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#1 Such is life in America.
#2 They are planning to overthrow us.
#3 He is trying to overthrow us and sell us aubscriptions.

6. " When I emailed him in March 2017, he wrote that he attributed Iceland’s peaceful history and outlook to its climate conditions: “With short summers and cold winters, it was essential that everyone worked together.”"

I blame the recent murders on global warming.

"Single murders" have been changing cultural practices in Iceland since Leif the Violent smote Gunnar the Daft in 1102. It will ever be thus in small nations.

In Brazil -- but to be fair, not just there -- it takes 1,000 murders to change anything. Er, wait a second...

Then, things will never change. While Americans persecuted their loyalist brethen and segreagted Blacks, Brazil choose peacd. While the English, the Russians and the Frenchmen murdered their kings/Emperor, we overthrow peacefully our Emperors and sent them to Europe. Violence is antithetical to the Brazilian character! Even after the Republican Revolution in 1889, it was thus. Pasteur wrote to our last Emperor proposing to use Brazilian prisoners sentenced to death in his hideous experiments. The Emperor explained to him, that he - the Emperor, not Pasteur - actually commuted all death penalties, abolishing de facto de death penalty, one of the first countries in men's history to do so. The 1889 Revolution abolished the death penalty de jure.
During the 1924 Revolution, one of the loyalist leaders remarked that the proof the rebels (who had joined forces with the Paraguayan aggressors) were still Brazilians deep in their hearts was that they treated well their prisoners - foreigners would surely have mistreated their prisoners.
As one Brazil's anthems states:
"We cannot believe that in another age/Slaves there were in so noble a country./Now the rosey glow of dawn
greets brothers, and not hostile tyrants./We are all equal! In the future, united,/We will know how to take up/Our august banner that, pure,
glows triumphant from the altar of the fatherland!/If it is to be that from brave chests/Our banner will be bloodied/The living blood of the hero Tiradentes/Baptized this bold flag!"

It used to be that Icelanders were very good at murder and assault, murdering was an honored occupation but I guess somewhere along the way they lost it and now they let foreigners in to do the jobs Icelanders just don't want to do.

Of course this has been the way of it since the late 14th century or so. Leave it to Iceland though for centuries it used to be Bristol men and other fishermen, pirates, and the occasional Danish or American soldier. And gere we are 6 centuries later and it is the same perpetrators.

Iceland needs to wake up and stop this dangerous policy of letting foreign terrorists it is time for a six month moratorium on Danes entering the country.

1. "Occasionally an idiot ------------------------- maybe even get elected President." And try to prove that the state that is #2 join West Virginia in voting Republican and actually did that , despite not having evidence to back it up.

1. From the article:

"Liberals claim that people like Bill Gates become rich because they come from upper class families, with all sorts of advantages. Conservatives claim that even if income were made 100% equal, within a few years the rich would regain their position and the poor would fall back."


This is what Americans mean when they go on about liberals and conservatives? If this is the case it is rather anti-climatic to finally have a definition.

Well, there is also the guns and baby-killing divide.

This is particularly confusing for us as our conservative party, which are called the Liberal Party, banned guns here.

As far as baby killing is concerned, neither of the two main parties are openly in favour of it, but one is clearly a lot more philosophical over whether or not they happen to drown or catch on fire.

Dear Angus Deaton with all due respect you might consider reassessing your deaths of despair theory. It never made much sense to me, there is in fact some evidence that people drink and drug more when they have more income and therefore access to booze and drugs, which is BTW a problem for my advocacy of legalization but I thin the positives would out weigh the negatives. The idea that more income leads to more drinking and drugging is logical deaths of despair though not unbelievable is a more difficult story to support yet it is where people rush first. Why?


Perhaps it depends on the meaning of "more".

Overdoses are acute issues, drinking or drugging more are chronic ones. It is plausible to have worse health effects with lower average consumption.....if everything is consumed in one night.

2. Interesting story but I could really have done without the cutesy style of the article. Does the writer (or the editor?) really think that unless you include stuff like "They can use their "big wings" to maneuver [sic] backwards, though they have no beeping sound to warn other animals that they're putting it in reverse." or "super-pods (not to be confused with super PACs, which are equally giant but much more dangerous)" no one will want to read an article about gatherings of 200+ humpback whales?

I think you're reading too much purpose into it. That is just a terribly written article in every way. It has it all: dangling modifiers (apparently a group of whales was published in a journal), misuse of "begs the question", misuse of punctuation, sentence fragments, grammatically incorrect constructs from informal speech, etc. The title of the article, "Humpback whales are organizing in huge numbers, and no one knows why", contains pretty much all of the substantive content. The rest is just filler to make it article length.

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