Solve for the equilibrium

In the place of U.S. support, Japan has offered to step in.

“Japan is the only state willing to help India in its Indian Ocean project to develop islands there,” said Abhijit Singh, head of the Maritime Policy Initiative at the Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi think tank. The reason, he added, is that other nations—notably the U.S.—consider offering such help too provocative to China.

Here is the full WSJ story.


They can do it themselves.

Shoukdn't they start developing the mainland?

The B in BTIC is a Bick!

But I enjoy watching the self conceit!

Keep it coming!

What is a bick?

It was a typo, an intentional one, to get through any filters. Substitute D for B. In your Mexican cousins' language, it would be "cabron", in your peruvian cousins' language, it would be "huevón".

So classy! Americans answer to the disaster their country has become throwing offensive words at their friends.

Our slow moving train wreck is that we are becoming more like Brazil.

I wasn't throwing offensive words, since your shtick is pretending to be Brazilian, and looking down on China and India, my words were more descriptive than intended as offensive.

So that is it. America kowtows before Ewd China, but tou blame Brazil first. American lives are ruined by falling living standards, a grindlocked fovernment, a unpatriotic eleite and drugs, but you blame Brazil first. Red China is taking America's colonial empire and making a mockery of the lives of American who fought to prevent Chinese domination of Asia, but you praise Red China and blame Brazil first. Let's be honest, Brazil's sin is having fought at America's side against totalitarism and having supported America during the Cold War. Johnson praised Brazil's president Costa e Silva e Dean Acheson praised Brazil's president Dutra when he was unfairly attacked by Molotov. But so what? Brazilians did not murder enough American youngesters. Meanwhile, nothing is good enough for Russia, Red China, Japan and Germany.

Thomas, you are getting really agitated lately. You need to go to an American strip club and relax.

It really would have to be an American club. There are no such organizations in Brazil. Brazilian character is too superior for that.

" There are no such organizations in Brazil. Brazilian character is too superior for that."

That has to be sarcasm.

Equiliberium: India attempts to expand its territorial waters beyond those recognised under the international laws of the sea in an attempt to exert control over shipping in the IO.

The US, anticipating to have to perform future freedom of navigation drills through the IO, refuses to help develop the islands in the present.

India and China enter into diplomatic conflict over freedom of navigation and China is forced to adopt a stance inconsistent with its current position.

The chickens come home to roost.

One belt is made competitive on a cost basis due to restricted sea trade and China gets the last laugh.

"The reason, he added, is that other nations—notably the U.S.—consider offering such help too provocative to China."
As some people used to say in Brazil, this is not what we made the Revolution for.

That movie was a flop even before they digitally tried to change the Chinese to North Koreans. But yes if the movie had any meaning those actions would have been ridiculous.

Now the Chinese decide what Americans will watch or think. They have won without even a shot. This is how liberty dies, with overpriced popcorn.


While Japan helps India with some little island project and the U.S. withdraws from the world stage, China is reaching out across Asia all the way to Europe.

The point is, at last, Red China has won the Korean War, it has Finlandized South Korea, economically conquered its neighbours and driven America from Asia in all but name.

China ranks lower than Japan in terms of favor ability among South Koreans. And this is after taking in to account Korean resentment about Japanese colonialism and sexual slavery.

If anything, China has moved South Korea closer to the United States.

The Chinese do not want to be loved (this is an American habit that is as mistifying to them as it is to me), they want to be feared and obeyed. The Tibetans were brought into line, the Iraqis were not, it is all that matters colonial empires go. As for the Koreans, they exchanged their pro-American far-right leader, whose father was a pro-American ruthless dictator, with a guy who wants to talk more with Kim Jong-um (because talking to fhe Kims helped so much in the past). For all relevant effects, South Korea is Finlandized.
America is not able to stand to Red China anymore. America is retrearing and retrearing and retreating, soon it will be a shadow of its former shadow.

Maybe Trump will retear them a new one.

I doubt it. As Communist leader Leon Trotsky wrote about his archenemy Josef Stalin, "it is not Stalin, it is forces he is an inconscient representarion of" or words to this effect. Trump represents America's sortsightenedness even more than any other president so I doubt he will fare better than his predecessors. Americans wanted peace for their time, so Eisenhower allowed the North Korean to survive. Americans wanted to hurt the Soviet Union, then Nixon went to China (the same way Reagan supported the Mujahideen starting this gold age of Muslim terrorism). Bush I, Clinton and Bush II did not care if the Noth Korea could not care if the Communists would nuke South Korea. Obama and Trump did nor care if Hawaii and Alaska may have to go. Above all, Americans want cheap jeans and TVs so, after created the biggest war machine in the world, they paid too for the second niggest military machine in the world. As we say in Brazil, sometimes "cheap" proves ro be "expensive".

Look at Thomas go! Clownshoes are extra shiny today.

It is sad that you have to react to your country's shortcomings this way. Shooting the messenger, straining out a gnat but swallowing a camel, this is what make it to America.

You're still sad today. Sad!

It is sad to be America die, it is like losing a grandparent. It represents part of our own history. The American Revolution inspired the 1889 Brazilian and Brazil's Emperor Pedro II helped Graham Bell to make his telephone known and respected.

So, so sad.

It is sad to see liberty dying.


Sounds like you are in Brazil.

You have work to do in your own backyard before you start celebrating the failure of the USA.

If Brazil resent the US now - just wait until you are a vassal state of China.

Brazil will be the greatest Chinese vassal!


Oh he's in Brazil all right -,_Indiana

It is sad how Americans have proved again and again to be unable to accept criticism and learn from it. As a consequence, living standardsare falling, drugs epidemics are spreading, the twin deficits are out of control, America can not stsnd to China and the schools are failing. But, by all means, blame Brazil first.

So much sadness, Thomas! Your keyboard must be covered in tears.

I cry for a great country that is now gone. I cry for the pigmies who deatroyed the work of their giant forefathers.

Thomas, you are starting to worry me. Please don't cry!

"I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

"notably the U.S.—consider offering such help too provocative to China."

That's a poor interpretation. We are currently telling China that a nation can't make artificial islands in an attempt to expand their territory. So, helping the Indians create artificial islands would undermine are argument. It's not about being passive, it's about being thoughtful.

Article clearly mentions that the help is with regards to infrastructure development of the Andaman Islands, an archipelago which is part of the India with no contesting claims.

It is not about development of artificial islands or shoals and as such has no link to China's activities in SCS.

"our argument" - can we get an Edit function ?

No, we can't. Posters have been asking for one for years. The reason the hosts don't want one I suspect is to have us take our time and edit our posts before hitting send. It's actually a good idea.

It produces an inferior product. Furthermore, if they really wanted people to review their posts before sending, they would add a Preview function.

I suspect the more likely answer is that these are the default setting for the forum software and any other option would add complexity that someone would have to understand and manage.

The inferior posts are from those who don't slow down. Plus it helps us unmask sock puppets who forget to change their handle when they post (like Thiago/Thomas).

It is sad you have to see that you cannot understand what you read.

Sadness everywhere and always. Sad.

If Americans were more responsible, there would be less sadness in the world.

But being responsible is sad!

No, it is not. Being responsible is glorious. Brazilian Admiral Barrose before charging Paraguay's navy said, "The Empire expects every Brazilian to fulfill his duty!!" Scaping one's duty is sad. Twitting and golfing imsread of doing one's job is sad. Failingmto deliver the healthcare plan one promissed is sad.

And, of course, you are sad, as you keep telling us.

Because it is sad seeing how Americans ruined their own country.

You are the saddest person in the world

Because I think too much about how Americans ruined their country.

Like a clown that cannot stop crying, such is Thomas Taylor

The equilibrium is that diplomats and "geopolitical analysts" need jobs, and they're going to get them. It's all talk.

There was strong public support for an expensive containment strategy against the Soviet Union. Where is the support for a "Stop Chinese Expansion" movement in the US?

The Soviets did not sell America cheap trinkets.

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