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Cops in cars, the topless bars
Never saw a woman...
So alone, so alone

"What happened to the rest of The Doors?"
They were left a jar.

I saw Ray Manzarek play keyboards for X in 1980-81.

Was X guitarist Billy Zoom the inspiration for Rutger Hauer's blond pompadour and black leather jacket look in the 1982 Blade Runner?


Yep, +1 to both

3. "... used to be a man (?)" Didn't see that coming.

Not the man she used to be.

Interesting thinker and writer who has lived an interesting life.

Yet, far from being the man I am.

Yeah I thought they weren't allowed to have contact with minors.

used to be a man (?)” Didn’t see that coming.

The fake video detection link is less than meets the eye, at least from the first explained technique - 'One simple but powerful technique is reverse image search. You give the image to a site such as Google Image Search or TinEye, and they show you all other instances of it.' This means that likely the image is actually not fake, but mislabelled - obviously it would be a sign of (likely intentional) deception, but not a fake image per se.

Not that such pedantry matters - unmanipulated pictures being considered faked manipulations fits the mood of the times, after all.

What about fake stills? Was the Obama birth certificate a fake? Presumably, but nobody yet seems to have any idea what he was hiding. (I reject the nonsense abut being born in Kenya.)

His birth certificate is no more fake than that of any other person born in Honolulu in 1961. What Ann Coulter predicted would happen is what did happen: when his long form certificate was produced, conspirazoids flogging this nonsense moved on to another contrived objection. When Ted Cruz published a digital image of his mother's birth certificate, another crew of conspirazoids contended it was a computer generated fake. There's an ant heap of documentation attesting to the presence of Ted Cruz maternal-side relatives in and around Philadelphia over a period of 140 years, but somehow we're to believe two natives of New Castle County, Delaware married there in 1931 and resident there in 1940 were holed up in some foreign country when their daughter was born in 1934.

Gov. Lingle's health director and the state registrar of vital statistics shleppd down into the archives and examined the original right in order in old looseleafs notebooks, so I guess they were in on the scam too.

There are people who fancy they live in a hall-of-mirrors world and they're a cut above the sheeple because they're in on the conspiracy. They're fools.

"There’s an ant heap of documentation attesting to the presence of Ted Cruz maternal-side relatives in and around Philadelphia over a period of 140 years"
Then, why is his name Cruz?
"His birth certificate is no more fake than that of any other person born in Honolulu in 1961."
Then why is he Black? I have met a few Hawaiians in Brazil. None was Black.

"when his long form certificate was produced ..." First he argued that it couldn't be produced because Legal Reasons. His mug supporters repeated this. The he produced some other feeble excuse (I can't remember what): again his mug supporters nailed themselves to that mast. Then he suddenly produced something that he claimed was genuine thus making fools of his own supporters.

I can't for the life of me see any honesty in this performance. He could have said "I was age zero at the time: what's the point of asking me where I was born? But the local newspapers of the day certainly support my mother's account blah, blah. blah ....". He could have said "my mother had so many homes and spent so much time abroad that I don't possess the original, but nevertheless ....". But he didn't. He repeatedly said that he couldn't show a document and then by some deus ex machina he could.

On this topic he was a crook. I've no idea why. I certainly don't subscribe to the Clintonista slander that he was born in Kenya. But he was up to something improper.

It was a great distraction for him.

He could paint his opponents rightly as cuckoos and look sympathetic.

Obama perfected this "stray voltage" technique.

Trump now also does this. Expect more of this in the future.

“when his long form certificate was produced …” First he argued that it couldn’t be produced because Legal Reasons.

He didn't 'argue' anything. He just ignored them. Nobody with any stature was flogging the issue and in any case the press during the Obama years was an extension of the DNC. He eventually signed a release form when Gov. Abercrombie (who was in his parents' circle of friends back in the day) suggested in public that he do so. Donald Trump also challenged him. It wasn't in his interest to let the controversy die. The people involved were no-accounts, but no accounts whose antics could be used by the sort of correct-the-record talking-point meisters you see in fora like this.

Lots of images of period long forms were floating around the internet, The data fields in the old long forms are banal and no one of sense expected any hot items therein. (The people who fancy Frank Marshall Davis was his sire don't have much sense).

Obama wasn't straight-from-the-shoulder on this matter, but it wasn't his responsibility to keep Sheriff Arpaio and scads of combox denizens from making fools of themselves if that's what they were determined to do. Ted Cruz isn't responsible for responding to the clown posse chasing him either.

So that's what America has become: a country where the people can't know where their president was born. As Brazilian writer Olavo de Carvalho pointed out, what was so terrible Obama had to hide?

Lol conservatards

Your mom wants you to play outside today.

--- "...but nobody yet seems to have any idea what he {Obama} was hiding"

Yes, that's the key point in all the noise about Obama's "birth certificate".

There's very little doubt he was born in Hawaii, but there definitely was "something" embarrassing about the circumstances of his birth that Obama Jr went to great lengths to conceal (successfully).

Any neutral observer would note there was something extremely peculiar about the way Obama handled the long drawn out controversy about his birth location. Any normal person/politician could have readily resolved such an issue.

Obama's final "resolution" was to post an alleged copy of a copy of an alleged original birth certificate on the White House website. No Hawaii state official certified that White House "document" was indeed accurate.
Neither the American public nor press has ever seen the alleged "original birth certificate" in Hawaii.
Democrat Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii Health Director, merely asserted that she personally witnessed the copying of the original certificate and attests to the authenticity. The Democrat Hawaii Governor had previously stated the "original" had been permanently lost -- but it was mysteriously found after a year's search. Why did Obama not have a copy of his own birth certiificate -- would a professional lawyer think such personal documents were unimportant?

Very peculiar story... to this day

There’s very little doubt he was born in Hawaii, but there definitely was “something” embarrassing about the circumstances of his birth that Obama Jr went to great lengths to conceal (successfully).

He went to no lengths to conceal anything. No one has the right under Hawaii law to show up at the Department of Health and demand a copy of Joe Blow's long-form birth certificate. No clue why people keep trafficking in the meme that he spent a six figure sum on legal fees to prevent its release when its release could be prevented for $0.

Gov. Lingle's health director and the registrar of vital statistics examined the original. Gov. Lingle is a Republican, if that matters in this situation. What your saying is that no attestation is going to persuade you. Your thoughts on this subject are worth nothing.

... "Gov. Lingle’s health director and the registrar of vital statistics examined the original..."

You do NOT know that they examined the "original". Nor do you "know" the White House posted a true copy of the "original". Hence this minor mystery lingers endlessly. You too are speculating, while criticizing speculation by others on this issue. Vague attestations by bureaucrats are not hard facts.

Why can't reporters from the New York Times and/or other major newspapers simply view that "original" birth certificate in Hawaii State records... and independently confirm the authenticity of the White House publicly-posted certificate (or publish an exact certified copy in newspapers)?
Obama has already long agreed to public release -- why all this secrecy still going on after almost ten years of controversy?

Miss Universe Bahamas 2017 is a George Mason University grad. Her pictures look to be modified.

She has written 17 books and around 400 scholarly pieces on topics ranging from technical economics and statistica

The accounting this young man employs is quite dubious.

The sleep study article is a tour de force.
The one point I'd like to draw out - what an amazing variance among studies!
It's a big ball/cloud of points... we apparently know much less than I would have
thought. I'm hoping that at least our current technology enabled data sets will
allow us to get good contemporary data on sleep; I wonder if any of it will allow
us to cast light on the older literature, to 'improve and enhance' past estimates
using the kinds of analysis they report (multilevel models to correct for a variety of
features in the study populations)... cause currently, the reported values from back then
are all over the map.

Fitbit probably has a pretty good idea about how much "we" are sleeping. I find it's sleep tracking technology pretty darn accurate. Not perfect, but astonishingly good.

No kidding. I feel bad for the graduate assistants that had to comb through all of those studies.

"Every generation of eighth-graders is seduced anew by the Doors’ autonomic rebelliousness, grandiosity and epic sweep that encompassed French Symbolist poetry, Bavarian beer-hall stomp, Athenian drama, alluvial Southern blues, Iberian guitar and the occasional indecent exposure charge."

The Doors are pretty amazing when you first discover them.

It's a requirement that every "classic rock" radio station play at least one Doors song every day. Their music, and that of some others, has transcended the status of being simple musical entertainment to become the hymns of the atheist secular state.

And just like religious hymns their audience is shrinking and growing older every day.

"#1) It seems there is no decline in American adult sleep."

The study only goes back 50 years to find there hasn't been a decline in sleep. But why should there have been? Little's changed in 50 years that would affect sleep patterns. You'd have to back to before electric lighting was common, or at least before television.

I would have expected the rise of the internet to have an impact too, and that was certainly captured in the 50 time period. Television viewing habits have changed quite a bit over the past 50 years as well.

No disrespect against Robby Kreiger and John Densmore , but that Wash Post article was more than a bit weak in that there was nothing said about Ray Manzarek who is not alive and able to toot his own horn. His keyboard playing was the most distinctive and original part of the Doors instrumental sound. After the Doors, he produced a bunch of albums for X, one of the great if not greatest original wave of american punk bands from the early '80's.

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