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#6: "Like the competitors, the audience skewed young and male". Hmmm, I see another crusade for the left.


The average guy who plays games is 35; the average woman is 44. 59 percent of those who play games on a regular basis are men; 41 percent are women.

Atari 2600 and Nintendo NES 8-bit are 35+ years old. Any child that was 10 yo back on 42 today. Early adopters of these consoles should be near 50 years old today.

People who say they casually play games in a survey do not properly represent the groups in question. The simple reality is that far fewer woman are inclined to spend 8-16 hours per day playing games than men.

I'm not sure if there is a politically correct way of explaining this bias, but for now I'll work under the assumption that toxic male behavior is discouraging women from playing games they would otherwise love and dominate.

Excuse me, I should have been more precise in my claim. It is white men who are preventing women from achieving their potential.

Minority groups are of course also being oppressed which is why there is no African American representation within professional gaming teams.

I am not sure if you are being ironic or not. Crazy times we live in!

There are action blockbusters and chick flicks, why would video games be different?

Sports gamers are 98% male, while match 3 and farming simulation gamers are 70% female. There are interesting outliers: Assassin's Creed: 27% female.

@ryan turner. what is far fewer? 30-70% or 2-98% distribution?

I'd buy that the world's best Candy Crush or Sims 4 players are majority female, but the games which are getting e-sported look like they would belong in the categories of 10% female or less, even before you start to think about any differences in intensity of play.

How do you even be the best Sims 4 player? Is it about climbing the career ladder, having the most whoohoo, or having the best decorated house?

The conversation here is about e sports, not random cause video games. What the hell are you talking about?

*random casual video games

If Trump can be president, why can't the theme from Titanic be classical music. In the race to the bottom, everybody is allowed to compete.

This is not even good trolling. Surely with "Trump" and the "Titanic" available, you could have thrown in an "iceberg" and come up with something witty.

"I remember reading about a composer named Steve Reich who came up with a new idea called phasing, which is like windshield wipers going in and out of synch. Apparently he was caught in a traffic jam one rainy day and the rhythm of the windshield wipers caught his attention and he applied what he heard to his musical compositions. He has had a significant influence on contemporary music, and I think he's a great example as an innovator. Sometimes new ideas can come from something as mundane and functional as your windshield wipers. The key is to pay attention and keep your brain and senses open to new stimuli." - Trump, 2009

""In Trump Tower, we play a variety of music - anything from renditions of Moon River to versions of Rachmaninov's famous piano concertos. Some people call it cheesy, but others love it, and so do I." - Trump, 2004

I could care less about Trump's musical tastes, but it's always fascinating to see people make a fact-free declaration about B because they feel something about A.

Fake news, especially the first quote. Trump doesn't read. And the chances that he would read about Steve Reich are less than the chances Mila Kunis will return my calls.

In the absence of real men, y'know, like Brazilians, you will do, wink wink.

It's so weird he used to be able to string sentences together to make coherent comments. You see and here this a lot. Comparing interviews from the 90s to those today. And these music comments.

What happened? Alzheimers? A stroke?

On that subject

“The Constitution does not say that a person can yell wolf in a crowded theater." - Nancy Pelosi the other day in what is just the latest of a string of verbal oddities.

My view is that verbal intelligence is overrated and too often confused with real intelligence, especially in politicians. And that's bad.

"“The Constitution does not say that a person can yell wolf in a crowded theater.” – Nancy Pelosi"

Well she's not wrong, it doesn't say that. ;)

"6. They are starting to build major arenas for e-Sports (NYT)."

Are the arenas going to resemble a giant basement? (j/k)

people love bars that look like a basement.....

#1: Trump's rallies used the high energy vocal parts of Beethoven's 9th to fire up crowds and it really worked. If classical music can pump out more stuff like that, more Dvorak New World Symphony, and more music like the Basil Poledouris Conan the Barbarian classical soundtrack, young men will eat it up and drop rock/rap/pop.

About 15 young men will do that. The other 2 billion won't do anything of the sort.

One of the 20th century's major injustices was that Arnold didn't get an Oscar for Conan the Barbarian.

Hillary's few, poorly-attended wakes may have benefited from blaring classical music like Julius Fucik's "Entry of the Gladiators."


#6 Let's be clear here: America is a decadent Empire, an Rome at the brink of collapse.

Not according to Vaclav Smil. Perhaps his book on Rome and America hadn't been translated into Portuguese yet.

Says he. I say America is a falling Empire marching towards irrelevance. The upheavals the country has experienced are proof enough. You can try to deny all you want, I am sure some Romans tried to explain away the Barbarians.

1. Elides the fact that old people are the smallest market for music. The oldsters neigher seek out new music nor buy new media. Their taste taking and music purchasing years are long behind them. This article is so dishonest I have to wonder if it was written by Alex T?

"But the 45+ age group is actually the largest music buying demographic according to a Consumer Trends survey by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Tweens and teens are the smallest. "

Young people don't buy music they stream it. And did you notice the top sales listed in the article were Whitney Houston and GnR? Is another oldster downloading Klemperer really going to benefit classical?

BL: Elides the fact that old people are the smallest market for music.

Reality: But the 45+ age group is actually the largest music buying demographic

Keep moving those goal posts.

Allow me to quote myself "old people are the smallest market for music"

I'm sorry for you if you are too stupid to understand the difference between a music streaming market, a music downloading market, and the music market in general. So yeah let me put those goalposts back from where you moved them.

Deflect! raise deflector shields! too late, he's going down!

#5 Personally I like giving order for my black Roomba to follow my white Roomba around...just to make it extra offensive for anyone visiting that might be smart enough to catch on. Triggering people at parties is fun!

Don't take much to trigger SJWs. School is back in session and I predict another year full of Evergreen College nut jobs.

They're taking a $2.1 million budget shortfall and are beginning layoffs. I won't be happy till they and every other young-adult-day-care-center are shuttered for good.

#6. I don't buy the hype behind Televised People Playing Video Games. I think the existing and potential interest is markedly lower than proponents would admit and the room for growth has a low ceiling.

You don't have pre-teen kids then. Mine do nothing but watch YouTube videos of other people playing video games and making snarky comments throughout. No TV really, all stuff like that. But perhaps once they have actual cash to spend they will have outgrown this phase.

As a video game player myself, I really can't understand the thrill of watching other people play video games. Why not play them yourself?

They do both. "Videa gamez" in the hank hill lexicon have become completely interactive.

Dark souls 3. Game, continuous online component to the point where it basically is an online/multiplayer game. Secondary: everyone watches speed runs and twitch/live feeds of how the top players play.

Rapidly the best players are watching feeds constantly and becoming better. ESports is going to be the next big live event

You don’t have pre-teen kids then. Mine do nothing but watch YouTube videos of other people playing video games and making snarky comments throughout. No TV really

Yeah, and it's weird: at least for my daughter, it wasn't learned behavior from outside, she just stumbled upon them and became addicted.

" Is it better if the audience for classical music is growing older?"

If its not classical until its at least 50 years old, then the audience has always been older.

3. "Take reporting on scientific issues like climate change, the subject of one of my recent papers. Believing in anthropogenic climate change is seen as a position aligned with the left side of the political spectrum, even though it's really a scientific question. If you had papers that were explicitly right wing and they said, "Actually, the evidence is that there is anthropogenic climate change," that would carry a lot of weight.

There is something to be said for removing the façade of objectivity and recognizing that journalists are people and that the journalistic process is a human process. It involves perspective and embracing that a little more as opposed to shying away from that and trying to conceal it and in so doing throwing away information that might be really valuable to consumers of news."

That's something that Chuck Klosterman would probably agree with. Additionally, he points out that journalists, seldom experts on anything that they're covering, are basically lazy and quick to accept the interpretations of the first person they talk to. Michael Crichton, on the other hand, believed that they just don't know what they're talking about.

Perhaps the most admirable president in US history, Grover Cleveland, had this to say about journalists:

"I believe a large majority of reporters are decent and honorable men, who would prefer to do clean and respectable work. Of course there are some among them who are mentally and morally cracked, and who never ought to be trusted to report for the public anything they claim to have seen or heard. Eliminate these, and I do not think any of the remainder would deliberately indulge in downright barefaced falsehood; but there is something connected with their work that they appear to think is necessary to its complete finish, which, for want of a better word, may be called embellishing. This proceeds so far, sometimes, that, almost unknown to himself, the reporter falls into mischievous and exasperating falsehood--sometimes lacking the intent to annoy and injure and sometimes not. There ought to be much less of this. The reporter who sends in these extravagant embellishments can never know when they may constitute the most outrageous injury to the feelings of the innocent and defenseless.
But, as a general rule, the responsibility for all that is objectionable in the reportorial occupation should be laid at the doors of the managers and owners of newspapers. If they wanted fair and truthful reports, they would be furnished them with more alacrity than they are now supplied with the trash so often demanded as a test of the reporter's skill and ability.
Good, clean journalism and a proper sense of newspaper responsibility , prevailing at headquarters, would so raise the standard of the duties of those remaining that they would not only be gladly welcomed by all who have information interesting to the public to impart, but would be received, without the suspicion of intrusion, at any place where legitimate news would be collected."

Bypass the media completely - science is not about the media anyways. Go for the empirical data, much of it being collected in near real time.

Anyone interested in Arctic/Antarctic conditions, for example, should regularly visit this website -

Headline in the on-line version of the Washington Examiner: "Joe Arpaio may challenge Jeff Flake for Arizona Senate seat: Exclusive"

Arpaio: "I have no hobbies," he said, declining to say how likely he is to seek office." In other words, fake news.

#2 I've noticed that every time there is a guest lecture or workshop on my campus, we need to go through the hassle of registering beforehand. Why do we always have to "register" to attend an event; why can't we just show up luke the old days

Depends - one assumes that many of Prof. Cowen's events are well catered, for example.

I read somewhere, a Vegas sportsbook is offering 1:1000 odds the Golden State Warriors make the playoffs. Anyone dumb enough to bet on that could do better buying US Treasuries of similar maturities. Which means the sports book has a risk-free, positive alpha, arbitrage hedge by simply taking the clients money and buy treasuries.

Won't be a whole lot of "clients" money handed over at those odds.

The Summers interview would be wonderful if TC were willing to be as oppositional/confrontational/adversarial as he was in his Peter Singer interview but Summers is too powerful and TC will be kiss-assy. Hey, not only was he a Cabinet Secretary he was Robert Samuelson's nephew. Life doesn't often let truth speak to power and it's even rarer when truth with brains gets to interview power. Knock him around a bit.

Paul Samuelson's nephew.

3. The narrative is so often crafted by interested parties. " If..the powerful are able to fix the premises of discourse, to decide what the general populace is allowed to see, hear, and think about, and to manage public opinion by regular propaganda campaigns, the standard view of how the system works is at serious odds with reality." -Herman and Chomsky.

I applaud Mr. Shapiro for his work on SNAP. The misinformation and scapegoating has gone far enough.

4. The best reward a soldier can receive is to return home to their loved ones.

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