Wednesday assorted links

1. Swedish summer seminar in classical liberalism.  And Bryan Caplan says something nice about me (I am not suggesting this is rare, though).

2. Personal bests act as reference points.

3. “In the inner London borough of Wandsworth, a home measuring just 91 inches across is on the market for about $1.4 million (£1 million).”  Link here.

4. Who will be the next PM of Singapore?

5. Jerry Z. Muller on the tyranny of metrics.

6. Vincent Geloso’s nominations for the best economic history papers of 2017.


'bout time . . .

Bout time for what?

Back to business:
#5: Geloso (#6) has a good rebuttal of Muller's complaints:

#5 Re: "a diversion of time away from other subjects (such as history), and from other valuable activities, such as creative play and the arts"

The under-employment rate %UndEmp/b> is defined as the percentage of college graduates with degrees in those fields who are also employed in jobs that do not require a college degree.

For History %UndEmp=56.6%, Fine Arts %UndEmp=62.3%, Performing Arts %UndEmp=66.5% . Is that why the use of metrics is bad?

That remind me of a joke. "A mouse sniffs the air, catches the whiff of cat urine, and runs towards the source of the smell… and straight into the jaws of a cat." The mouse thought that the metric of the distance between him and the cat is bunkum.

For students with tuition fee loans making money is not important? Is the intrinsic nature of metrics bad or the policy makers ill defined metrics bad? Sounded like a Clinton supporters whinging about Trump 'gaming' the electoral college votes. The tyranny of 'subjective' judgement.

snowy february, currier & ives,

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4. In Chinese history succession was always when things went downhill.

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1. What is so "classical" about classical liberalism?

Does it seek inspiration from classical Greco Roman thought? As far as I know, classical liberalism stems from Enlightenment utilitarians like Adam Smith and David Hume and later Mill, who in turn were probably inspired by the highly modern, anti-classical, atheistic "state of nature" theorists like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke.

What's so classical about all this?

"the highly modern, anti-classical, atheistic 'state of nature' theorists like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke"
I doubt classical liberals trying to explain how society works were doing something so different from what, say, Aristotle or Plato did, no matter how pious Plato may have thought he was. Saint Augustine, with his The City of God, was a completly different animal, I think. If any, Enlightenment recovered classical tradition.

You have a point. The "classical" just means the 1.0 version of the political sense of "liberal."

It's kinda like the name "classical economics." That too is not what you learn about in the university Classics Department.

In the following lecture on liberalism 1.0 I remark on how liberalism 1.0 is indeed modern (that is, emergent really only within the last 400 years):

All white Protestant men are created equal, and superior over the earth with the equal right to own or control everything, the land, the women and children, the non-whites, the non-Protestants.

Tyler's smile is classical liberal in a short eared owl sense, the hole where a branch one stood in the trunk, and then it is orthodox in a no man's sense where "no man had previously found a moderation in such and so-so a voluptuousness.

Affirmative action for Catholics

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#4, "Radical reform" for Sing. That does not sound like a particularly brilliant idea -- in the context of highly successful Sing or perhaps anywhere. The legacy of "radical reform" in the 20th century is a pretty grim one -- Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao come mind for starters.

"The legacy of 'radical reform' in the 20th century is a pretty grim one — Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao come mind for starters."
If you don't do reasonable reform (we are talking about I World War Russia, Weimar and the warlord's China), you end up with "radical reform". America had maligned reformists like LBJ, Roosevelt and Lincoln, but didn't have a Hitler.

Wrong. Lefty revolutions usually follow a period of reasonable reform: France and WW1 Russia, for a start.

Exactly what was reasonable about sending barely armed and trained peasants to die at WW1 for Serbia? The Menshevik/Trudovik government had to jobs: promote a free election for a Constitutional Assembly and stop Russia's bleeding. It failed at both. As for the czarist regime that started it all, its last resonable reform had a half century before and followed by strenghtened autoritharism.
Same goes for Weimar and pre-Mao China. From Russia to Cuba to Yemen, indigenous communist forces have never succeeded in overthrowing a democratic government, with the partial exception of Czechoslovakia's - even then, it was at the Soviet Union's sphere of influence and Soviet military pressure was an important factor.

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Personal bests act as reference points.

Does this remind us of anything? Jim Hamilton's two peak theory on oil prices.
Let us take our two two best performances in the previous efforts. What do we remember? The sequence cout, we have counted the number of actions we need to get from one peak to the next.

Like deja vu, I mention that all over, again and agon. What was that, did I see that before? And you count the steps backward, make a discovery. You have counted how many steps backwards, so you know how many steps forward and you can allocate transaction space and get stuff done.

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I don't think I could live there

Would be too close to the TV, for starters

#5 Although muller is right, he doesn't say anything new or original in his interview with Insider Higher Ed

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