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You might want to change link #5 to link directly to the reported ESPN piece. The RealGM piece linked is straight aggregation, with just tiny link to credit the original Haberstroh work at the bottom. is the ESPN piece, for reference.

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#4 Thankfully, he was not multiplying the bread. Otherwise he would have been crucified. But first he would have been led to Putin, who would have said: "Behold the man".

"The clerk also said that people who come after the day’s bread is gone sometimes wait outside the store to shout demands"
I know what they demand, "Give us day by day our daily bread".

I doubt you have kids but if you do they hate being around you.

I am pretty sure I am at the 5 th percentile regarding parental matters.

What's keeping you from the 4th percentile?

Maybe I am there already, but, like Mr. Uriah Heep, I am 'umble. Even if I were not, human nature being what it is, I could never be as great at parenting as I am at other activies and crafts. As Adam Smith wrote, a grasshopper trying to take care of all steps of making a pin will be able to make a few pins a day at best and will starve. An ant specializing in a few task will be hundreds of times more productive and will have enough pins to last her the entire winter.

Did I mention that America has grown decadent and soon will fall like an overripe jackfruit?

Stop impersonating me.

A local supermarket had jackfruit 3 pounds for a dollar. It was a mob scene. Trump's America.

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No, you stop impersonating me or I will destroy you!

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That darned socialist Jesus!

I think he was a capitalist.He knew that, If you give a man fish and bread, you feed him for one day. However, if you make a man get a fish with a coin at its mouth, he will be able to pay his taxes, register his fishing business, enjoy credit lines, buy ships, hire fishers and enjoy economies of scale, stimulating the local economy and supplying consumers with good products.

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I wonder which took more time Perry's op-ed or Obama's inept attempts at filling out a tourney bracket. Clearly if The who/whom of the story were reversed the NYT would have devoted a lot of several reporters' time to covering the story. Hard to imagine Perry's interest stimulating a nation wide surge in inner-city murders either like Obama's inept intervention into Ferguseon did.

More on Obama here:

6. "After jotting down these notes, Tyrone told me that if push ever came to shove, I should not spend more than $8000 keeping him alive." That reminds me of my father in law, who told his family to put him in the VA rather than spend family money on keeping him alive. His dutiful daughter did what her father told her family to do. I really liked that man and miss him. The will to stay alive, at whatever the cost, I sort of understand, survival of the species and all that, not to mention the uncertainty of what comes after. That a world religion would be based on conquering death is no surprise, although adherents to that religion seem to believe that conquering death means staying alive. It's estimated that 133 million Americans suffer from a chronic illness, 81 million suffering from multiple chronic illnesses. Misery loves company.

"Put him in the VA..."

So spend our money keeping him alive instead. Of course. That's the whole problem here.

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I bet the Russians would love to have people like you working at the army recruitmen tcentres.

Willing to die for your country, and then shamed for accessing health services in your dying days?

Was there something worth fighting for again? The free speech rights to shit on people who were willing to die for their country?

No matter that I think most overseas American escapades are to be criticized heavily for numerous reasons, this man, that dying man, who was willing to die for his country, and who you would criticize for accessing health care in his dying days on the public dime.


My mother died recently (89 Years old) and she never trusted MS's and she had told us to not allow her care beyond minimal stuff. So in her entire life she used very little medical care though because of my fathers job she always had comprehensive insurance with very low deductibles and copays. She died of ruptured intestine, we followed her wishes. The day her intestine ruptured, she had chased an RN that me brother had ordered to come by her house to check on her. She was health until 3 days before she died.

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6. Where is the free market Tyrone advocating solving two issues with creative destruction applied to health care?

Treat people like cars.

When people cost too much to fix, euthanize and chop them up to sell body parts to the rich.

Solves the organ shortage for transplants and cuts health care costs.

This fits sadly with giving cable companies our privacy and employers our genes.

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3. Grapple with there being 47 pill reminder apps, with the guy who wrote the 47th, probably for free. The critical turn of our new tech society is that it does not translate neatly into a new tech economy. We are doing things, enjoying things, finding utility in things, without affecting many of the metrics economists use for progress.

47 pill apps probably represent a reduction in national productivity. That might be fine, from the standpoint of happy app writers and app users, but it has implications for invisible hands, and available work and profit for all.

Profit is out there too, at big firms serving millions (sometimes billions) with relatively small staff. Apple or Google, Comcast and Verizon split the take on your free apps.

The implication IMO is that we are ready for a little more wealth redistribution. The economy is doing great. Technology is doing great. Not all workers (or would-be workers) are doing great. That's what we need to fix.

It's when Apple drops a billion dollars to buy the best of the pill apps that you see the absuridty of the situation.

Having 47 small teams across the country building such a thing might be quite sensible. It's packaging it into the corporate structure of a proven wannabe monopolist that's the problem. Because that's the billion dollar prize luring another 47,000 to try, instead of jsut the sensible 47 efforts on the market right now.

47 is probably quite enough competent teams to be working on such projects.

Why would Apple buy a "product" with $0 margin? That's not their style.

#1 Utah is growing and has opportunity? Go figure! Consistently rated the best state for business climate, a relatively sane regulatory regime, and fiscally sound state finances, ( ) one would expect it to be among the most complacent of states, no? After all, it ranks among the lowest states by federal spending ( ) and all non-complacents know that federal spending and a non-white population (Utah 89.2% white) are the true engines of economic growth. So, yeah, lets attribute Utah's growth to a lack of complacency. No way, no how do things like tax burden, low student loan burden ( ) or regulations have anything to do with economic growth and dynamism.

I really lovehow you deducted it all from what is basically an ad for one city in Utah. Those phonies at labs use more than a guinea pig...

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'A little too much LDS' -

Might want to check your assumption that Utah has a low tax burden.

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Utah is growing and growing in every way but beauty. The Wasatch Front is a concrete jungle of billboards. St. George has a gorgeous setting that won't be improved by seeing the population climb from 15,000 to 200,000 over half a century.

#2: I found that part of the voter split in the People's Plebiscite was based on the ignorance of the young, and their indoctrination into EUism. I found that nobody young had any idea of, for instance, how easily we travelled around the continent before the UK joined the EU. They had somehow come to assume, or had been instructed, that it must have been like old war films, with menacing krauts demanding Your Papers. They had no idea at all how easy travel was before WWI, when there was no EU in sight, or even between the wars. All rather odd.

The greatest success of Remain propaganda was the attempt to pass off the EU as "Europe", and to somehow imply that if we left the EU we'd never be able to listen to Beethoven again. Above all the Remainers never discussed the actual, existing EU. They discussed "Europe", they discussed a platonic ideal of the EU, they discussed a future reformed EU, but never the shabby, corrupt, extravagant, rather fascistic EU we actually have. It was all profoundly dishonest but seemed quite effective. Fortunately not quite effective enough.

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How easily we travelled? Who's we, friend? Did the average person fly to Europe at the drop of a hat pre-73, or did they take a car on a ferry a bit into France, then turn back? Anyway travel meme is more about sentimental attachment with other young Europeans rather than olds scared of browns who went to school with maps of the Empire on the walls.

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Thanks, that was interesting.

So, for those of us who don't follow the news too closely, when is the Brexit actually happening? Or is it simply going to point the way to a cure for democracy - vote, but don't do?

2 years from I believe this coming Thursday.

Geniunely interested to hear perspective on this "indoctrination" regarding European identification, or "EU-ism" as you put it.

The Eurobarometer data series going back 2 decades could provide an interest point of reference.

You refer to a specific campaign in a specific country regarding a specific issue. But if you're going to speak of "indoctrination", surely you're talking about something enduring for years or decades, and not just the argumentation of a single referendum campaign.

Also, on the matter of regarding the EU as "fascist". What substantiates the perspective? Unanimous agreement is required for any update to the treaty that binds the EU, while every member retains the right to exit. If that's fascism, then what is the American Union (aka USA)?

6. It amazes me that Trump and Ryan could beclown themselves together, on the same day. Tyrone comes out well in comparison.

"Let’s institute rationing, and yes nationalization of either insurance or service provision are possible means to that end. Let’s give everyone access to basic preventive care but limit or perhaps even ban all expensive life-prolonging procedures. At the same time, our other policies should be pro-natalist, and that includes a favorable environment for religion and restricted vacation time, not just dollar bonuses for kids and free public education. No good utilitarian can resist that conclusion."

It all hinges on compassionate care and the definition of "expensive." Maybe (common) $50k is not too much for an eighty year old, and a (rare) $500k is not too much for a ten year old.

The CBO would have to model it.

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Brazil is the country of Cuck-Olds. Cuck-old-dooodel-dooo

No, it is not. Herr Stefan Zweig, an accomplished Jewish-Austrian writer (the kind of people we saved from the Nazis instead of sending them back to the ovens the way America did...) wrote that Brazil is the country of the future. All the workd will be the way Brazil is. Portuguese poet Fwrnando Pessoa made the same point in his works about "o Escondido" ("the Hidden One"), who will reign over the world through Brazil.

I swear if you impersonate me one more time there will be severw consequences!

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And yes I may very well be a cuckold but that is a mark of pride of every Brazilian!

No, it is not.

No sir I demand that YOU stop impersonating ME!

This is getting ridiculoud like everything else in America. Stop impersonating me, for the last time, or you will be destroyed!

St. George Utah is optimistic? Why of course they are.

So Tyrone's plan is basically to painless let the old die while encouraging more children to be born to replace them?

You know, I could go for a plan like that. It makes sense.

Not sure about the single payer part of it, but the US government does seem to be paying too much for the wrong end of the stick - why do they spend so much on the old? It is not as if the old did not know it was coming.

Why? Because the old vote.

Cuckold dooodle doooooo.....Isabella Lövin

Something about "dignity in old age" being a higher priority for most people than 0.05% higher annual growth or the ability to replace their iPhones every 16 months instead of evey 17 months.

But if you're really concerned about that issue, how about break ranks with the tribe and open your mind to the possibility of more freedom to make your own decisions about your own body, for example assisted suicide options for those with a deadly illness (other than life itself) that causes much suffering.

Re #1. They have a wonderful dinosaur site.

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