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Plastic surgeons who give you Vulcan and elfin-like ears:

Of course, looking naturally elflike is not everyone’s goal. Luis Padron, 25, who owns a cosplay business in Argentina, said he has spent over $35,000 in surgeries and procedures including skin lightening, nose surgery and hair removal for his sylvan shape-shifting. His look has been influenced by Katherine Cardona, a contemporary illustrator specializing in fairies, and Sakimichan, a gender-bending fantasy digital artist.

Padron plans to change his eye color to violet using an intraocular implant procedure in New Delhi (not approved by the Food and Drug Administration) because “it is the color of magic, fantasy, dreams and imagination,” he said. The idea is on point, elfishly speaking, when you consider that Bloom, who wore blue contact lenses in the Tolkien film, once described elves as “incredible angelic spirits who create and appreciate great beauty.”

To complete his elflike transformation, Padron is planning a heart-shaped hairline implant and PRP scalp injections in Beverly Hills, California, because “elves have long hair,” he said. He is also planning more plastic surgery in South Korea, including Adam’s apple reduction, jaw reshaping and limb lengthening, and plans to finish his look with ear pointing surgery, which he calls “the cherry on top.”

Waiting time for ear pointing, however, is over a year, and over 40 percent of elf-ear wishers don’t have the right cartilage to perform the modification, Von Cyborg said. Black was one of the lucky ones.

Here is the full story.  Should this be subsidized or taxed?


'Should this be subsidized or taxed?'

Or shamed?

Boy, i miss the time where videogames and online rants were enough compensation for the miserable sex life...

Or institutionalized?

You know that you're suffering from Obssessive Commenting Disorder? How many this year, 10,000?

Tyler and Alex could probably move to a less expensive hosting plan if they disinvited you.

Since trans-elf surgery is elective, I wouldn't think we should subsidize it, although I see no good reason to ban it either. Apparently, though, a new legal doctrine may be emerging where this type of surgery is not considered elective and is instead considered medically necessary [].

+1. Combine the postmodern self, some psychobabble, and welfare statism and the answer is: subsidize it!

There is no biological desire to be elvish. This is a false equivlancy.

Speak for yourself transphobe.

Every human trait is somewhat biological. That transgenderism has been declared Biological while the biological roots of other traits is hushed up is a political, not scientific, decision.

We are told that gender is a social construction too.

"Padron plans to change his eye color to violet using an intraocular implant procedure in New Delhi (not approved by the Food and Drug Administration) " - this is approved by AlexT however, since we are 'free to choose' to become human guinea pigs, for the greater good and because Ayn Rand said so. Plus there's always somebody with 80 IQ or lower who will do anything for an edge (and that's OK say the free marketeers).

I see an elfin brigade in the military somewhere in the mix.

Dang millenials. Us Generation X'rs were happy with skinny ties and mullets.

Don't forget the safety pins, too.

What are the long term elf and safety implication?

Subidized? No, but there's freedom to do it. Taxed? Just VAT.

However, we know nothing about the long term health effects. Just an hypothetical case, if violet eyes today mean an expensive surgery to fix problems in a few years? What can be done, treat body modifications as pre-existing conditions?

Forget about elf-like ears,

I want to know

Who does

Donald's hair.

Quite possibly, this guy -

Though a Trump supporter has pretty much ensured that Gawker won't be doing this type of investigative journalism in the future.

I was very upset that this post was not about Trump at all. Thanks, Bill and prior, for making things better.

You're welcome. Hope I made your day.

What about breast augmentation?

Should this be subsided through the tax code.

Only rich people now get the benefit of this tax deduction.

We need equality of mammillary opportunity.

This is not a "rich people" procedure. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of breast augmentation surgery is $3,719.


It is a "rich people" procedure if you cannot afford it.

If so, would you advocate it as a procedure payable by Medicaid, and if not, would you advocate removing it as a tax deductible medical expense.

I guess what I am saying is that only Medicaid approvable medical expenditures should be tax deductible.

Including that ugly tattoo that needs to be removed by the dermatologist. What made you ever want to get that Make America Great tattoo in the first place.

Why are you considering transitioning to female at taxpayer expense?

No, I am considering taking a charitable deduction for the time I spend engaging in discussions with those who need assistance. If I were more adept at this, I would fashion my outreach as a religion, which would enable me to get even greater tax treatment on my house, er, parsonage.

Maybe Neil Gorsuch can find a way for me.

Plastic surgery is deductible?

TMC, You're right. Non deductible Elf ears. Should have questioned that. On the other hand, in researching this, I found:

"Claiming the cost of cosmetic surgery as a tax deduction is almost always a no-go, but it has been done in extremely specific circumstances.

For example, an exotic dancer was able to claim the cost of breast augmentation on the grounds that her surgery was a requirement for employment (the surgery made her more successful in her profession), and that the surgery was unsuitable for day-to-day use (the augmentation was such that she was going to have her breasts reduced once her stage career was over)."

Elf employment expenses are deductible.

Only at Christmas. And, no deduction for growing a pot belly and a beard for posing as Santa either.

Buenos Aires is a world center for plastic surgery. I believe that a very large number of breast procedures are done there. They probably have taxes on the procedure that only tourists wind up paying. I know that, "Tengo dolares" is the way to get discounts on everything.

Click through and wonder why the woman in the picture didn't go for liposuction first. There aren't any fat elves in Middle Earth!

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