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It has been mentioned before, but the Mission Burrito was invented surprisingly far north, but come to think of it, "Mission" does refer to a Spanish Mission and early food fusion.

The article is interesting enough, but "city" data is kind of poor for comparison. I mean, East Los Angeles is not part of the City. It is an unicorporated part of the County.

Tacos and Burritos are equally available in my part of Orange County. San Juan Capistrano is the nearest mission, and a good neighborhood for either.

I feel like these studies should use population centers and population gradients, disregarding political boundaries.

16 July 1769, Saint Junipero Serra founded the first Roman Catholic Mission is Alta California: San Diego de Alacala.

Santiago y Cierra.

There is no accounting for taste. I prefer burritos.

Right, because tacos and burritos are uniform goods.

(Sometimes I want a wet chicken burrito with two sauces, and sometimes I want a mess of al pastor street tacos. Or about 200 other variations.)

"Or about 200 other variations"

Oh, wow, you have impressively expansive tastes. Your familiarity with taco varieties surely signifies how well-traveled and cosmopolitan you are. Really, very impressive. Bravo.

Tacos, as a culinary framework, are a nonrival good.

Feel free to invent and enjoy variation 201.

I don't suppose Thomas gets as animated about 200 sandwiches, but here they are:

Again, Thomas, do you expect this guy to read your post and go "hmm, I don't really like taco variety, I'm just signaling. I should just eat at Taco Bell from now on"? Or is this just your way of letting the rest of us anonymous pixels know that you sure don't like people who like to try and enjoy different kinds of food?

The Senate healthcare bills all seem good for no one's health. Period. End of sentence.

They might be passed in spite (literally?) of that, but I would think the political rebound would come pretty fast. So why even?

How so? Explain with facts and figures how my health will be affected.

The GOP won the Congress (added 62 House and 10 Senate seats) and the White House by promising to repeal ACA. Each year, Obama vetoed a GOP repeal of ACA. The GOP has won each and every special Congressional in 2017. They had better pass a repeal light or you guys win. .

Your "no one's" recalls The Odyssey (Book IX?) wherein Odysseus told the Cyclops, Polyphemus, his name is "No Man." Is there nothing of value Homer can't contribute? The cannibalistic Cyclops metaphor is apt for dirt-bag, stupid hypocrites, e.g., the left.

"Each year, Obama vetoed a GOP repeal of ACA."
I thought there was something about replacing. Is this it? Can the replacement be judged by voters or is it the God Market's reveaked Truth?

Wherein a socialist cannot distinguish a market from a mandate.

Really? I thought Republicans would vote a market solution for healthcare because markets, markets, markets...

"Each year, Obama vetoed a GOP repeal of ACA."
I thought there was something about replacing. Is this it? Can the replacement be judged by voters or is it the God Market's revealed Truth?

Don't bogart that joint, my friend. Pass it over to me.

That is, as one of the involved confessed, the repealing thing was not serious and there was no replacement planned (after 8 years!). Republicans always counted on the adult at the White House vettoing their irresponsible decision. Well, it is 2017 now, the adult is gone and Republicans can not dodge the blame anymore.

I don't recall it making it to his desk more than once.

Surely no bill even made it past the Senate? I think Dick is misremembering.

Should not the positive proof for improvement be on the designers, or backers, of a "health care" bill?

But for what it's worth, I think we are now at doctors oppose, nurses oppose, patient groups oppose, insurers oppose, actuaries oppose, and hospitals oppose.

I hardly need to make an independent case when all those line up on one side. I have n fact, I would be foolish to do so.

You got nothing.

I forgot the CBO, and the tragic comedy of "ignore the CBO!"

"Governors skeptical after 'pretty atrocious' session with top Trump health officials"

CBO: 23 million will no longer have health insurance, 17 million of which will do so by choice after government repeals punishment for lack of health insurance.

NPR: 23 million will lose health insurance.

Why can't the DNC pay for its own media?

"The beneficiaries of government spending oppose reducing government spending. Checkmate!"

"So why even?"

Why, even? I can't.

2. Is yours a taco city or a burrito city?
Arab food and the best of the world. Most people who visit praise the food and the music.

Better than Brazilian?!

Better than the Arab food of anyncountry and better than most food int he World. A few Brazilian typical dishes (farofa, angu, caldo verde, Brazilian puree) can beat it.

the data for #2 doesn't make sense. There are 235 Mexican restaurants including Taco Bell, Chipotle, etc in Chicago, but 225 excluding them? ... no

there are at least 15 Chipotles alone in Chicago

The thing on China and WeChat was very good. I would use QR codes, what exactly is blocking them here?

A claim that they are coming to the US via a fresh standards group:

EPCOT was my favorite part of Disney World growing. Lots of cool tech based stuff in Tomorrow Land and a chance to experience other nation's cuisine and cultures.

Of course, that's exactly what makes it unpopular. Not the age, but the fact that middle America lives in terror that they might have to spend a moment thinking about something or stepping a few inches out of their comfort zone.

It is sad.

What they need Is a new pavilion or 2. They have a spot that would be perfect for the Taj Mahal or St. Basil's.

#2 is interesting but skewed. Many places in Arizona call them "burros."

It's really, really, really simple, and the data in the cited article bears this out: tacos are for those at, going to, or coming from work. Burritos are for drunks.

Neither burritos nor tacos are preferable to hunger.

Maybe they have Taco Bowls in Federal Prison.

Did you use the tin foil your burrito came wrapped in to make your hat?

Yeah, yeah. That will make it all go away.

How can something nonexistent go away?

I have a link for that too!

Perfect straight man, where do I send the check?

Unwittingly apt analogy... belief in the Russian conspiracy is belief in the purple lizard.

How incredibly cleaver, straight man. Post no links. Cycle dull insistence.

How about a link direct to the public intelligence report?

We got that.

That report is being bandied about as vindiciation for Team Trump. Not sure why you're posting it.

You're zero for four in understanding the content of your own links. Very "cleaver" to be sure.

Why would that be good news for Trump or nation? As it stands now we have a very small air gap between Team Trump and Russian crimes. Team Trump met with the Russians, lied tons about it, claims that was it. At essentially the same Russia launches a cyberwar targeting our election with the full range of hacks, from direct incursion to social engineering.

There is no good news in that, and a spelling error doesn't really "Trump" it.

Bonus link! From NRO:

+1 legit sick burn

Is it?

Rolf Mowatt-Larssen is the director of the Intelligence and Defense Project at Harvard's Belfer Center. He served as director of intelligence and counterintelligence at the Department of Energy 2005 to 2008 and as chief of the CIA's European Division 2004 to 2005 as part of a 23-year career in the CIA.

Listening to that guy is tinfoil hat? And dodging his observations is .. normal?

Maybe I am too much on the autistic spectrum, and that makes me too serious about such testimony, and too unwilling to .. ride the purple lizard of social belief.

Anon, did you hear about Trump eating KFC with a fork and knife? Impeachment imminent.

Deep breaths Thomas, deep breaths.

Burritos/burrito bowls seem to be a fit for the general American market right now. They're huge, can be assembled in assembly line format, don't rely much on tortilla quality, and the size accommodates just about any combination of fillings one can think of.

With tacos, however, you aren't dumping the whole meal into one bite, so you've got to get a combination of a couple flavors right, and a bad tortilla is apt to blow the whole thing.

Who eats a burrito at a Mexican restaurant?

Street food is one thing, but in a lot of places, generally the better ones at that, even tacos are often a minority item on the menu. And what about Indian tacos?

Now enchiladas...

I pretty much always get enchiladas at Mexican restaurants. I don't care what kind of enchilada, that just always seems like the best value IMHO.

2. The data set is pretty suspect. San Francisco went from 115 to 108 Mexican eateries when chains were removed. However, a very cursory look reveals SF has 13 Chipotles and 7 Taco Bells. I guess if the error is persistent from city to city it doesn't matter, but as an SF resident I knew I'd seen more than 7 chain Mexican places here.

Also, the assumption that any place that's not a chain is an "authentic" Mexican restaurant seems rather optimistic.

#3 seems like a small move in the right direction. The states regulate health care but are somewhat shielded by the federal government, so the incentives are a bit off.

Does Tex-Mex count as Mexican.

I say no.

Denver has about 3 Mexican restaurants. The rest are all Tex-Mex (modified by Colorado) sloppy.

Las Tortas was excellent, last time I came through.

#2 Tacografia


This data for Los Angeles can't be right. There's probably 153 Mexican restaurants on sunset blvd from the beach into ceasar Chavez blvd alone.

Off topic(s) but it did come from the Sunday NYT magazine. If seeing the letters 'NYT' scares you, it's nonpolitical and very interesting:

I prefer music music to house music or techno music. Though I understand why some people don't.

I do too, but the origins of techno are interesting to me, especially as people think it's Euro music when really it came from middle America.

#4: I don't suppose any of the paintings included two people named George?

#2 - a) I seem to remember an excerpt from Michener's Centennial where a man from Atlanta is visiting Colorado in the 1970s. If I remember correctly, he is told by his host that what he's eating is called a "burrito". The Atlanta man says that they don't see that in Georgia. Stuff changes.

b) I'm always wary of how meaningful it is to read lists like this. I kept wondering if the numbers included just the city limits or the entire metro area. Atlanta, for example, contains only about 8% of the metro Atlanta population. I see two near Atlanta suburbs in the lists of smaller cities: Marietta and Roswell. Oftentimes various lists do not indicate what area they're talking about. Unless it is something related specifically to a city government, city-only statistics are meaningless. Most people experience life in a metro area.

#2. I used to be a burrito person, but since I have been trying to eat fewer simple carbs, I switched to tacos. Burritos usually are packed with a lot of rice and beans, while tacos are mostly meat. Consequently, I find that tacos focus more heavily on the flavor of the meat, which takes more talent to prepare, while a burrito covers the taste of the meat with fillings. There are quite a few BBQ/Tacqueria joints sprouting up lately - where the tacos are filled with pulled pork or smoked brisket and so forth, which really highlights this difference. From a culinary standpoint, tacos are a more sophisticated art.

New York, Burrito City:

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