“Queen’s bra fitter Rigby & Peller loses royal warrant”

A company which supplied lingerie to the Queen has lost its royal warrant over a book which revealed details of royal bra fittings.

Rigby & Peller, a luxury underwear firm founded in London, had held the royal warrant since 1960.

It was withdrawn after June Kenton, who fitted bras for the Queen, released a book called ‘Storm in a D-Cup’.

Mrs Kenton said there was “nothing” in the book to “be upset about”, adding that it was an “unbelievable” decision.

Buckingham Palace said it did not “comment on individual companies”.

A statement from Rigby & Peller said it was “deeply saddened” by the decision, adding it was “not able to elaborate further on the cancellation out of respect for her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Warrant Holders Association”.

The Royal Warrants Association says 20 to 40 Royal Warrants are cancelled every year – and a similar number granted.

File under “elsewhere in the cosmos.”  And for the pointer I thank M.


""“Queen’s bra fitter Rigby & Peller loses royal support”""

What a boob. Did she not understand the importance of discretion?

aka loose lips sink ti*s

A Queen?!?! What a Shithole!!

Off with her head.

Actually, I believe that is off with the royal brassiere label.

Some companies deliberately ditch the royal warrant because they think it makes their brands seem old and stuffy: "they think the warrant is out-dated and old-fashioned and that their sales will increase if they dispense with it." https://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/jan/19/royal-warrant-losing-its-appeal (from 2011, but still).

Does the book say anything about Victoria's secrets?

Good, maybe old Liz can finally go braless like we've always hoped.

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