Will Germany turn its back on neo-liberalism?

Perhaps the revolt is spreading east:

…in a speech in the north-western city of Bielefeld on Monday, Mr Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament, said the reforms needed to be corrected. Germany had seen an increase in insecure and badly paid jobs, “even in parts of the labour market that used to be well protected”, he said. There was less social mobility and growing inequality — the fault of a “neoliberal mainstream” that had declared workers’ rights and social welfare to be “obstacles to growth”.

…Mr Schulz’s speech was short on detail. But he was particularly critical of fixed-term work contracts, as well as restrictions on unemployment benefit. Before Agenda 2010, a worker could receive such handouts for up to 32 months after losing his or her job: afterwards, that was reduced to a maximum of two years.

That is from Guy Chazan in the FT.


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