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I'll be the first to say this: more things Thaler! We want Thaler! Thaler x3!!

Number 1 is pure Thaler. Uber small business outsourcing ride contractors give up income guarantee based on the belief they will have more income by working only when marginal income is much higher than their marginal costs, something Uber will not allow. To drive when marginal income is higher than marginal costs, Uber requires driving when marginal costs are higher than marginal income. (Capital cost per mile are constant, ie it costs ~50 cents a mile for capital off peak and at peak.)

Unless there are non-financial reasons for preferring Uber. Then a purely financial analysis falls apart.

I can rent a car for $180 a week, and drive 1000 miles for Uber. Capital cost 18 cents a mile.

Really? Is it a magical car that doesn't require gas?
What about insurance (since I doubt whatever insurance you have covers commercial driving)?

#3 - absurd recasting of the famed and well-known Hollywood 'casting couch' in modern terms: "Hollywood is full of connoisseurs like Weinstein, men whose erotic imaginations are fueled primarily by humiliation, who glut their sensibilities with the most exquisite refinements of shame. A journalist once told me about visiting another very famous Hollywood producer—you’d know the name—who exhibited for my friend his collection of photographs of famous female actresses—you’d know their names, too—performing sexual acts for his private viewing. As with Weinstein, this man’s chief thrill was humiliation, and the more famous the target the more roundly it was savored: Even her, a big star—these people will do anything to land a role; they’re so awful, they’ll even do it for me."

This is news? This is like an ingenue who discovers dirty old middle aged men engage in fetishes and perversions. Hardly news.

It could go deeper than that. Rumor about Hollywood is that the mothers of aspiring child actresses give their daughters (and sons) to Hollywood producers to be abused for a chance of landing a role and becoming a star.

If that turns out to be real people will be like "hey, why didn't people write about it. We all heard the rumors like Anon's comment."

Yeah, but.........why not be a porn producer? Humiliation gets you AVN awards, not several lawsuits.

The news is this is a clear indicator the culture has changed and woman who works in the entertainment industry are now more likely to be treated as men are, which is an improvement.

So good news.

Maybe when the criminal justice system gets involved, this kind of behavior will be considered highly unusual.

"Why do wars occur?"
Someone already asked it: "If all men are brothers, Why are the winds and waves of the world so troubled, Why cannot all men live in peace?"

"Legislators with draft-age sons were less likely to support conscription"
In America, meanwhile, Stalin, Mao, Doctor Vargas, Mussolini sent their children to fight for the country. Our last Emperor sent his only son-in-law. Deodoro's mother (he was to become our first president) sent seven sons to war and saod she would have all them buroed in Paraguay than bck without the final victory.

In the cases of Stalin and Mao, it's because they were psychopaths.

Or maybe because they undersrood being perceived as saying a thing and doing another would undermine their credibility as leaders and weaken their position before their party rivals?

#3. I'm glad people are calling out the hypocrisy on Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Trump. It's all pretty disgusting. (As it was to see people who were rightfully disgusted with Bill Clinton defend Trump.)

But, man, I totally lost the columnist about a third of the way in. Don't even ask me to interpret what that last paragraph means. No idea.

What is the hypocrisy on Trump? What is more, where is the hypocrisy? The Religious Right never liked Trump but if it is a choice between Trump and being forced to pay for the murder of children, they went with Trump. The Democrats have more choice. Trump never raped anyone. He does not even seem to have sexually assaulted anyone. Unlike Weinstein he did not have to. He is a real Alpha, not a pretend Wannabe still trying to get over the trauma of being a fat ugly boy in glasses during High School.

The last paragraph is obvious - the Clinton machine was built on operatives like Weinstein. Ugly corrupt Democratic party figures. The author is buying into the idea that Obama used social media to mobilize idealistic young people who were not willing to do the sort of trade offs that meant Weinstein got away with it for so long. It is not entirely true as Obama comes from Chicago after all. But it is partly true.

Hahahahaaaaaahaha. Stop it you're killing me.

Your third sentence was pretty good, but I wasn't taking about people who plugged their noise and voted for Trump given the options. If accusations are the standard here, then your alpha male hero is guilty, too, and those who said they couldn't support someone like Clinton for his sexual misdeeds are hypocrites on the issue just like those who defended Clinton but hated Trump for it.

There are no accusations against Trump. At least not credible ones. Everyone knew about Weinstein. As much as you wish it were true, there is nothing remotely comparable in the two men.

Funny how SMFS decides which accusations are credible. And coincidentally, the ones that make his guy look bad aren't.

Anyway, Trump is not 'the Weinstein of the right'. Bill O'Reilly and Roger Ailes are. Much better comparison (media moguls and donors and Team Players not elected officials).

1. These results ("our virtual lease program was under-subscribed: many drivers who would have benefited from buying an inexpensive lease chose to opt out") are consistent with earlier findings that ride-hailing drivers (Uber etc.) aren't maximizers but rather are minimizers: they target an amount of earnings for a day then, once it's reached, they quit. That might strike a typical economist as absurd, but not Mr. Thaler.

I assume the lease could be cancelled by the driver at any time, otherwise it offers much less flexibility than the commission system. It might anyway, if the driver doesn't necessarily want to go full-time.

Some Uber/Lyft drivers who were formerly taxi drivers have told me they prefer the ride hailing companies for reasons of personal safety. Cab drivers carry lots of cash, and the passengers are anonymous. That leads to robberies, and makes being a cab driver a dangerous profession. Driving for Uber/Lyft avoids these two problems and is much safer.

It's not clear to me from the abstract how these factors were taken into account.

So I used machineel incorrectly. It means "new invention" and the apple is the obverse. How does discredit my entire writing process?

#2 Unblesse-Unblige. "Ignobility unobligates"

#3 I have been watching this unfold and what's fascinating is how quickly they are throwing him under the bus. None of the typical "wagon circling" we usually see with this particular circle (i.e. Hollywood). I imagine that there's quite a bit that isn't being revealed.

A lot of people in Hollywood hated that guy, the sharks smell blood and they are pouncing. The wagons get circled for the ones people like.

They circled the wagons for this guy for a long time. The New York Times used to be willing to spike articles on him. They are not now. He wasn't any more likeable then than he is now.

But the rumor is that his brother spilled the dirt. You got to feel sorry for the guy when his own brother - and business partner - is stabbing him in the back.

This was made for people like you:


Can you explain the morality of Harvey and Donald without your head exploding?

They're in the same photo, guilt is undeniable.

Stare at the photo while playing the Access Hollywood tape.

Anonymous, you're getting a little creepier every day.

What's amusing about that twitter post is the sad case of poorly paid gotcha played by Matt Yglesias. And then the inevitable rebuttals where people post pictures of Harvey Weinstein with Bill Clinton. And Hillary Clinton. And Barack Obama.....

What a silly and hilarious backfire.

Matt plays to a certain level. Basically to people with fruit fly memory who think Weinstein was purely a Democratic embarrassment.

But as I say, it's not like they made him President.

Sick burns all over, brah.

He was a major contributor to Democrat political campaigns, and a mover and shaker.

The best fights in the US are within the Democrat party, they are vicious and mean, and both sides intend to win. We are seeing one right now. Hillary shouldn't have lost, but did out of carelessness and/or fecklessness. There is a major part of the Democrats who hate everything that she and Bill represent. This is an opportunity to get rid of them and their influence. The attacks on people have typically been aimed at Republicans or right wing stalwarts of some kind, and they have been very successful at doing that. Now the guns are being turned against their own.

This is a gift to Trump. The Democrats consumed in their own circular firing squad leaves opportunities for Trump to advance his agenda.

This was bound to happen. Democrats are losing electorally in widely and deeply. The Left thinks they need to be more pure. The old guard thinks they need to spend more of their and other's money.

I see it as a bigger gift to me, derek.

You boys dance and say that exactly the same behavior is fine from your president. You have to dance around a crowing confession from your president.

Always about you, isn't it Anonymous. derek isn't wrong, just because Trump is awful doesn't mean the Dems aren't a mess. It really will be interesting to see the midterms. Incumbent party almost always loses seats, but the economy should still be chugging along, the Senate map is very Rep-friendly, and so on. On the other hand, Trump is historically loathed with the worst approval ratings ever at this point in a term.

And it's still over a year away. Should be interesting. If I had to make a wild ass guess the Dems will pick up a fair number of seats in the House with maybe a 50/50 chance to reclaiming it. Senate they will be lucky not to LOSE seats.

" the sharks smell blood and they are pouncing. The wagons get circled for the ones people like."

Get your metaphor straightened out. Are they sharks, wolves, or Apaches?

Shamelessly pilfered from Twitter:

How to refer to a rapist in Hollywood by box office:
$200 million+: God
$100 mil: power broker
$50 mil: eccentric auteur
$5 mil: rapist

E.g., Roman Polanski ... defended by many in the smarmiest way.

#4.b: A public choice critique of one sentence:

As behavioral economics gained approval, applying it to governments and other organizations of power became a natural progression.

should be

As behavioral economics gained approval, applying it in governments and other organizations of power became a natural progression.

3. SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels has another idea why Weinstein wasn't roasted(cowbells added):

"Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has seemingly admitted the show chose not to roast Harvey Weinstein because the embattled film heavyweight is from (((New York))).

When Michaels was asked as he was leaving SNL's after-party at 4am why the show avoided the Weinstein controversy, the producer smiled and responded: 'It's a (((New York))) thing.'"


Nevertheless, I see a similar kind of double standard on the alt-right. When a White man is accused of this crap, they are rightly skeptical. But when it's a Black or a Jew, they take it on faith almost like feminists. I despise Weinstein as an enemy of my race, but I still consider, "hey maybe he didn't do it?"


It's disappointing that the alt-right has largely descended into identity politics for White people.

Remember the 30 Rock gag.


They said it straight up, sue me style, in 2012.

Best show on TV since Seinfeld.

Makes you wonder about the guy, why didn't he just sleep with prostitutes? He's getting a $100,000 settlement here, $80,000 there, pretty soon that adds up to something. I presume he got off in defiling (relatively) pure girls.

Presumably it's because he is a genuinely bad man, not satisifed with a consensual comerical transaction -- which by it's nature only buys him a kind of play-acting. He wants to really do evil.

"It's a New York thing" is such a great line. I guess we can all agree that Ted Cruz did have a point after all.

However I don't like the brackets thing but I notice that Trump did not get the benefit of those New York values even though he did not actually sexually assault anyone. So it is a subset of rich New Yorkers who seem to benefit from these values.

Why don't you like the brackets? It's helpful isn't it?

I can see why you would want to make this story about us. But it isn't. It is about Weinstein. And by extension the Left.

But hey, keep talking about Nazis and maybe no one will notice the actual victims here.

"...about us....about Nazis..."

Your words. Oops.

LOL at msgking's pathetic gotcha misquote.

It's all there in black and White

"black and White"


Trump did not say he grabbed anyone. He said that powerful people like Weinstein could. And Weinstein could.

Because the Democratic Party covered up for him for years.

Do you really believe what you just said or can you just not accept the reality that Trump also admitted to assaulting women?

You're losing credibility quickly assuming you had any to begin with.

Anonymous October 9, 2017 at 7:40 pm

Here it is in context. A hell of a thing for a Party to have to defend. It is not by any stretch honorable:

I agree it is not honorable. But it is not a confession of sexual assault either. Trump merely pointed out the reality of the world that the Democratic Party created. As Weinstein showed.

54 gab October 9, 2017 at 8:18 pm

Do you really believe what you just said or can you just not accept the reality that Trump also admitted to assaulting women?

He simply did not admit to assaulting anyone. He does not need to. Either you can read basic English or you can't. Not my problem either way.

Okay, let me confess it. I once grabbed a car trying to run over me at 120 mph by the wiper and effortlessly have it pass over me and crash behind. By your logic, gab, I am either a liar or the best Kung Fu master ever. I am curious which one you think.

I'm sure liberal goys like Michael Moore would be "honorary New Yorkers" if they got accused of the same thing. This is more about politics than ethnicity IMO.

I would think it is more about politics than ethnicity too. But the two are closely related in many cases.

So Hollywood is willing to protect Weinstein and defend Roman Polanski and Woody Allen. They are not willing to work with Mel Gibson. Whose offenses are greater?

Still they are willing to work with Alec Baldwin and his offenses - mostly spoken - are on par with Gibson's and both of them are Catholics. Of one sort or another.

So it does seem that politics are more important.

It's not about politics at all except in a very peripheral sense. What it's about is the breakdown of society. Not all that long ago a douche bag like Weinstein or Weiner would be shot full of bullet holes by the fathers or brothers or husbands of the offended women. Knowing this their behavior would be better. Since government, addicted to process over results in order to feed legions of hungry attorneys, maintains a monopoly over even righteous violence and prosecutes the good along with the evil, these reptiles believe that the chances are very good nothing will happen to them that an expensive lawyer can't handle. They're right in the case of the US but there's many places where this line of thinking would even now be a mistake.

#4a was great. Everyone should read it.

Here's Krugman channeling Friedman on the subject of the rational agent model:

"You might ask, why not represent people the way they really are? The answer is that abstraction, strategic simplification, is the only way we can impose some intellectual order on the complexity of economic life. And the assumption of rational behavior has been a particularly fruitful simplification."

Sorry, folks, BE means some tweaking, not the hoped-for revolution.

Truly Brian will be able to reverse this Nobel, if we give him enough column inches.

Indeed. Very good peace.

Thaler's work is valuable but I really don't get the crowd of people trying to "delegitimize" classic economics models based on human rationality because people are "econs", it's a stretch. The whole rationality axiom is taken to literally whenever by behavioral economists and journalists, they even forget that Adam Smith's work would be called behavioral economics by many....

Everybody is turning on Harvey Weinstein. We were at a party this weekend, and the caterer shared that he had done some high end Hollywood parties, awards after-parties and such, and dealt with some difficult people, but no one on the same scale as Weinstein. A bastard, someone asked? A bastard he confirmed.

There is some special Hollywood-ness to this story. Some women come to the casting couch with both eyes open, but Harvey was apparently enough of a pig to think everyone was, just like him.

The Trump parallel might be that Donald could not believe in an honest charity .. because why would anyone have an honest charity? It just did not compute.

You would think that.

And we expect you to hand-wave it away.

So what? We are both anonymous pixels. I live my life my way, you live it yours. Be careful, those jooz are out to getcha!

And reality doesn't cease to exist just because you "choose to live your life a certain way." You don't want to believe....

No doubt. I guess I'll just have to keep living my reality and you keep living yours. Like I said, watch out there are jooz behind that tree over there.

Yep. Mine Turtle above provides a great example.

I might be a little slow. Before I endorse him, explain what "I despise Weinstein as an enemy of my race" means.

I was referring to the "New York" part, a great example of how they don't even try to hide it anymore. I assume the "enemy of my race" is referring to the movies he has produced, such as the blood libel film The Hunting Ground.

But it wasn't New York, it was (((New York))) paired with "enemy of my race."

Just to be clear my problem with Weinstein is his behavior, not his ethnicity.

Presumably - as we have seen with the British rape gangs in Rotherham - it is easier to humiliate women for your own sexual gratification if they come from another culture. Did this have an aspect of that in it?

Well so far all the people complaining look like they do not come from the Jewish community. Plenty of actresses do. So this can be put to rest easily enough if it turns out he was an equal opportunity offender.

(((Jesus Christ))) would be disgusted with you 'Christians'

I do like it when the abortion-supporting pro-atheist Left lectures people they deem to be Christians about what Christianity means.

But keep trying to change the subject. Keep trying to distract the crowd from the victims of your side's politics. Keep putting the clown nose on in order to hide the women who were violated by the Left's friends.

It could work for you.

If I was actually any of those things I might be slightly miffed but do go on LOL

Because, of course, everyone was talking about Jesus before you brought it up.

Why you feel the need to distract everyone from the topic at hand is odd. But it may work to help cover up this Democratic Rape scandal.

Incidentally it is interesting that msgkings thinks that if Jesus was watching what would upset Him would not be the rape of starlets but some anonymous random guy on the internet using brackets.

Priorities, people, priorities. They are so interesting aren't they?

Of course the answer is, it would be both. (((Jesus))) wouldn't be much of a fan of Nazis, Trump, or Weinstein. But he would love them all just the same.

Sorry, (((Weinstein)))

I'm not Christian, I'm a neopagan.

Further down the food chain, in other words.

As I've said before, the first step in resolving legitimate anti-White concerns is sending every single alt.Nazi to internment camps in Guantanamo Bay and perhaps arctic Alaska. The FBI should be able to identify a few hundred thousand alt.Nazis by now. This is absolutely necessary for public security, as we've seen. It's not an extreme measure since it's already in place for some jihadists who are certainly no worse. Once this is accomplished, we can begin eradicating affirmative action and other anti-White policies. But it's not possible to make any progress with so many alt.Nazis running around threatening others.

Do you even listen to yourself? Are you trolling? Joking? What?

Since when does the tiny Jewish community get a veto over what is or is not acceptable for a political movement? The only sort of alt-Right is one that is acceptable to Jews? Really? Do the Mormons get to veto any prayer in every liberal Jewish synagogue they do not like?

Most people are perfectly free to make up their own minds about politics. That is what being in a free country is all about. If they happen to notice that most Jews actively dislike WASPs and act accordingly, well, so what? That is their right. Jews had better hope that they stick to the literal letter of the constitution and not engage in a little "living constitution" interpretation.

Progress begins by noticing the obvious - economics does not determine politics in America, principles only determine Republican politics. Everyone else votes down ethnic lines. Jews vote against their own economic self interest because their ethnic causes are more important. Eventually other Whites will do likewise. What is the big deal?

What a bunch of bullshit.

No, I'm a big fan of internment camps for alt.Nazis. I'm just throwing the idea out there and hoping some of the more influential marginal revolution readers run with it at some point. If more alt.Nazi violence occurs, people will appreciate the necessity of removing them from civilization.

After giving it some thought, we'll leave jihadis in Guantanamo and put alt.Nazis in a more northern climate, say arctic Alaska (consider it a White homeland, if you will). You probably don't want to hear about my idea for tattooing alt.Nazis with serial numbers? Some other time.

Most Jews marry WASPs (or East Asians) so I'm not sure where you're getting your information about Jewish preferences. BTW, exit polling is not capturing the increasingly significant Orthodox Republican voting. NY City secular Jews vote Democrat, just like, for example, NYC Italians.

"Do the Mormons get to veto any prayer in every liberal Jewish synagogue they do not like?"

You know, that's not such a bad idea. I think American Jews could learn a lot from Mormons.

You really have to feel sorry for Trumpians who have so little strategic vision that they think Weinstein is a good story for them. Can they not see one move ahead? Can they not remember “And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

Who said that?

“Grab them by the p---y. “You can do anything.”

Yes, we expect you to try to change the subject.

Hahahahaha. Thanks for that. Exactly the same topic, different pig.

Literally LOL'd. Trumpies never changed the subject to Hillary whenever he was looked at.

Difference is Trump didn't actually do anything.

Isn't Trumpian refusal to believe Jessica Leeds exactly like anyone ignoring Weinstein rumors?

So you think people are so dumb they will not be able to tell the difference between Hillary's good friend physically expressing those "New York values" and a long-time observer of the New York Democratic Party accurately describing those "New York values"?


What everyone can see is that yet again the Left has double standards. They don't care if Bill Clinton holidays on pedophile rape island. They do not care if their own side is a moral cesspit. They only care about bashing the Right. So Weinstein got a free pass.

Here's the bottom line. Democrats never gave Weinstein a political office. Not one appointed or elected. They let him give them money, while keeping him out of every administration ever.

On the other hand, you clowns made Trump president of the United States.

Weinstein is now some old perv-schmuck, destined for the dustbin.

And your perv is still president of the United States.

And yet Trump sexually assaulted no one. He is an Alpha. He does not have to.

While the Democrats helped cover for their evil little friend even after everyone knew what an evil little man he was. For really trivial sums of money too - he donated $10,000 to the New York Attorney General after he chose not to prosecute? So that he could continue to assault more women. And more women. And more women.

And yes, the God Emperor is still President. You do not have to say thank you. The women of America understand already.

You need to read more.


As another stalwart of the Democratic Party once said, it is amazing what you can get if you drag $20 bills through a trailer park.

Not one of those accusations is remotely credible. Most of them do not even rise to the level of an assault. They are the Left's desperate attempts to smear Trump. No more.

As can be shown by a simple question - how much did Trump have to pay off the Democratic Attorney General of New York to get him to back of prosecuting? Weinstein must have spent millions over the years.

As I say, this is the symmetry.

Of course Weinstein's friends said "Not one of those accusations is remotely credible."


Actually Weinstein does not appear to have any friends and even his own brother is admitting that the allegations are substantial

In the meantime you cite a woman who tried to harass Trump after her boyfriend got involved in a legal dispute with Trump and dropped it when her boyfriend settled. By using an event that allegedly took place four years earlier but which she had not complained about prior to her boyfriend's legal suit. A woman who said she was on Team Trump and tried to volunteer for his campaign. Not a woman who carries a grudge then.

This is not what a credible allegation looks like.

So that is what America has become: a bunch of people discussing which party raped more women!!

Nope, which party put their scum at the top of the ticketm

That would be the Democratic Party.

There ain't no Democrat in power who bragged about sexual assault.

I'm sure Bill's rubbed Hillary's nose in it a few times.

Probably, but Bill is pretty powerless now. So is Hillary.

>There ain’t no Democrat in power who bragged about sexual assault.

There's no Republican, either. "They let you do it" implies consent. At least to normal people, whom are sick of the "Ask for permission after every step" standard of consent, it does.

Anonymous October 9, 2017 at 8:04 pm

There ain’t no Democrat in power who bragged about sexual assault.

No but Ted Kennedy killed a girl. Left her to drown while he saved his political career.

"When I was First Lady, we worked together to provide health insurance for America's children. When I arrived in the Senate, he was a generous mentor and a thoughtful colleague. We worked together to raise the minimum wage, improve education, and champion the cause we shared so deeply: ensuring that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care...I will always treasure the memory of his friendship."

She sure knows how to pick them don't she?

SMFS: this dead guy once did this bad thing. So therefore Trump is awesome.

--thereby ignoring the point Lee Smith and the WS offered: that Weinstein's corruption "infects" much if not most of the entire American Media Establishment.

Our media's laser-focus can be turned off at least as easily as it can be targeted at a duck the size of Harvey Weinstein. That the story was left largely untold until last week implicates the entire Media Establishment, including (as Smith notes) the New York Times itself, and if the Times, why not WaPo, the LATimes, the Sacramento Bee, (is San Francisco's paper still The Chronicle?), and all the trade papers including Variety and Hollywood Reporter, et al.?

So America has become a completely corrupt country where the rich and the powerful make the rules... Is it what Washington, Nathan Hale, Lincoln, Garfield and Huey Long died for?

I don't think America has become completely corrupt, but it has developed perhaps an unhealthy tolerance for corruption in too many sectors and domains and at too many high levels.

Huey Long of the five notables you cite likely did die just for this state of affairs, committed charismatic (non-institutional) populist that he was.

A pity the brainiacs resident of the DC-to-Boston Corridor haven't scratched solutions to these corruption phenomena into their Ivy League skulls by now. Where are the answers and solutions THEY'RE tasked with providing us?

It is sad to see a nation squandering the legacy of their forefathers. Is America fated to a long fall from the stars to the swamp? Will ignorance and apathy kill America?!

Dear Truth Seeker: in your homeland of Paraguay, do people have no shame? Look to your own home, and abjure the racism of your sub-metrically repeated plaints!

I am not Paraguayan. I am Brazilian. We defeated the Paraguayan aggressor

I think you are Paraguayan, your constant feeble and embarrassing insults and claims to be Brazilian are the wiles of a true Paraguayan. Good for you: truth is difficult to ascertain! I will believe you are a true Brazilian when you speak with honor and forthrightness and love for those of other countries, as a true Brazilian would do!

A true Brazilian understands that Brazilians have hit tha jackpot. Our country is the best.

Well who am I not to allow you the last word! Brazil is indeed, like its neighbors under the equatorial stars, a lucky land.

Who broke the story?

Jodi Kantor and the New York Times, according to Lee Smith and the Weekly Standard. (I have not caught the Kantor/Times expose.)

If nothing else, Trump has succeeded in changing the conversation.

Untouchable figures and ideas are now open to criticism:
1. Weinstein
2. Coates
3. Demand side fiscal stimulus (has this idea been completely forgotten?)

That's another good one. Trump changes the conversation three times a day, never toward any useful policy.

Did you see this one?


Claiming personal credit. What a schmuck.


4. Identity politics
5. Title ix

I'd be interested to see the converse study to #1 - take Boston taxi drivers and ask how much of a transaction fee they'd accept to replace the medallion lease. I would guess there's some gap between the two populations since the Uber paper is looking at specifically those drivers who chose fee over lease.

At least on the upside we know why Hollywood keeps making films about powerful unaccountable corporations who can and do commit murder.

It is all they know.

No matter what evil might occur in the US of A, somebody finds a connection to it with Donald Trump. If some golfer cheats then we'll hear about Trump moving his ball. When a Democrat is seen shoplifting a bottle of cologne, we'll be informed that Trump bought the store with a bad check. While a former secretary of state ignores the law and operates according to her own version of it without consequences, Trump is a tool of the Russians. We're talking major insanity here.

Dude. Donald stood up and gleefully self-indicted.

He thought it was cool.

Compared to everybody else, the President of the United States should be held to a standard that is 1) lower 2) higher or 3) the same?

Never applied to the Clintons.

No matter what evil might occur in the US of A, somebody finds a connection to it with the Clintons.

2. The article's normative argument is premised on the delegate rather than the trustee theory of representation (the U.S. Constitution wasn't framed by Anti-Federalists who favored the former). Four wars isn't a very large sample, and what sort of idiot thinks that the U.S. should have further delayed its entry into WWII? (There were draft riots during the Civil War as well.)

"Over a series of 19 tweets, Hill despaired at Jones' decision, responded to those who felt the protests were disrespectful, suggested that the only way to effect change was to make advertisers take notice, and mentioned that the Cowboys and other teams may find it hard to get players to work for them should they abridge their rights to free speech."


Left-wing lunatics believe that the 1st amendment protects you from private citizens/businesses! For the record I despise Jerry Jones' stance, but he owns the Cowboys and if labor contracts do not prevent him from doing this he is free to make a fool of himself.

If #1 were about health insurance choices among consumers (rather than pay models chosen by taxi drivers), the subjects of the experiment would be described as irrational rather than acknowledging other dimensions of choice outside of money.

2. As a descendant of numerous men who have dedicated their youth to military service, I believe those that advocate for war should send their sons and daughters first. The poor, immigrant, and uneducated have sacrificed too much for senseless wars which we seem unable to "win".

3. This is not an isolated phenomenon. Many men of a certain age believe women are easy prey. Roger Ailes, Bill O'Reilly, Donald Trump, Hugh Hefner, and Harvey Weinstein. This isn't just a left or right problem. Both sides have provided substantial cover for very bad men.

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