Tuesday assorted links

1. Should cow urine be worth more than cow milk?

2. No woolly mammoths in two years, sorry.

3. Why Chris Blattman is skeptical about UBI.

4. A critique of Autor, Dorn, and Hanson on China (Due to book and other commitments, I have not read it but I am seeing it get some play).  And a Phil Hill critique of the new Caroline Hoxby paper on on-line education, have not read that either, sorry!

5. Matthew Rees review of Complacent Class in WSJ: ““The Complacent Class” is refreshingly nonideological, filled with observations…that will resonate with conservatives, liberals and libertarians.”

6. David French at National Review, “one of the most important reads of the new year.”

7. Australia kangaroo fact of the day.


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