New Hampshire fact of the day

The government estimates that 10 percent of New Hampshire residents — about 130,000 people — are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Here is much more from the NYT.


Live Free or Die

That's Live, Freeze then Die!

Why aren't all these junkies and degenerates being arrested and sent to prison where they belong?

The State if filled with libertarians and Free State immigrants, plus conservative Christians opposed to government education.

Plus New Hampshire is very white. White people can not have moral flaws and are only drug addicts because Hollywood liberals force them to buy drugs and become addicted.

Well the study is, of course, nonsense but if it was true, isn't it interesting how NH is more or less completely free of drive by shooting by gang bangers seeking to protect their turf? It is almost as if crime is not caused by drugs, but by criminals.

As for your crack about Hollywood, the Left has insisted that the media lie about the representation of Black police chiefs, brain surgeons, astro-dynamicists and so on for over a generation. On the assumption that lying to young Black people about the chance of growing up to be a hot, sexy Afro-American crack computer hacker will make them love studying or something. Most of the Right has been too gutless to laugh at this nonsense, but you can hardly blame them for endorsing it.

I for one would love it if there were more black police chiefs, brain surgeons, etc etc., and fewer black -- or ANY! -- gang bangers. So I've supported the Left's noble lie on this score.

This is in part because I have wishfully thought it might happen, and partly because I emphatically do not subscribe to the Left's key political goal of applying socialism to every problem.

I agree with the first bit. But I don't think lies help anyone. The only way to get more Black astrophysicists is to be honest - it will take a lot of hard work, pretty much starting from kindergarten and it means giving up a lot of other things along the way. So that none but the most dedicated can hope to succeed.

Socialism is not going to work. Nor is affirmative action - after all, there are only so many pointless PR jobs in New York you can give to sub-standard astronomers. But neither is lying.

I am a Free State immigrant, and AFAIK we're all non-drug-using ultranerds... with the exception of a half dozen morons in Keene. And Keene was a party town before we got here ;)

I'd like to see a study comparing conseervative New Hampshire with neighboring liberal Vermont. And break it down by drug type -- alcohol, marijuana, opioid, meth, etc.

Is it illegal to be a drunk now?

Live Free or Institutionalize If You Can't

Is 10% a high or a low number compared to other states or countries?

Found stat from 2011 that about 10% of US population over the age of 12 were addicted to drugs/alcohol. The NH estimate is more current, so a comparable national number might also be higher than that 2011 estimate because of higher opioids abuse. The NH number is also for all residents, regardless of age.

Here's a claim that it's a little over 12% for alcohol alone in the US, but not sure if the methodology is the same:

Alcohol consumption seems to be about average, once you account for the fact that half of alcohol sales in the state are exports:

Their figure is probably based on DUI arrests and convictions. No doubt those with two or more are for sure regarded as alcoholics.

Anyone with two DUI convictions is either an alcoholic or an asshole.

Or they slept with the sheriff's 16-year-old daughter.

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Little sympathy from me. Patrick is a very selfish young man ( not even so young anymore) who has ruined his family life for over a decade and a half and consumed a huge amount of public services.

Detox is not the problem. He can detox but again and again he has wanted to go back to drugs, just because he feels lost or empty Do something useful ! You might feel less empty.

Opioid use is unusually high in New Hampshire (#2 I believe, after West Virginia).

You can make a pretty good case that in an economic sense the bottom 20%, or maybe 40%, are better off in New Hampshire than in any other state in America. It's a very affluent state, with a more equal distribution of income than most other states.

It seems there is more to these problems than poverty (or race).

NH has a race problem. It has fallen to only the 3rd whitest State, behind Maine and Vermont. But the non-white population has exploded since 1990 from 2% to 4%.

Let's say 100% of NH's 'non-white' population is addicted. That's 4%. What accounts for the other 6% who, by math, would have to be all white?

Of course the addiction rate among non-whites is nowhere near 100% so an increase in population from 2% to 4% could not account for a significant portion of 10% of the overall population having a problem.


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The government estimates that 10 percent of New Hampshire residents — about 130,000 people — are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Sounds like there's a state agency that wants its appropriation increased.

This is likely to be the smart bet. America remains remarkably puritanical when it comes to alcohol. So is much of the English-speaking world. The medical evidence is simple - alcohol is good for you. In the most interesting British study, the last category, for those drinking the most, were those drinking six or more standard units a day. A standard unit is about 8 grams of alcohol.

The health outcomes were a u-curve. Except upside down. Those drinking six or more drinks a day were about as healthy as those that were drinking none. The peak health outcome was around 4 standard drinks for an adult male.

What this looks like is a measure of how guilty Americans feel about drinking. However almost certainly no one here is drinking enough. I would say that as long as you are drinking with family, and especially drinking with food, you should probably have another.

In Britain, I suspect that the upside down u-curve is really measuring time spent socializing in a pub. So people having 4 drinks a day are spending a lot of time socializing with their friends, while people drinking more than that are straight up drunks, and people drinking no drinks probably contains a lot of people who are sick and have medications that prevent them from drinking.


Not drinking seems to work well for the Mormons.

The health effect of alcohol are just the tip of the iceberg.

Almost everyone I know is chemically addicted here in Australia. The exception being most but not all children. It's mostly caffeine addiction, but some people are addicted to other stuff.

You mean like oxygen? Water? Basic carbohydrates?

The very concept of addiction has probably reached the limit of its usefulness. People aren't addicted. They just like their coffee. Admittedly if they stop drinking their coffee there will be short-term adjustments in their brain chemistry that might give them a headache. But the only chemical that shows serious problems on withdrawal is alcohol.

And here I've been avoiding heroin all this time for no reason.

Opioid withdrawal is not much worse than the flu.

When the flu is over you can go back to your happy self. Some of these addicts don’t seem to have a happy self. When withdrawal is over, their normal state is still to feel down and miserable and they look for self medication. That may be the bigger challenge.

I don't feel reassured, Tanturn. Last year flu & pneumonia killed more Australians than breast cancer.

@Crikey: but isn't a lot of that that sort of a "they gotta die of something" = old age?

Flu pretty much never kills anyone who isn't elderly or in poor health. Until it does and then it's 1919 all over again.

I should mention influenza sometimes kills otherwise healthy young children.

No it isn't for people who have a serious addiction. The acute stage is generally much worse than the flu, followed by months of emotionally crippling post acute withdrawal symptoms. The PAWS is usually the hardest part.

For those who have only had a short or small opioid addiction, or won the genetic lottery, then yes sometimes it could be even easier than the flu. It depends.

Treatment for barbiturate addiction must be mediated by physicians, often in hospital

You're dumber than an ashtray.

Hi Carlos. How are you doing? Having a nice day? I ask because I don't want what I am going to say next to seem rude. Because, you know, did you actually read what you have just cited?

Withdrawal from barbituates can be dangerous. Some people report dangerously high body temperature or hallucinations. Some people experience coma or death.

Sounds serious. But let's see what they have to say.

When you take a psychoactive drug over a period of weeks or months, your body adapts to it. In fact, some functions of the brain and body “slow down” while others “speed up”. This is the body’s way of seeking balance; it wants to compensate for the chemical reactions that happen in the brain. Remove the drug…and those same processes (“slow down” and “speed up”) require time to balance out.

So, you know, pretty much what I said.

Without a barbiturate present in your system, you can expect to experience: anxiety, insomnia, slowed breathing …and in some extreme cases, hallucinations or seizure

So most people have a bad hangover. Notice they keep stressing the self-reporting of the extreme cases. They do not say you will have hallucinations. They say some people report them. It is almost as if they know drug users are low life scum who engage in dramatic self-pitying lies - often in an attempt to get more drugs. Odd that isn't it?

24-72 Hour Symptoms : During the first three days, barbiturate withdrawal symptoms are felt most intensively. During the first three days you may also experience seizures. At the initial start barbiturate withdrawal is accompanied by: increased heart rate, mood swings, insomnia, nausea, and vomiting. The first three days carry the highest risk and therefore require 24/7 medical monitoring and care.

So the worst period is the first three days and you can expect to have a hangover. Your own source does not support you. Although of course people who make money out of withdrawal want to continue to make money out of withdrawal. I bet most people have stopped using on their own with no medical supervision. As with heroin.

Spent about 15 minutes with Google trying to find a source for this but there's almost nothing. All the results are either ads for recovery centers or news stories that profile someone harmed by drugs and providing raw numbers for total overdoses or deaths without talking about any measure of addiction of the overall population.

Thought this article put things in perspective by providing state rankings for substance abuse rates.

NH at number 11. NY at number 13. DC always ranks near the top. At any rate, a complete dearth of any type of expertise from which one might find policy insights.

Thanks edgar, good perspective.

So . . . we're 40% of the way to the number proposed in the premise of A Scanner Darkly.

Go team!

About 10% of the US is addicted to alcohol.... so what, NH is ahead of the curve overall?

This "study" is ridiculous. Look at the actual NH crime rate... it's nearly at the Singapore-level of nonexistence. No one locks their doors, and the legal concealed carriers outnumber criminals by a thousand to one.

This is just the usual campaign for more money for "drug programs" that fix nothing. The NH House has passed marijuana legalization for the second time this year, and the bureaucracy is terrified that they will lose half their prison staff, "social workers", etc. if Sununu signs it.

And as far as our alcohol sales figures... we are selling alcohol to all of New England, because we have the lower taxes.

Can you explain why you think legalizing dope will cut the prison population in half and unemploy half of all social workers, etc.?

Because that's utterly implausible.

I live in NH and I lock my door.

And have you been in Manchester lately? Tell me there's no crime there. Or social problems. Or visible addiction problems.

That low? What is the optional addiction rate?

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