Thursday assorted links

1. Are people more likely to be accurate in providing information about their sex lives than their intelligence?

2. A new metric of sympathy and affection: “do you listen to me at 1.7x or 1.3x?”

3. Gangnam Style is no longer the most played video.

4. Eels.

5. “The consensus in Iqaluit seems to be that everyone with a credit card has an Amazon Prime membership. That’s because people can often find groceries cheaper online than in local stores, despite government food subsidy programs.

“Amazon Prime has done more toward elevating the standard of living of my family than any territorial or federal program. Full stop. Period,” a local principal, who declined to speak further, said on Facebook.” Link here, however they fear a cut-off.

6. “Economists are 37x more likely to have an economist father than a random dad draw would predict. For med doctors it’s 24x. Plumbers 14x.”  From Susan Dynarski.


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