Monday assorted links

1. Anthony Atkinson has passed away.  And a nice tribute and overview.

2. The UK needs Parliament back.

3. Economics books for 2017.

4. “When I controlled for the age of the respondent and the urbanization of the zip code, it turned out that virtually all the effect on the bubble score is driven by the percentage of adults with a college degree in the zip code where the respondent lived. The zip code’s median family income had almost no independent effect. Another interesting finding: the zip code where people lived at age 10 had a modestly larger effect on their bubble scores than their current zip code.” Link here from Charles Murray.  He also lists the bubbliest parts of America, please note that Washington, D.C. does not do as badly as you might think, we are not yet so far gone.

5. One perspective on Russia’s strategy.

6. On the nostalgic WWII technologies of Rogue One.

7. The Andrew Reynolds claim that North Carolina is not a democracy any more is fake news and based on bogosity.  Note that North Carolina, in the rankings of that study, is far from the least democratic U.S. state, furthermore North Korea is rated as having “moderate” electoral integrity.


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