, but order food from the guy making awesome tacos in the gas station bathroom down the street.

I eat with my reading glasses on for a reason: I want to see clearly what I'm about to put in my mouth. And when I eat out, I want to see where the food is prepared so I at least have a sense as to whether the place is clean and orderly (mise en place) - if it's not clean and orderly in the dining room, it's not clean and orderly in the kitchen. And while I don't rely on a waiter's recommendations, I do favor items not on the regular menu (I ask the waiter if the chef has any special items for the night that aren't on the menu) if for no other reason than they are most likely prepared by the chef who is associated with the restaurant (i.e., many if not most items on the regular menu aren't prepared by that chef). On that last point, I'm curious if Cowen agrees with me. Of course, in some restaurants, the (limited) menu changes daily (i.e., all items are the day's specials prepared by the chef).

My local dive bar already does this. No kitchen or food, but a binder of delivery menus behind the liquor for whoever wants to order a meal.

Yes, I've seen this in several different bars that didn't want to deal with a grill. However, I'm guessing in this case, the place is a little bit more classy than a low end bar.

At a clam shack north of Boston where you picked up your food at the counter and find a spot at a table inside or outside there was an extremely long line to place your order. So I just phoned in my order and picked it up at the counter in just a few minutes.

Thankyou for sharing. Keep it up.

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