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5. Upon reflection, one might conclude that Hanson is an arrogant ass, for why is he so confident that he knows the difference between mere signaling actions and actions that actually work. I suspect Hanson uses this for convenience, so he doesn't have to actually engage in debate with those whom he disagrees - he simply assumes they are signaling. I could be wrong, in which case I'm just signaling so I don't have to apologize. Signal that!

#1 Is it what America has become? A pachidermic white elephant surrounded by bees dying from a thousand of little stings?! Is it how America will be remembered if we don't deeat Chinese-Indian-Japanese aggression?

Meh, those nations are across the giant Pacific.It's more important for America to keep an eye on the nebulous menace that is much closer. Namely the perfidious Brazilians.

8 Mile is a better movie with a better message than Zero Dark Thirty. in fact, so is Avatar. just pointing that out. text it to your parents. do whatever with it. not my business

I'm going to have to give this attempt at mimicry a Failing (F) grade.

While it does have some originality, it fails to make a point, has no inherent humor, meanders, is full of sentence fragments and is missing capitalization.

"Meh, those nations are across the giant Pacific."
So was Japan in 1941. Afghanistan and the Soviet Union were far away, too.

"It’s more important for America to keep an eye on the nebulous menace that is much closer. Namely the perfidious Brazilians."
Brazil is widely known to be a reliable ally of America. It helped America to defeat the Kaiser, Hitler and the Dominicans. It helped Americ resist Soviet aggression. As Kissinger famously said, "As Brazil goes, goes South America". Lyndon Johnson famously praised Brazil's support.

How did you penetrate his cunning disguise, JWatts?

“Are you dying? Are you a Marxist?”
"The death knell of capitalist private property sounds. The expropriators are expropriated." - Marx

Don't ask for whom the death knell of capitalist private property sounds, it sounds for you.

“Are you dying? Are you a Marxist?" Men of goodwill give a hearty cheer.

But surely on this blog people aren't so vulgar as to die. They "pass".

Tyler knows god exists, or he doesn't. It is not a matter of faith but knowledge. Tyler likes to write about eating because he is in a relationship with his body.

Iago knows he isn't what he is.
Paul knows he is what he is.
Eminem knows he is whatever you say he is.

Tyler knows, he is, actually, what he thinks other people think he is. He knows Decartes was wrong; there is no mind. There is matrix brain. But if there is a national consciousness, there must be an individual conscious. If Tyler doesn't understand God, then is a cultural relativist. Thus Jwatts is Victor and hottentrot at once. Go Jwatts! Go Trojans!

#2. Axes and alcohol, what could go wrong?

Kingdom Hearts destroyed our sense of norms by introducing shard-haired Final Fantasy characters to Goofy and his family. there's no Trump presidency without those games

+1. Now the wheels of heaven stop.

4. I'd watch that video.

Are we sure dying Marxists read the LRB? If you're dying, you're not gonna get a chance to read any of the books they review, right?

Actually, they are not seeking people qwho are dying while they are reading the LRB, they are seeking people who are thought to have little time to live, maybe a few weeks or months.

Hah. James Boswell's spirit lives on. Boswell visited the dying - atheist - David Hume, mainly as an act of human kindness, but at the same time could not stop himself asking - 'Ok now that you're almost there, what do you reckon? Still nothing up ahead?'

The only good marxist I ever saw was dead.


We need another category other than MIE, to describe demanding, pointless and anachrontistic rituals designed to remind officeworkers what it feels like to be alive. Internal Signalling In Everything (ISIE)? Rituals in Modern Escapism (RIME)? The overcompensating class?

Bored people in search of novelty (BPISN) ?

#2. I would attribute the success of this idea entirely to the show Vikings. And it will go out of style a year or two after it goes off the air.

"Yes, I was calling about your ad. I think I might be perfect for your movie, but you'll have to hurry, because yesterday my gardener buried--" "Smashed, dear" "--yes, smashed a mountain-climber's ax into my skull."

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