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#4 "The human resource management required all people small and great, rich and poor, executive and peon, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could be hired or promited unless he had the mark—the name of the business or the number of its business code".

"The US has also been lagging behind Europe on adopting this kind of tech..."

For now, but, as famous Italian newspaper Il Popolo wrote in 1957: "The Americans do not fear the risk of a momentary failure, because they are conscious of their strength and stubbornness through which they will get a success tomorrow in the same place where they failed today."
Soon or later, Americans will surpass Europe. And then what? American workers will be effectively enslaved.

I haven't seen anyone ask what to me seems like an obvious question: what is involved if one wants to remove the implanted chip? I assume one needs some sort of surgical procedure? What happens if one changes jobs, the technology changes or becomes obsolete, and one would like to implant a new chip? Presumably, there is some limit to how many chips one can have implanted, so the old ones would need to be removed. Or, maybe, one simply changes one's mind or doesn't like having an implanted chip.

Have enough people had chip-removal procedures to have stats on recovery times, complications, etc. The phrase, "No such thing as a minor surgery," comes to mind. Even though it may not seem like a big deal, cutting open one's hand would seem to at least cause some loss of function for some period of time. It's one thing to experiment with new technology. It's another to not bother asking how one would deal with unanticipated problems, i.e., how one can "uninstall" if necessary. Needing surgery to uninstall seems like a disproportionate downside for the upside of not needing to carry a keycard around.


I don't know. We should discuss this with John McEnroe and Lulu Garcia-Navarro.

Or GM Nigel Short...

#5: Woke is not cool and cool is not woke. That last sentence of Brooks' is simply wrong. The results are in they are not good. There is no "rigor" in something like BLM or Intersectional Gender Complaining and the substance is largely limited to people trying to outdo each other for victim points in the oppression olympics. Opposite of cool. And Kid Rock...well, what more needs to be said, really?

Minor quibbles, as Brooks is saying "woke" is the new "cool", and he's probably right (he gets paid to put his octogenarian pulse on the mood of young America, and often gets it right, from what I hear, as I don't read him often). Kind of like "nerd" in fashion is / was/ often is the new hot cool look, you feeling me man? (get your hand off me dude!)

He's clearly not using "cool' as a synonym for "fashionable." He explains this at length.

The flaw in the Brooks article is he speaks of the existence of 'cool' in the 50s and 60s as if social movements just didn't exist then. And instead of comparing the social movements of those times - filled with plenty of 'woke' people fighting all kinds of oppression - he compares them to Jimi Hendrix.

I enjoy reading your blog on the toilet as it helps with my bowel movement.

...thats good since it seems to help reduce the garbage in your system .

Your comment is bring on another BM!

#4 I would very very much like to see how this would play out in the future with employment case law. I don't think employers have thought through just how much liability they would be taking on especially if something went wrong with the technology. Goodbye civil. Hello criminal.

#5 I personally love the word "woke". It is very helpful self-signifier to immediately determine the quality of the person and the quality of their argument. Into the trash it goes...


I thought it was just the saying of someone who doesn't know english grammar.

#5 The word "woke" probably derives from a mainstreamizing of a certain far-left paranoid style. I remember my delusionally left-wing sister telling me back in the 1990s that I was brainwashed by the corporate media, and then similar comments from left-leaning people online demanding that people "wake up" in the 2000s, to finally see how capitalist society was rigged to oppress them, etc. A lot of them subsequently announcing that people were "waking up" after the 2008 financial crisis. The current use seems to have more of a racial-awareness spin to it, but that's consistent with the origins and the ever-present efforts by the radical left to inject their ideas into every debate. You can't really be woke unless you're woke to the whole system - get people on board via the racism angle and then hit them with the socialist dogma, tell them it's all interconnected, or some similar gobbledygook that lets you segue directly from social justice to socialism.
None of this is particularly new is very interesting - it's just a continuation of pre-exsiting mindsets and philosophies with a new catch-phrase.

I think of "woke" as an updated antonym to "false consciousness"; that is, it is what/where one is when one has awakened from that "false consciousness." It's a better linguistic tool because it's positive (where "false consciousness" is negative) and, "false consciousness" had outlived its usefulness.

No "Matrix" illusions, please.

"Woke" simply means "agrees with the user about some point or points of worldview".

With the implication that anyone who disagrees is not just evaluating things differently but Fooled By The System, Maaan.

Which is why I reject such attempts to game the language, entirely.

Actually, being 'woke' means you agree with ALL of the left's worldview. You can be fully in favor of gay rights, transgender rights, feminism, and almost every other requirement of the left's world view, but if you forget that today you are supposed to be a champion of left-handed glass blowers your wokefullness will be revoked and you will have to do a timeout while you eradicate whatever vestiges of individual thought you may uave left that doesn't sync perfectly with the left.

Religions are like that.

the implication that anyone who disagrees is not just evaluating things differently but Fooled By The System, Maaan.

Precisely. It's the same shit the left has been selling for 40 years. It's the same shit Noam Chomsky was selling in Manufacturing Consent, 25 years ago.

I think of “woke” as an updated antonym to “false consciousness”;

Yes. That's exactly what it is. Worth noting the degeneration in the intellectual content though. They replaced "false consciousness" with a one-syllable slang term that's not even used in a grammatically correct way.
Style over substance.

That's what makes it so cool!!!!

Just pipe down and go back to Canada and stop getting the cucks around here so excited.

"... not even used in a grammatically correct way..." That's your objection?

Doesn't "cool" mean less than cold, not hot? But we use it in an entirely different way that is not linguistically correct... but no objections from the oldsters?

Thanks - I needed the laugh!

Cool is an adjective - it is used to describe a property of a noun. That's what adjectives are for. Saying "You're cool" or "that's cool" is gramatically correct.
You wouldn't say something like "Cool me" or "let's go cool" because cool is not a verb, And nobody uses it that way.

"Woke" is a past tense of wake. They're using the past tense of a verb as if it was an adjective. It's not an adjective. The correct word would be "Awoken", but apparently that's too long - it has a whole three syllables.

That said I'm normally not a grammer Nazi and it's a minor objection. I'm just saying that it's sort of like the dialogue on the left has gotten more vulgar and less intellectual. Instead of a term with intellectual content, they're making up slang as a way to posture themselves as fashionable. It's an interesting difference.

"I’m just saying that it’s sort of like the dialogue on the left has gotten more vulgar and less intellectual."

MAGA! Lock her up! Build that wall!

Dude, the right has always vulgar and gross for YEARS. I expected better of the left. They're supposed to be the smart academic types.

Overt displays of deliberate retardation is IN, apparently.

It doesn't have much style either. It's jejune (like hipsters).

So when Miles Davis wrote "Birth of the Cool" you had a problem with it because cool isn't a noun?

Slang doesn't really have to adhere to rules of grammar. Think poetic license. Your objection to "woke" on this ground, to put it charitably, makes no sense. Think "bitchen', "outa sight", "fly"etc.

And, frankly, the right isn't exactly covering themselves in glory lately with the level of their discourse. Hell, just look at some of the comments here.

I think you'll find it firmly derived from the African-American tradition in which socially progressive discourse was still fully fluent in gospel idiom. The original call to action here being, "Awake O sleeper, and rise from the dead."

...and you think people using the word know that? They would have had to learn something.

"Alisa Melekhina is a FIDE master and one of the top FEMALE players in the United States. She won a gold medal at the 2009 WOMEN’s World Team Championships in Ningbo, China. Alisa has competed in the United States WOMEN’s Championships eight times, finishing third in 2009 and fifth in 2014."

Fix your own house.

3. Male superiority. They won't play against girls because it might unman them.

4. Giving up your privacy for convenience. Could your employer track you going to a liquor store, pot shop or a bad part of town?

5. Billie's life might have appeared cool but it was anything but. Drug use, alcoholism, and prostitution. Racism. Perhaps we should stop idolizing and face the reality of what it means to be human. The Kardashians are considered cool by some but I see vapidness. To each his own. Labels and monolithic thought is unproductive.

I do agree that a frenzy has overtaken many Americans. As the great Cheri O'Teri would say, "Simmer....down..... now".

#4 If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear.

#2. Whenever I play against a man, I like to show a little bit of cleavage.

Could your employer track you going to a liquor store, pot shop or a bad part of town?

No, unless those stores or parts of town all have lots of RFID readers to ping the chip from a foot away, and then feed them the results.

All they are is a wee chip and antenna package that responds to an incoming signal (that powers the chip, since it is passive itself) with a number.

#3 - "When he wasn’t blackmailing lords and being sued for libel, William Playfair invented the pie chart, the bar graph, and the line graph.” - site was too busy but if true, it shows (1) Shakespeare's 'what's in a name' is wrong, think about it, and (2) if Playfair had a patent on these inventions, he'd not have to resort to blackmail to live in society. Sad that worthy inventors are forced into a life of crime due to bad patent laws, and people like AlexT and TC don't even care...

Bonus trivia: Terpenoid cantharidin (Spanish fly) was used by French aristocrats during Versailles to get some guests horny, induce them into shameful acts of orgy, which could be profitably exploited for political purposes. Source: internet, somewhat apocryphal

Playfair was also the first to distinguish real (inflation-adjusted) from nominal economic quantities. He was a great thinker but a bit of an a-hole. Isn't this a relatively common pattern?

From a privacy standpoint, #4 is no different than my work ID which I have to carry around with me everywhere in the office in order to enter the building, use the elevators, pass through certain doors and buy lunch (and which I also carry generally everywhere out of habit even when not at work). My employer, if it cares to know, already has the data to determine my toilet schedule. That said, I wouldn't want an implanted RFID, but not from a privacy standpoint. My issue is the inserting foreign objects into my body without any obvious benefit to me over carrying the ID card; what if I get MRSA and have to have my arm amputated?

“When he wasn’t blackmailing lords and being sued for libel, William Playfair invented the pie chart, the bar graph, and the line graph.”

What's the opposite of nominative determinism...?

I had seen "We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock" go by, but never clicked through to see it.

I think Brooks is wrong that it is a mirror of "woke." It is instead a continuation of this awful idea that "I would rather have the tears of liberals than good government."

Woke may be overwrought at times, but it is about injustice, not cruelty.

As I say, I was impressed by McCain's speech today. It is 180 degrees opposite of “We Must Elect Senator Kid Rock” and where all good men and women should be headed.

Woke is about resentment and grievance, occasionally legitimate.

Brooks wouldn't know what cool was if he accidentally froze his tongue to it.

“Don’t put fireworks in your pants,” (From #1, the livestreaming in China link)

This is always good advice, right?

Oof, David Brooks doesn't know what he's talking about.

David Fucking Brooks.

Has anyone ever heard "woke" being used non ironically? Generation Z uses the term, mostly online, ironically just like reeee, triggered, etc. Perhaps at one point they were creations of thr left, but now I see them as terms of mockery on online games and youtube.

"Stay Woke!"
-Al Dukes

5. It's macro vs. micro: the cool of the past (e.g., James Dean) wasn't about destroying culture but updating it, whereas today's cool is about destroying it. Brooks: "Cool was individualistic, but woke is nationalistic and collectivist. Cool was emotionally reserved; woke is angry, passionate and indignant. Cool was morally ambiguous; woke seeks to establish a clear marker for what is unacceptable." I'll take James Dean. [My late best boyhood friend was a combination of James Dean cool and Bobby Darin charm. My friend has been dead for 44 years but I think about him every day.]

One thing about cool is, you're pretty much by definition never going to be embarrassed by anything you did that was cool. Can't say the same thing about woke.

Hazel - Steve McQueen, God bless his heart, felt like an idiot about his former coolness a mere half decade after his peak coolness. The Studio 54 crowd - the ones that did not emerge from that period with money - are embarrassed by their former coolness, and never ever talk about it in their families. The ones that emerged with money - well, they are old and rich and I have no access to what they say and do on an ordinary day: but one hopes that they are over their former coolness. The cool males certainly have long ago stopped talking about their former coolness in front of their faithful wives, and vice versa, I am sure: it is hard to think of it being otherwise (Can you imagine a former beatnik bragging, in his 70s, to his former beatnik wife what great beatniks they were - looking back with amusement or pleasure, maybe, but bragging without embarrassment? The question answers itself.) You might be interested in a recent bio of Hemingway, explaining some of the less accessible insights of his later years (that is, explaining the faults his later and less praised writings - not less praised by me, , I think he was the same guy from day one, sadly, and I like the older sloppier stuff as much as the younger stuff, at least it is more realistic; one gives him props for his enthusiasm, but someone with his talent who decides to turn away from describing the human heart in favor of writing cool stuff is not someone I can recommend as a role model, although that being said maybe he overcame more obstacles than are typically understood, so there's that) as not, as we all thought, a way too sad and purposeful continuation of his youthful coolness, but as simply the result of concussion after concussion and, sadly, an early exit from the striving we all have to overcome our former temptations to coolness, and a hardening in his thoughts of his youthful pride of life. Not that pride of life is a bad thing - but nobody should forget not to become a caricature of one's younger self. Not me, not you, not anybody. You are right about woke. Rayward: that was an eloquent comment.

5. I suggest Americans start using the term "Shoz" meaning, "As Shitty as in Oz" with Oz meaning Australia. The term refers to the fact that while Australia is not a perfect country and is. currently at least, poorer than the United States, it still manages to provide its poor citizens with free basic healthcare, a minimum wage of around $14 US dollars an hour or over $17 US an hour for people without fixed hours, a much lower rate of incarceration, and a lower rate of police killing people - even though it still helps not to be black.

"even though it still helps not to be black"


linking Kid Rock for Senator with woke ethos? If anyone on the left under the age of 40 reads him anymore, Brooks soon will be facing the people's tribunal for cultural appropriation

#2. Some of the gynocentric thinkers believe that women need environments free of "male hostility" and arrange womens' only events. And the remaining talk of such programs as patronizing and therefore detrimental to women.

It is a "fixed match"; liberals as a group always play both sides of the game but in such a way that their perspective is argued for from either side, so that either side ends up demonizing men. Can't win against them.

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