*The Complacent Class* is now out in paperback

You can buy it here.  Barnes & Noble here.


It seems that the announcement of the audio edition - https://www.audiobooks.com/audiobook/complacent-class-the-self-defeating-quest-for-the-american-dream/290808 - may have been a bit less highlighted.

And interesting to speculate about how the paperback edition could have led to 50% off the list price of the hardback at Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Complacent-Class-Self-Defeating-Quest-American/dp/1250108691 Though correlation is not causation, even when it is customary practice in an industry.

Leading to the fascinating case that the hardback costs $14.98, while the paperback costs $17.00 according to the highlighted MR Amazon link. One can be confident there is a fully rational economic explanation for why the paperback costs more - including encompassing the announcement of the paperback edition at this web site. Though in all fairness, there is at least one web site still selling the hardback at full list price, with no mention of the paperback edition as of now.

So does the complacent class buy many more books when they've been out for a while, thoroughly reviewed, and are in paperback?

No, it buys them as they come out, doesn't read them, reviews them, and then litters public spaces with them.

I'm a big fan of this site, of Tyler, and I read this book when it came out last year. I am afraid to say I can't really remember what it is about.

This member of the Complacent Class took time out from my complacency to review Tyler's book in Advisor Perspectives, an online resource targeted to financial planners and advisors. It is here: https://larrysiegeldotorg.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/tyler-cowen-and-the-fallacy-of-american-laziness.pdf. Please forgive the self-promotion.

No need to apologize about self-promotion. That is one of the major reasons that MR exists, after all.

Nice review.

And here's some self-promotion by GMU and Enterprise Rent-a-Car: a promotional video about the GMU pep band. Probably over-long and not must-see, but the notion of a college pep band that features violinists and a harpist is ... not complacent. And vocalists, although Portland State University's pep band also has a vocalist.


Cowen writes a book complaining about the lack of dynamism in the economy, but then writes a column assuring us not to worry about the "massive stock buybacks" because of the dynamism in the economy. https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2018-03-06/stock-buybacks-triggered-by-trump-s-tax-cuts-aren-t-scary

Look, the Complacent Class was intended to exist in an alternate universe - the one where the president and their party would support a growing deficit or attempt to be more pro-active in terms of protectionism. The one where Clinton had won the presidency, and groups like AFP and the Mercatus Center would be battling against the Dremocrats,

Basically, the book was a move on the chess board of public policy debates, though the person doing the move had not realized that the pieces are now on another board than the one he thought.

I'm waiting for it to be free on Kindle, but I'm complacent.

Bought it and happy to support the site. I don’t think the book’s argument holds up compared to say Nial Ferguson’s Age of Degeneration. Complacency seems a bit of a whitewash.

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