Thursday assorted links

1. “Audible’s new feature lets you skip right to the most erotic part of romance novels…“Take me to the good part” lets listeners jump to the juicy sections of 110 romance titles in the company’s collection. These include beloved tropes like a couple’s first meeting, their innuendo-heavy banter, a marriage proposal, and, of course, sex scenes.” Link here.

2. What Southeast Asia would look like if every proposed railway were built.  And more information here.

3. Profile of Jay Powell: “He doesn’t drink much, plays golf and the guitar, and has an odd ability to repeat people’s sentences backward to them, a quirk former colleagues say is a reminder of his smarts — and how closely he listens.”

4. One of my favorite Ben Thompson pieces, this one on Tech goes to Washington.

5. Eugenics 2.0?  How far are we?

6. The “right to be forgotten” may not help you much.


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