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5) The crayfish multiply like mad, then all get wiped out by a parasite or virus (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gros_Michel_banana )

#4 So that is it. Now, Red Fascism controls even Rome...

I'd like to think bishops from Argentina aren't that representative of the opinion of the church.

I think it is clearly Red Fascism is getting stronger and stronger in the West. A few times, I have already said a nucler decapitation strike may be the only solution.

Interestingly, the etymology of "Brazil" is "red wood", more or less. The word fascism is derived from fasces, meaning a bundle of wood.

So Red Fascism and Brazil are pretty much interchangeable. Consequently, I'm all for a nuclear decapitation strike to take out Temer.

1) "Interestingly, the etymology of “Brazil” is “red wood”, more or less. The word fascism is derived from fasces, meaning a bundle of wood. So Red Fascism and Brazil are pretty much interchangeable."
That is nonsense.
2) "Consequently, I’m all for a nuclear decapitation strike to take out Temer."
It is well-known President Temer is the most pro-American president in Brazil's history. And he is so respected he was invited to open the U.N. reunion.
3) Brazil is an old and reliable ally of America. Suffices to say, it fought besides America against the Kaiser, Hitler and Bosch. Mr. Dean Acheson, United States Secretary of State in the administration of President Harry S. Truman, praised Brazil lavishly for its moral integrity and fight against the Nazi beast.
4) I have read Brazil is the oldest still existing state. Brazilians are experienced and could help us with tips.

Stop impersonating me at once!

The 50 Cent Party arrives right on schedule. It is sad how China infiltrates the West.

Some guys at Harvard need to sue Harvard for violating their Title IX rights...


#4 Seems the Vatican swallows as well.

#4 I've been warning people off equities for a while. meanwhile I've got all my money on a prop bet that this is the year Tyga becomes a crossover star. gonna go 2 for 2 in my financial predictions!

#1 Maybe they could rebrand them as Office Snacks. IE, you can eat them at your desk without annoying all the people around you with loud crunching and they won't leave you with cheeto-fingers or whatever that will get all over your mouse/keyboard etc? Of course, Salon would still find a way to get indignant, though, so why bother?

Amusing, but debunked.

Oh, so Salon got upset about a product that doesn't actually exist. Lots of intellectual firepower over there.

Yeah, those dopes are almost as dumb as the people who fight in the imaginary War on Christmas(TM).

Worse than the random whatabouterry you find in blog comments threads, really.

While I wouldn’t say war as such has been declared on Christmas, a backstabbing preemptive strike has definitely been launched by SJWs. But maybe mskings doesn’t spend time in coastal academic settings.

"the imaginary War on Christmas(TM)."

Indeed, it's all a massive coincidence.

"Indeed, it’s all a massive coincidence."

Shut it down!


Context: I'm a student at [major university]; this is the social atmosphere I exist in.

Last weekend I watched the Super Bowl with some buddies. After the game, some of the Eagles' players and the coach and owner were interviewed; every single one of them started off by praising God. My friends - highly educated, progressive, yada yada - all reacted with visceral disgust. Additionally, the BBC (yes, the BBC is my main news source, what of it?) reported on the game and post-game interviews; given that every interviewee started off with "All glory to God", these impartial reporters of facts mentioned it... zero times. Despite a whole section dedicated to covering the reaction, including excerpts from all these (quite short) post-game interviews. Hm.


[Two quick things in case you are - justly - not ready to be convinced by the above. (1) The BBC is not simply eliding this so they can get to less routine and predictable parts of the interviews; they go to the coach thanking the players etc. which is if anything more routine and predictable. (2) A quick-and-dirty check of American sources yields: MSNBC, CNN don't talk about the post-game interviews much, so I'll call that 'null'. NY Times does, no mention of the Eagles' praise for God, but focus seems more on what they said about the game itself.]

Anyway, the point is: War on Christmas(TM) or no War on Christmas(TM) - there is a deep attitude of contempt against anything resembling traditional Christian religion in the most influential circles, i.e. the media and academic cliques (and academia feeds into the media because someone's gotta indoctrinate - sorry, I mean educate - future journalists). And simultaneously, traditional values and religion are evaporating out of the national culture. This could be a coincidence, but it doesn't take much imagination to put the pieces together.

I think the God stuff is a way to signal humility. The winning players don't seriously think God favored them, and denied the losing Christian team. So rather than "you suck, we're the best" the winners thank God, and the losers (rather than blaming God) will typically talk about rebuilding and recommitting for the next season.

I would say it is a bit foreign to many of us. A programmer who finishes a project, or a rep locking up a sale, does not declare faith as the key, in my cynical big city. Here it is less pro forma.

Part of that might be that in the big city we are many faiths, and have to be less in your face about our gods giving us the win, over you.

+1 "I think the God stuff is a way to signal humility"

I'd add that they are also happy to not have gotten hurt.


You are absolutely correct. Still, it signals more than just humility; it also signals a participation in a particular culture, and that additional signal did not go over well with my friends here. Hence my assertion that while the War on Christmas stuff sounded strange and was generally associated with Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity and the like - not exactly known for their mighty intellects - the basic underlying premise was correct: in the most influential parts of academia and the media, there is an almost instinctive reaction against any hint of what could be called "traditional America".

Maybe the pure religious angle caused it (still would make the "War on Christmas" narrative basically correct); I don't know. How would these guys react to a devout Muslim saying "Glory to Allah" after winning the Super Bowl? Or a Hindu thanking Vishnu?

Not really. The article quotes the CEO as saying:

"“It’s not a male and female as much as, ‘Are there snacks for women that can be designed and packaged differently?’ And yes, we are looking at it, and we’re getting ready to launch a bunch of them soon. For women, low-crunch, the full taste profile, not have so much of the flavor stick on the fingers, and how can you put it in a purse? Because women love to carry a snack in their purse.”"

When they asked the company spokeswoman elaborate on the quote, she refused to do so. This looks to me like a classic case of "company makes a stupid decision, reverses it, and then tries to send it down the memory hole." And of course Salon.com will make an issue out of it, and every once in a while Tyler feels the need to signal....

The funny most irritating thing about this sort of signalling is that both sides are thinking gynocentrically, and men are nowhere in the picture, except in their capacity as recipients of blame for doing nothing.

#1 Salon, of course.

#2 cool

The communists hiding out as college professors and unemployed 20 somethings don't want anyone to have any fun if they can't.

When I learned that the girl scouts don't actually bake the cookies, I stopped buying.

Some real work would be good for their morale.

"When I learned that the girl scouts don’t actually bake the cookies, I stopped buying."

You once though those cookies were baked by children? Hmm you're not too bright are you.

The new sock puppeteer is really odd.

Yeah. I preferred when the sockpuppeteer accused us all of being cuckolds. At least that was true.

Not all of us!

There was a great opportunity in today's links:

"Male slough crayfish will readily mate with the marbled crayfish, but they never father any of the offspring."

When I learned that Jeff Bezos neither actually writes the books nor delivers them, I stopped buying from Amazon.
I started buying again when I was told he books are actually printed by little (Chinese) kids.

I hate to break this to you, but Keebler cookies are not actually made by elves.

Truth. They are made by Sol Keebler, age 96.

#4 I had no idea Catholic materialism was a thing.

Actualy, it is called Materialism with Catholic characteristics.

3. I haven't smoked pot in a thousand years (well, almost a thousand years), but I do remember eating an entire box of Girl Scout cookies. Worse than a box of Girl Scout cookies, an entire bag of Doritos, the nastiest snack ever made.

5. My friend, a fisher (the gender neutral term for fisherman), hosts fish fries, cooking and serving what the guests believe is grouper. It ain't grouper, it's grunt fish. People will eat anything as long as they believe it's something they should like, such as grouper. Now I think crayfish is disgusting, but it's a favorite in Louisiana and some other places. Where I reside, we eat oysters, lots of them, an oyster roast a frequent theme for a party. Indeed, I have a built-in pit to roast oysters on my patio and all the tools for shucking the mollusks. Add a little beach music for dancing the shag with a Southern belle, and it's heaven on earth. There's a reason they call Louisiana Lousyiana: crayfish.

I like 'em both. Some in-laws order boxes of oysters and shuck them, grill them on the half shell. Pretty good with green onion and tobasco, but I see no reason to hate on crayfish. The crayfish are probably the poorer deal in Los Angeles, but if you have a pond giving you tons .. dig in.

I was born in Bonnievale, approximately 180 km from Cape Town and 100 km from the southernmost tip of Africa at Cape Agulhas. My early education was at Hoërskool Hugenoot and he later studied fine arts at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the University of Cape Town

#3. My estimation of the girl scouts and their cookie-selling business just went up a notch. Heretofore I considered just an exercise in reinforcing dumb stereotypes of women, but now I see that it's a way of subversively teaching girls marketing and business strategy.

What stereotype did the Boy Scouts perpetuate by selling popcorn?

The popcorn doesn't but the fact that boy scouts go out camping and learn survival skills and the girl scouts do not definitely does perpetuate stereotypes. Indeed some girls prefer to join the Boy Scouts and the Boy Scouts are starting to accept them. So that's good. The irony is that the Girl Scouts are pissed off about it. Apparently they think that there's something wrong with girls preferring camping in the woods over selling cookies.



We don't have age-neutral breakfast cereal. We don't have race-neutral cigarettes. Why would we have gender-neutral snacks?

It doesn't surprise me in the slightest that different groups of people would have different preferences with regards to snack foods and that mega corporations like PepsiCo would spend billions on market research to identify exactly sorts of products each subgroup would want.

The naivety of people never ceases to amaze me.

Well said.

Just out of curiosity, I wonder which gender eats more chips, and if there are ones favored by men and women more.

Reminiscent of: http://blog.dilbert.com/2009/12/03/e-mail-for-senior-citizens/

Doritos are meant to be eaten with dip. The question ought to be lady dip vs. man dip.

If you see a guy eating Doritos with dip, he is for sure a serial killer.

Hey it only happened twice.

2. Mildly interesting article that's not nearly as interesting as another link on that page: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/03/opinion/sunday/china-surveillance-state-uighurs.html?action=click&contentCollection=Europe&module=Trending&version=Full&region=Marginalia&pgtype=article

Governments of all stripes, not just the Chinese, are simply obsessed with using every available technology to track every move their citizens make and identify them at all times and places. It's time for a revaluation of the nation/state.

Agreed that it is creepy.

Still. "It’s time for a revaluation of the nation/state." Okay, I'm willing to talk about it, but what are you proposing to replace it with? As the, um, Chinese (supposedly) say: "Be careful what you wish for - you might get it."

#5 new equilibrium: lower price for crawfish etouffee! Great news. Louisiana food makes it way back to France.

4. This read so much like any other big business kissing the ass of the Chinese one-party state in order to receive permission to transact business in China.

Vatican, Inc.

Rest assured the Chinese state will help cover for all the pedophiles you wish to protect there. No need for messy, embarrassing lies about how much you care about children required.

2: It's a winning strategy: (i) get any kind of interesting right-wing thought declared verboten in academia; (ii) stuff the heads of the most promising young people with your propaganda; (iii) watch (and encourage) your ideological opposition morph into a pack of cretins a la Sean Hannity; (iv) cackle in victory.

[I have a right-wing friend who I often tease because he dresses like an old Marxist professor. Then I realized that he just dresses like a professor - period - but I couldn't readily conceive of what a right-wing professor might look like, because right-wing professors mysteriously went extinct sometime in the last 50 years. In unrelated news, Gender Studies is really booming these days.]

4: As far as I'm concerned, this is much more a condemnation of the social / moral situation in the West than as praise of Chinese policy. "Even they are doing better than you!"

5: Equilibrium in this case is a giant paella.

That works up until that one right wing guy who gets through the net starts having a suspiciously high hit rate of low hanging fruit "novel" and correct ideas that no one is familiar with. (A genius is born!).

Wednesday link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I_ioXVa3TA

there we were with the chromomatics . . .
van morrison the way young lovers do

van morrison the way young lovers do


lil, ck sckr, nobody, f heads

and you knew, . . ., a big big was in the room

and you were privy to magic

just the way things go sometimes


big big, chirps, up 2u, every once in awhile

look for the clues, in the snowflakes, currier & ives




currier & ives, lil, f o's


every once in awhile, big bucks chirp up to the chattering flocks

lil, cck skr, nobody, f heads

when the moon is holding water



a big buck chirps up, 2u, lil f heads

i'll talk, you'll listen -- that's a marine sergeant talking

lil whitey, he could play a song, yes he could

judy, judy judy judy

Anyone else notice any homogeneous patterns in the ball's attendees? How many other countries have little to no diversity in their science-related events? More here: https://goo.gl/mHg4ru

BTW, I did notice the following line in the NYT article: "Some of the women in attendance glided over the dance floors in floor-length saris or accessorized their gowns with matching hijabs." Yet, viewing the actual photos of the ball seems to indicate Austria is generating right-wing backlash by using superficial, one-off events to promote diversity when Vienna is one of the most segregated cities in the world. As they say, "No good deed goes unpunished."

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