The foreign culture that is Congolese

Two Burundi officials have been imprisoned after the African country’s president was allegedly “roughed up” in a football match they organised.

President Pierre Nkurunziza is a ‘born-again’ evangelical Christian who spends much of his time travelling Burundi with his own team, Haleluya FC. He travels with his own choir, “Komeza gusenga”, which means “pray non-stop” in the local Kirundi language.

On 3 February, his team faced a side from the northern town of Kiremba.

Normally, the opposition is well aware they are playing against the country’s president, and it has been said they go easy in the games, even perhaps allowing Nkurunziza to score.

But as the Kiremba team contained Congolese refugees who did not know they were playing against Burundi’s president, they “attacked each time he had the ball and made him fall several times”, a witness told AFP.

Kiremba’s administrator Cyriaque Nkezabahizi and his assistant, Michel Mutama, were imprisoned on Thursday, the news agency reports.

AFP cited a judicial source as saying they had been arrested on charges of “conspiracy against the president”.

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What is the added value of this post? To reinforce the notion that Africa is backwards and benighted?

It's to reinforce the notion that letting the boss win is not just a good idea, it's the law. A form of "political football".

Initially, my reaction was similar. My first reaction was "why would such behavior be at all surprising in a presidential system of government" but, it at least spurrred me to check Wikipedia if such a reaction was appropriate, where I learned the Congo system of government is based upon the French quasi-presidential model, but then had to go back once again, realizing despite the caption, the article is actually about the president of Burundi and not Congo. Burundi, it turns out, has more of a traditional presidential system but with two vice presidents. So...yes, I was successful in affirming my priors. Presidental systems suck. The added value of the post is thus immense.

Could you guys let Tyler post something just because it's kind of funny once in a while?? Let's take a chill pill and take the post for what it is.


But by the way, I've never found the depiction of the gods in your plays to be funny, Euripides. Never.

Shit hole countries be shit hole!

Truth telling, in an age of lies, is a form of heroism.

People should know what Africa is like. We should not be forced to play the charade that they are just like us only poorer.

You mean you could recognize the Evangelical president of Congo at once?

Evangelical Christians are the real snowflakes!??

I was thinking of the more obvious "soccer is a terrible game that is only played in sh!thole countries". And causes crowd violence when you come to think about it.

No, it is not. Soccer (the real football, for it is played with one's foot) is called the "king of sports and the sport of kings". It is played by great nations such as Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Russia, England, Denmark and Portugal. China is spending billions of dollar to catch up with America and surpass it at soccer until the decade is over.

If he comments on the story about the Kenyan doctor who performed brain surgery on the wrong patient, you might have a point. I think he did it just because it's funny. Not all countries can have dignified leaders like our President.

And President Temer.

Not as good as when Morales kneed his opponent in the groin during a match.

Evo Morales does get hit or pushed at some of the matches he plays. Conclusion: institutions in Bolivia are just a bit stronger than in Burundi....

Stupid. No reporter working in Africa worth his salt would believe, let alone report, that players in a team would be unaware that the president of an African country was on the pitch. It's not amusing because it's not believable and if you think it is believable you are laughably ignorant, and that is amusing.

Why isn't it believable? Because the degree of extreme competence that pervades and defines Burundi and Congolese societies would obviously preclude an administrative blunder of that type? Er...

Yes it would.

In 1988, Brazilian forces captured and spanked Bouterse, former Marxist dictator of Suriname, and there was nothing Suriname could do to retaliate because we are invincible. The strong does what they want, the weak endure what they must!!

"The strong does what they want, the weak endure what they must!!"

I seem to recall a poster named Charbes using this phrase the other day...

Oh well, I always get my Ohio based Brazilians mixed up.

Because only two people in the West World know Thucydides, and they are actually the same person... You, sir, are an idiot.

The title should be: The foreign culture that is Burundi.

I guess the point was supposed to be that Congolese culture was alien to Burundi.

But even then it would be more accurate to say that Burundian culture was alien to the Congolese.

It's the first anti-immigration post I've seen by Mr Cowen.

It is not. It is an anti-Congo post.

Congo is the very definition of a shithole country and they set the bar by which to measure other counties' shittiness.

President Trump asserted Monday that he would have rushed in to save the students and teachers of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School from a gunman with an assault weapon, even if he was unarmed at the time of the massacre.

It's the only way he can unite the country.

Half would be cheering as he ran unarmed into the school (to die).

And half would be cheering as he ran unarmed into the school (to rescue students).

Would he actually have run into the school to help? Well, he does stretch the truth from time to time, but on the other hand, he also sticks to his, hmm, guns. So maybe.

But the point is, he would have no guns.

Someone should help out the Congolese.

In sixty-six and seven things would have gone differently.

Van Owen and the rest

Well another thing we can blame on the CIA

Usually First Thessalonians 5:17 is rendered in English as "pray without ceasing," but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this was totally lost on the writers at the BBC.

Does Kim Jong-un have a soccer team, and can it be scheduled against Nkurunziza's team?

If this were Prague, they'd have just thrown them out the window.

It was an accident.

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