Thursday assorted links

1. Does adjusting for household production make the great stagnation worse yet?

2. Can an Indian billionaire sell cricket to the United States?  (No, says I)

3. MIE: Domino’s pizza now offers a wedding registry service, to ease the ordering of pizza.

4. Regional average is over.

5. Scott Sumner on the stronger vs. weaker dollar.  I say imagine that foreigners decided to remit 1% of every dollar-connected foreign exchange transaction to me and Scott.  Yes there are second best possibilities, but I still think the likely answer is that America is better off.  I don’t so much worry about higher real wages that result from higher wealth.  What’s hard is specifying the ceteris paribus conditions properly, so that other changes don’t have a chance to offset the initial wealth gains.

6. Does the conflict minerals ban make sense?


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