Star Wars markets in everything

The Millennium Falcon piano:

If you can play the “Imperial March” in less than 12 parsecs, you’ll want to check out this highly customized Millennium Falcon piano up for auction on eBay. The piano starred in a popular YouTube video featuring pianist Sony Belousova turning out an impressive medley of Star Wars music.

Hat tip goes to Ted Gioia.


I do not want to be negative, but that is just a regular piano with some rather low-rent decorations on it.

Low rent?, C'mon, there are L-brackets at the front-edges in addition to all that 18mm MDF sheet!

To nitpick a bit, a parsec is a distance unit, not a time unit.

You missed the reference, Han Solo (actually his dialogue writer) makes the same mistake in Episode IV

you poor simpleton.

The kessel run is a smuggling route. It is used to avoid imperial detection. It is an effective route because it involves dangerous proximity to several black holes.

The faster your ship can go, the closer it can get to the black holes without being lost, and the more efficiently it can make the run. If your ship is slow, you have to loop farther out of your way to avoid the holes, and the run becomes longer.

Han's ship is fast. It can take a more direct route through the holes, and is thus able to complete the run in a shorter distance (parsecs) AND is less likely to get caught by imperals.

Please think next time before you try to correct someone else.

Ouch. Missed tyler's incorrect use of the term. Guess I should take my own advice and stop trying to troll-- luckily droptopwizop is not my real name. (My real name is Ray Lopez).

So this "piano" has no real connection to the movie, eh?

"It won't sound like Steinway..." For $7500, concessions must be made.

Happy 40th anniversary! May the Force be with you.

MILLENIUM FENDER and R2d2 guitar

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