Why do Swedes support their far-right parties?

This is from a job market paper at Stockholm University, by Sirus Dehdari:

This paper studies the effects of economic distress on support for far-right parties. Using Swedish election data, I show that shocks to unemployment risk among unskilled native-born workers account for 5 to 7 percent of the increased vote share for the Swedish far-right party Sweden Democrats. In areas with an influx of unskilled immigrants equal to a one standard deviation larger than the average influx, the effect of the unemployment risk shock to unskilled native-born workers is exacerbated by almost 140 percent. These findings are in line with theories suggesting that voters attribute their impaired economic status to immigration. Furthermore, I find no effects on voting for other anti-EU and anti-globalization parties, challenging the notion that economic distress increases anti-globalization sentiment. Using detailed survey data, I present suggestive evidence of how increased salience of political issues related to immigration channels economic distress into support for far-right parties, consistent with theories on political opportunity structure and salience of sociocultural political issues.

Here is Dehdari’s cv, all via Matt Yglesias.


"the Swedish far-right party Sweden Democrats": that sounds exciting. Viking expeditions, rape & pillage, worship of Odin - or are they so very far right that they approve of democracy?

Any chance Ty would be baffled by support for far-left parties? The guys who dress up in black and break windows in the street?

Didn't think so.

But far-right... people who want existing border laws actually enforced.... MY GOD WHY IS ANYONE SUPPORTING THESE PEOPLE??

Indeed, I'd hardly describe the Swedish Democrats as Far Right. Unlike the Far Left, they actually do, you know, support democracy and political freedoms. Labels like this reveal the narrowness of the political Overton window some liberals can entertain.

Note that in this paper voters merely "attribute their impaired economic status to immigration". Obviously these poor deluded saps are suffering under some kind of illusion and immigrants aren't _really_ responsible for competition in low-paid jobs and social disorder in the streets (Sweden was not previously famous for grenade attacks....). We'll have no talk of a labour supply curve; this is an economics blog!

'Sweden was not previously famous for grenade attacks'

If you ignore the rocker wars (though those involved anti-tank weapons more than genades) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Nordic_Biker_War#The_second_MC_War_in_Scandinavia

How dare lower class Swedes protest their displacement by voting for far-extremist-right-Nazi-white-racist-supremacist-homophobic-angry-white-evil-patriarchal-islamophobic-misogynisticasddbbklajbgpjbbeblwjkbfsxakjbshf?

Yup; after the Cathedral went to all that trouble of sourcing avocado toast for them. The ingrates!

Quality comment section, as usual...

How are they being displaced?

Why do Swedes support their far-right parties?

Because there's an establishment cartel injurious to their interests.


check mate.

The key takeaway for leftists is that If you want multicultural openness, you probably need flexible and dynamic labor markets. Libertarians have been saying this for decades, and everyone just ignored us.

Didn't Milton Friedman say "you can have open borders or a generous welfare state, both not both"?

And even if he didn't say it, he (or someone else) should have, because it's hardly been surpassed as a pithy summation of where parts of Europe are at.

Flexible labour markets do not count for anything, if you have people coming from cultures which are the complete opposite of anglosaxon liberalism.

The us labour market would be quite different if you had 5 millions syrians in it, the same percentage as sweden have now.

So keep dreaming about a multicultural open society with a booming economy of no regulations, it has never existed, and the reason sweden became rich, was because of the swedish culture, now they are importing an ethnic underclass which will make them dismantle what they built up for their own people , pretty ironic



A Scandinavian economist to Milton Friedman: "In Scandinavia we have no poverty."

Milton Friedman: "That's interesting, because in America among Scandinavians, we have no poverty either."

But culture isn't immutable. Swedish Americans are now about 50% wealthier than Swedes.

Though the way Minnesota is going, that might not last for long.


But Tyler will never, ever, ever, link a paper that suggests economic growth is driven by endogenous cultural or ethnic factors. It's al; "institutions" or "history" at best...

Moreover I had my first ever removed post, one which made what I thought was the innocuous point that Swedes were not consulted in a referendum or plebecite about the radical multicultural experiment they have been engaged in for the past 30+ years.

They deleted a large number of posts made before about 6pm for reasons I cannot fathom.

Some context:



Labels are so limiting.
Whether a party is "right" or even "far-right" depends on where you yourself are standing.

"Borgen" is about Denmark but it is interesting that even the far-right politician is portrayed with a degree of understanding of where his working class supporters are coming from and what they are worried about.

Did your vaunted Leaders open your relatively smoothly functioning country to hundreds of thousands of culturally could-hardly-be-less-bloody-different non-coreligionists in an '60s-inspired orgy of untested multiculturalism while not putting this to the voters clearly, in an election or referendum, and moreover making it a cardinal politico-ethical sin to even question the practicality of this?

Brazil doesn't have immigration-related social challenges because no one wants to immigrate to that hellhole.

It is a lie. Suffices to say that, a few years ago, the commander of the Air Force was from Japanese stock and the President was from Bulgarian stock. President Temer is from Lebanese stock, and, in Lebanon, there is a street named after him. Former Presidents Medici, Geisel and Kubitschek was from European stock. Former Emperor Pedro II was from Portuguese, Spanish, Austrian, Italian, French stock. Famous Brazilian entrepreneur Klein was from Jewish stock. Many famous Brazilian intellectuals were born in Europe, Carpeaux, Ronai and many others. Famous Brazilian Nobel Prize winner Peter Medawar was from English stock. Famous Brazilian Physcist Lattes was from Jewish stock.

No it's very true. Everyone knows Brazil is awful.

No, it is not. As we talk, thousands of Haitians and Venezuelans ae immigrating to Brazil.Also, Brazil is a multiethinic society, which integrated seamlessly millions of Asians, Europeans and Africans. Brazil saved Jewish rwfugees from Hitler instead of sending children back to the ovens like America. Sometimes it is hard to walk the streets with so many African students going to the nearby university at our expense. They are legion. We are a generous people.

Brazil save Josef Mengele from the Mossad actually.

Also, experts all over the world have written that Brazil is awful.

1) "Brazil save Josef Mengele from the Mossad actually."
It is a lie, the Argentinians and Paraguayans helped him to escape and take up a new identity - not unlike Americans welcoming Nazi military and science men to help it face the Soviet Union. As soon as his body was diacovered and identified, Brazilian authorities cooperated with the Interpol to clarify the situation. He has never worked in Brazil in an official capability and was never allowed to work as a doctor, he was a plant foreman.
Brazil has saved many Jews from certain death, among them intellectuals like Rónai.
2) "Also, experts all over the world have written that Brazil is awful."
It is a lie. Darwin praised Brazil extravagantly. Camus liked the trees. Mr. Feyman praised Brazilian music. Victor Hugo, who was republican, praised our last Emperor. A beach nearby my home city was elected the fourth best in the world. Famous Postuguese explorer Caminha said Brazil was so wonderful, anything could grow there. Brazilian cuisine is considered the world's best.

Why do you lie so much, do all Brazilians lie as much as you do? Actually, I forgot you aren't even Brazilian so all you do is lie.

You lie, boy. Brazilian contributions to mankind are very well known.

No you lie. Brazil is considered the worst country in the world.

No, it is not, it is actually the best. Its nature is awesome ("Eternally lying on a splendid cradle/
To the sound of the sea and under deep sky light/Thou flarest, O Brazil, crocket of America/
Illuminated by the sun of New World!", "Love with faith and pride the land in which you were born! Oh child! You will never see a country like this one! See what sky, what sea, what jungle! Nature here is perpetually celebrating, A mother’s bosom overflowing warmth and love. See what life upon the ground! in nests above, Which sway among the moving branches in the air! See what light, what heat, what clouds of insects there! See the great expanse of jungle that presides Where fertile, luminous, eternal spring resides! Good land! that never has denied to man its favors Of raiment, shelter, daily bread to him who labors… He who pays the price with sweat and tears shall see, His work repaid, and rich and happy he will be! Oh Child! you’ll never see a land like this so fair: Imitate the greatness of your land with care!”."), it is people is the best ("But if thou raisest the strong cudgel of justice/Thou wilt see that a son of thine flees not from battle/Nor do those who love thee fear their own death") and its culture is noteworthy ("Child of the great century/ Child of the great nation/ When thou shalt appear before God/ Thou shalt have a book in thy hands").

No it isn't. I can do this all day. And you type too much, you may hurt yourself.

No, because I am dexterous even if the keyboard is too little.

Brazil has received lots andlots of foreigners from the most different parts of the people with little problem. President Temer was born in a poor Lebanese family and now he is a millionaire and a respected world leader. Brazil has faced a Japanese rebellion in rhe 1940s, but even then immigrants were well-treated and eventually assimilated into the wider culture. There were no Guantanamos in Brazil! Sometimes prisoners in the internment camps in São Paulo State were trusted to go to the mainland buy food. It is necessary intelligence, skill, courage and statemanship to achieve that, though.

They don't do capital punishment in Europe but shouldn't he be imprisoned for life?

After they banned capital punishment they moved on to banning life sentences.

Brazil has neither and has no problems with terorrism whatsoever. America has both and made the term "lone wolf" a household name. Culture, culture, culture.

Norway too apparently. And the UK, Spain, Sweden, and especially France. Also Brazil.

Brazil has no terrorism issues whatsoever. Terrorism is heavily frown upon by society. It ismdifferent from America, which glorifies violence.

What about all those Brazilian anthems celebrating all the murdering that goes on there? My Portuguese isn't great, but I think some of the tiles are "Rio is Violent Death", "The Guns of Brazil", and "Watch Your Step or I Will Shoot You"

It is not true. Brazilian anthems talk about freedom, justice, family, patriotism, the holy flag ("banner of justice and love"), Brazil's outstanding nature and the triumphs of the Brazilian Army. We would never glorify violence the way Americans do.

Wrong again.

Kinda dumb that.

"increased salience of political issues related to immigration channels economic distress into support for far-right parties."

The relevant lesson is simply that it channels economic distress into support for parties that acknowledge the increased salience of political issues related to immigration. The fact that the only parties doing so are "far-right" is a separate issue; nothing prevents other parties from moving into this space.

Actually the immigration axis seems to be the main way people categorize parties now. Anti-immigrant = far right no matter what else is on your platform. Le Pen's party in France is considered 'far right' even though aside from that issue they are pretty socialist.

Yes, but that turning of the National Front to a quasi-socialist program regarding economic issue is recent (it corresponds to the taking-over of the party by Marine Le Pen against her father Jean-Marie) and perhaps, some say, shallow. Jean-Marie Le Pen was known for positions close to libertarianism in economy.

Labor was always anti-immigration and, until recently, a voice on the left.

nothing prevents other parties from moving into this space.

Nothing would prevent Paul Ryan, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Haley Barbour, and clan Bush from moving into this space either. They. Just. Don't. Feel. Like. It. Ditto members of the punditocracy (Jennifer Rubin, David Brooks, Matt K. Lewis).

They don't feel like it because they don't support that policy, obviously.

Although they will do so if the votes are there. Does Trump's success signal that? Maybe so.

Anyone with any type of job aptitude, be it with computers or with predicting weather patterns, come join us. We are in four world center and dislike black people.


I heard he's planning on getting a Ph.D. from NYU.

Why do Swedes vote for far-right parties? It's a real mystery.....


The economists are still pretty confident that immigration does not cause unemployment, even if it seems so, seems "salient?"

To be honest if it is just "I was unemployed, and saw an immigrant working" I am not sure this is the best political development.

I think that's because those economists come mostly from countries that still have some degree of selectivity in immigrants (the legal ones). Even refugees can be selected for. That's not the case when you totally give up border control.

"The economists are still pretty confident that immigration does not cause unemployment, even if it seems so, seems “salient?”"

Yes, and the preachers seem pretty confident that God exists. Have you actually seen their "evidence" for it? It's crap. So is the evidence for the existence of God.

Says you. Yet, Prophet Bandarra studied for years the Bible and has predicted the rise of Brazil and its fight against Gog and Magog.

I think Gog and Magog are favored 9-2 in this fight, with the moneyline at Gog and Magog -350. The pre-fight presser was fun but I'm excited about the fight at the MGM Grand.

Yet, the Hidden One will rise and defeat Gog and, then, will defeat Magog.

The parting of the waters in my bath tub last night was pretty damn freaky.

The parting of the waters in my bath tub last night was pretty damn freaky.

And it happened twice!

An indicting picture of Löfven's Sweden.

A good place to start would be to look at violent crime rates (eg 15 gang related murders in Malmø between January 2016 and March 2017). The Swedish police recently published a report that identified 23 areas where the police have little or no control.




Politiken is a centre left newspaper, traditionally the paper of choice for social democrats.

Yes, that's one of the reasons why I linked to it - not so easy to dismiss it as rightwing fake news. Mind you, the paper still has its holier-than-thou tone, but it has actually started to report quite regularly on the Swedish mess.

If you are against the influx of muslims in your country, almost invariably the only political parties who will even talk about it are far right ones.

There is no question that it changes a country. If you like that, fine. If you don't, fine. In much of Europe it is considered hate speech to even question the policy.

So by definition anyone who questions the policy is extreme. So we get a liberal like Ayaan Hirsi Ali tarred as an extremist, a hate monger, driven from the Netherlands by so called Liberals.

By the way, this has been extremely obvious for a decade. Once the 'liberal' hegemony on the narrative collapses, all bets are off.

Pim Fortuyn's killer served 12 years for a premeditated murder conjoined to a political assassination. His lawyer had the audacity to complain to the court about the terms of his parole.

Being triggered by a movie is an excuse for murder, for overrunning a consulate and killing everyone there, and changing the first amendment.

Only an extremist would not agree.

I was in a taxi in Amsterdam chatting to the driver, who was Muslim, about politics. Oddly, he once had Pim Fortuyn as a passenger on a long drive to give a speech somewhere. The driver disagreed with Fortuyn's policies and analysis of the situation but on the whole did not regard him as a fanatic or disagreeable person.

Sweden has a growing problem with fascism. Members of a prominent political party have used hand signs associated with the far right, refused to shake women's hands, and accused Israel of their own holocaust.

Funny enough, it's the Green Party.

“People who are close to the Muslim Brotherhood, which is an Islamist party, obviously have a big foothold in the Green Party,” Lars Nicander, a security expert at the Swedish Defence University, told Sweden’s TV4.


This is why I say when the 'liberal' narrative collapses, all bets are off. Trump and Brexit are civilized ways of smacking the stupid with a stick.

I know. If we tear down statues we don't like, then we will win!

The premise of the quoted argument is blithering stupidity.

These are the crazy years. Sweden's Green Party is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood, the UK's second biggest source of immigrants is Pakistan - where 82% of people believe laws should strictly follow the Koran and just 2% approve of gays - and much of America has a meltdown because of a temporary ban on people arriving from anarchic places like Yemen.

Even with terror attacks becoming an almost daily occurance, soldiers a common sight on the streets, and a security state eroding civil liberties for all, Europe is totally inert to the growing threat.

What's the 10 and 20-year outlook here. Strip away the moralizing and virtue signalling - where does the current trend of mounting violence and increased migration put Europe in 2030?

It is one thing to be wrong; bad ideas gain traction all time. But to criminalise dissent is simply evil.

If to disagree with what is happening in your country is criminal, then criminal action is the only thing that you can take to change course.

Brexit would challenge the foundations of Europe over too many immigrants. The blithering idiots who foisted this choice upon Europe are the problem. And they insist that they are the moderates.

"on people arriving from anarchic places like Yemen."
And Iran, but not Saudi Arabia.

The more common denominator for the travel ban was less that they were all Muslim, and more that they were exporting violence and had no means to comform the identity of their citizens.

"Brexit would challenge the foundations of Europe over too many immigrants. The blithering idiots who foisted this choice upon Europe are the problem. And they insist that they are the moderates."

EU membership has very little to do with accepting immigrants from Muslim countries. An immigrant (not holding an EU passport) who resides in a mainland EU member country has to go through full immigration inspection upon arrival in the U.K. just like anybody else and has no special right to live and work in the U.K. EU membership only comes into play when it comes to actual citizens of EU member countries -- especially the mostly Christian citizens of countries like Poland and Romania. Preserving all of the benefits of access to the common market while being able to restrict the ability of EU citizens to live and work in the U.K. remains one of the major sticking points in Brexit negotiations. Restricting EU immigration while keeping the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland open is another sticky issue.

It is hard to think in Saudi Arabia as not being exporting violence or being specially cooperarive in fighring it. Also, it is hard to think in Yemen as being particularly apt at exporting violence to the West.

Fox News level of hyperventilating. Greens and Icky Muslims, OH MY!

How dare people want to use politics to shape how their society works!? Egads!

As the demographic replacement happens, countries will change. It's literally happened always. No reason to go full Nazi on us.

Women, as it has always been, will choose what the future looks like. Maybe if Swedes want the future to be more Swedish they should have kids with Swedish girls.

On the other hand, if Swedish people rather party and have time consuming jobs, and have .9 kids per couple, then they're not a viable sub species and should die out.

But as a classical liberal, I'm happy because it will be voluntary. Everyone in the west will decide what kind of future they want. My guess is the fastest growing religious sect in the world, Salafism. But it won't be by terror and murder, it'll be by choice. And if that's what humanity wants, then we need to come to terms with it. PBUH. The only thing that matters is that it's consent and choice, for the future world we live in.

You are Bryan Caplan and I claim my £5

'In much of Europe it is considered hate speech to even question the policy.' - No, it isn't.

'So by definition anyone who questions the policy is extreme.' - No, they aren't.

'Ayaan Hirsi Ali' - actually, her main problem was that she lied when gaining Dutch citizenship. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ayaan_Hirsi_Ali#Dutch_citizenship_Controversy

'this has been extremely obvious for a decade' - apart from it not being true, obviously.

One of the things that most persuades me of the culpability of the elite is exactly this selective enforcement of laws.

Islamists and black-clothed fascists are endlessly indulged for threatening and violent behaviour, whilst their critics are extensively investigated and prosecuted for every minor infraction on everything from tax law to "hate speech". Like the late Roman Republic, the law has become less a means of keeping peace amongst men and more a means of destroying your political opponents.

'Islamists and black-clothed fascists are endlessly indulged for threatening and violent behaviour'

This is not true in Germany. Nor is it true in France.

'whilst their critics are extensively investigated and prosecuted for every minor infraction on everything from tax law to “hate speech”.'

Again, not true in Germany. The AfD candidate who says Germans should be proud of what German Wehrmacht soldiers did in WWII is not going to be investigated, for example. Admittedly, he might not be visiting too many other European countries, including the UK, in the future. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/sep/14/afd-co-founder-alexander-gauland-says-germany-needs-to-reclaim-its-history

'and more a means of destroying your political opponents'

Well, some people in Germany dream of that - but we will see how well the AfD or Linke do in terms of bring a more East German sensibility to politics in the Bundesrepunlik.



Doesn't the study also show that the rich Swedes vote for their poor countrymen to be raped by foreigners because they are paid so well?

In the last 20 years, the annual level of rapes in Sweden has gone from 400 annually to about 6,100. I wonder what could be the causal factors?

Julian Assange?

He's here, he's there, he's everywhere.

Oddly enough, in that same time frame, paying for prostitution has also been made illegal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prostitution_in_Sweden

The connection between higher unemployment for certain groups and why those groups decide to vote for "far-right" parties is nothing more than blather about the "salience of sociocultural issues." It's typical reductionist social science. When was the last time that the members of their dismal profession tried to explain their own views in terms of their tedious models?

SD's policies are basically "communism for white people only". I think it's very strange that they're labeled far right.

Yep. I think they should just call them anti-imigration parties, rather than far right.

What about calling them the "Know Nothings".

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