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they should've made them in India.

Making the sign — “Made by Indians” — seen in the article true! I like it, nice.

But the Filipinos are victims of American Imperialism. They do not even get Welfare.

So as good Intersectionalists, we have to ask if they do not have the *right* to make Fake Native American artifacts because they have been more oppressed than the people whose work they steal. I think we all know the answer.

#4 "What they describe is mostly an environment in which not much is getting done — a huge government-wide work slowdown — rather than one constantly roiled by tweets and drama." So is that business as usual or are the critics of 'deep state' correct?

It's what an utter lack of leadership looks like. Away from the drama, lots of goofing off and doing nothing. Imagine The Office from the point of view of the people who worked in the warehouse underneath.

...oh right -- Bill Clinton, W, and Obama were super-efficient organizational managers with vast experience personally managing large staffs (?) Trump at least has much more practical experience in such personnel management. Every White House has big growing pains, personnel turnover and various scandals.

Trump did not expect to win -- and really had to scramble to get any kind of White House staff in place. Some bad choices were made in the rush. Trump is now weeding the staff garden after a year's experience on the job. All presidents do the same thing.

(Jeff Sessions was a really dumb choice and should be fired immediately, along with dozens other officials)

Let's decompress this:

1. Obama and Clinton were not infallible Gods

2. "I didn't expect to win"

3. "had to scramble to get any kind of staff in place".....but..
3.1 "Trump has much more practical experience in such personnel management"

4. "now weeding the staff garden after a year's experience" (keep in mind the Presidency is a 4 year term.

At least the flunkies on TV who make up excuses for this shit show are getting checks to do it or they hope to parlay their sucking up into a gig. What's your excuse for debasing yourself for free? Perhaps your normal center of gravity was pretty low to begin with so taking a fall isn't a big deal for you.

... the specific accusation at issue here is that of 'Chaos' (complete disorder; utter confusion) at Trump White House --- that clearly is a false, extreme partisan characterization trumpeted by the media and other vigorous Trump opponents. There is NO evidence to support that hyperbole. Basic comparisons with other Presidential administrations show that Trump is experiencing historically normal levels of turbulence and personnel issues. There is NO total disorder nor utter confusion.

Because if you go far enough down the org chart you won't find chaos? At the end of the day all Trump supporters end up resorting to this nonsense. No changing key officials left and right after they and you flake out is no big deal because the local mailman still comes by every weekday!.

Somehow I don't think it is the Trump side of politics that is debasing itself. It is not lying about the murder of American soldiers protecting the Ambassador. The Trump side is not pretending that selling guns to drug cartels in order to shooting American law enforcement officers is not a peccadillo.

So what if the administration is chaotic? It is working. Which proves that it has been the swamp hold everyone back. Let's see more chaos!

If those accusations were true then a 'working' administration would be bringing air tight criminal cases against those who had done those things.

What do you have against Sessions?

Russian bots told him Sessions was out of favor.

"...utter lack of leadership looks like.."

Yeah, sure. Under Obama we had a weaponized IRS punishing political enemies, a crooked IRS, an government employee and Clinton "foundation" revolving door, racist AG, race baiting POTUS, influence and access for sale, economy crippling EPA hamstringing the energy sector by Fiat, politicized FBI, and part of the cabinet going on a post-Banghazi lying tour.

I'll take the cabinet chaos with government employee slackers. I'm shocked SHOCKED to discover there are slackers in the government.

Warren Buffet : "...the tax cut is a tailwind for business..."

Record breaking stock market.

Warren Buffet: " ...I don't think stocks are overvalued..."

Highest growth and lowest unemployment in years.

Highest consumer confidence in 14 years.

You econ clowns are useless. Fortunately, we keep you in the universities where you can't do any real damage other than train future clowns that we will also store in universities and out of the way.

Thank gawd for the electoral college!

If any of that were true then this administration should have brought criminal charges against Obama, Clinton, the former AG etc. Failure there means he should be impeached. Over a year ago this clown took an oath to enforce the laws and defend the Constitution...not break stock market records.

"Over a year ago this clown took an oath to enforce the laws and defend the Constitution"

That was nine years ago, and he did the exact opposite. We're getting back on track now.

Failure to indict means either the charges are not true, in which case this administration should stop making them via Twitter, or that this administration is refusing to abide by their oaths of office. That's not a hard concept if you guys take even half of your rhetoric at face value.

4. Bureaucrats are unhappy and confused while consumer confidence hits a 14 year high and small business confidence is at the highest level ever recorded.

An inverse relationship I can live with.

What is the role of the Executive Branch, and is it being successfully pursued?

Well, I’m happy the exec branch isn’t spurning allies, enriching enemies, spying on political opponents, lying to Congress, ignoring laws it doesn’t like, turning schools into re-education camps and waging an ideological and regulatory war on the private sector.


I really don't know why you dropping obvious "I am crazy" flags in there like "turning schools into re-education camps."

At least learn how to pretend sanity.

Teachers are taking children out of kindergarten classes to protest against guns. I think re-education camp is a reasonable description.

Especially as a teacher has been suspended for asking if the same generosity towards absences would be allowed for a pro-Life protest.

“I really don’t know why you dropping obvious “I am crazy” flags in there like “turning schools into re-education camps.”

If you plan to give a talk at a college that refers to just two biological genders you will need to be accompanied by armed guards, if you’re allowed to speak at all.

If you suggest that Halloween costumes are harmless at an Ivy League school, you will be chased from your job by a baying mob.

If someone finds a bit of twisted plastic on a college sidewalk, police will assume it’s a noose and launch an intensive search for members of the Klan.

Kids are sent home for wearing American flags on their clothes, teachers are suspended for questioning gun control walkouts, white privilege is now a thing etc etc.

Chip, I know people who went to actual reeducation camps. That entails things like near starvation for years on end, no heat in freezing winters, some number of friends and relatives who die. It is not telling snowflakes things they can't bear to hear, before setting them free to Tweet about it to their heart's content.

So saying comparing America to Russia is a no-no, but comparring schools to re-education camps is not.

America is certainly not like Russia, but our President's admiration for Putin as a strong leader is worrying all the same.

Trump says he respects Putin during a Super Bowl interview with Bill O’Reilly. Trump defends Putin when O’Reilly calls him a killer.

“There are a lot of killers,” Trump says. “Do you think our country is so innocent? Do you think our country is so innocent?

+1 Chip. Not crazy at all when that's exactly what happened.


Is Ivanka Trump the functional ambassador to Korea (or Sec of State?) we need right now?

I'd prefer Steve Sailer, but you don't always get what you want. Trump got more votes from Black America than DC. These people aren't loyal to him, and making them afraid of getting fired is the best approach to handling them. If he coddled them, they would interpret it only as weakness.

While I think the Breitbart path was pretty horrible, that isn't really what you got, is it? Bannon is off self-embarrassing in Europe, and Trumpism is reducing itself to wars with porn stars.

Forget Kim Jung Un, can Donald Trump defeat Stormy Daniels?

There is a line that has been repeated through history, is that you know a man by the quality of his enemies.

'you know a man by the quality of his enemies'

Well, wait until Melania tells her side of the porn star affair.

Bannon was a great choice. I'd have preferred more people like him and less from Goldman Sachs.

As for Stormy Daniels, it's just comsenting adults blah blah blah.

It might have been "just an affair" to be judged accordingly, but Trump has made it a battle, his battle, with the lawsuit.

(I guess we can leave out amicable separation, successful relationships, from the storyline.)

"It might have been “just an affair” to be judged accordingly, but Trump has made it a battle, his battle, with the lawsuit."

I'm not seeing why I should care.

Stormy will probably National Security Advisor in six months.

Tanturn- 'I’d have preferred more people like him and less from Goldman Sachs.'

You do know that Bannon was a vice president at Goldman Sachs, right?

Prior, I forgot about that. You knew what I meant though.

So far, so good. Ivanka is performing more effectively than venal, incompetent Hillary (restart button) or Madame Albright.

For instance, she hasn't gotten (result of the unconstitutional, unnecessary wars) killed an ambassador. Nor has Ivanka lied to his widow and the American people.

Chip nails it.

Hey Tyler, how about a piece on how chaotic Hillary's book tour is?

You mean the one where she stumbled on the stairs twice (in spite of having an assistant on both arms) and fell in a bathroom and broke her wrist? I'll wager it's status-lowering at GMU to entertain the idea that that anaesthesiologist in Florida is right and she has Parkinson's, something about which the enemedia is remarkably incurious.

At least SNL should do a skit modeled on President Ford's falls to launch the career one of its cast members.

She’s had more falls than a Hollywood stuntman.

But not as many às Gerald Ford!

Really? What relevance does she have again?

Still the Dem frontrunner for 2020.

She's a rallying cry to remind conservatives what they're for.

... formal National Debt is $21 Trillion, with Federal liabilities over ten times higher. Consumers/citizens should be deeply pessimistic about that, especially since WashingtonDC enthusiastically continues to spend wildly.

Trump isn't bothered by it, nor were any recent Presidents

with Federal liabilities over ten times higher.

Kevin Williamson uses an accounting method that doesn't belong in a poker game.

Consumer confidence has been climbing since the first quarter of 2009. All it's doing is continuing it's trend. Small business confidence bottomed a short time later and has been climbing irregularly ever since.

I would argue that the Federal Government's borrowing several hundred billion dollars and handing it out to corporations and businesses is a direct cause of their increased confidence. Whether it's really good fiscal policy is open to question.

#1 - "Misrepresenting arts and crafts, including jewelry, for sale as Native made when they’re not is a federal crime under a law passed in 1935 called the Indian Arts and Crafts Act." - re IP, the USPTO and the EPO also have "geographic indicators" that can get you into trouble if you sell Bordeaux wine outside of France labeled as "Bordeaux" or feta cheese outside of Greece labeled "Feta", or Champagne outside of France (not recognized in the USA) but, strangely to me, not Yorkshire pudding outside of Yorkshire. There's a list somewhere of these protected foods.

Much ado about nothing, since I think the consumer understands that some American Indian goods are fake (especially if they are marked "Made in the Philippines").

Bonus trivia: lots of foreigners are in Cebu, I would not be surprised if the counterfeit shops are run by Brits or Germans. No disrespect but generally speaking Filipinos don't have wherewithal for export oriented businesses, and the big Leading Families in PH would not stoop so low as to counterfeit.

“Misrepresenting arts and crafts, including jewelry, for sale as Native made when they’re not is a federal crime

" I think the consumer understands that some American Indian goods are fake (especially if they are marked “Made in the Philippines”)."

You don't even read what you're pasting, do you

Anyway, this is another "jobs Americans won't do!" story

#1 There are jobs (Native) Americans don't want to do.

#5 "Not surprisingly, dogs prefer it when you talk to them in 'dog talk'.”
Of course, they do. Who prefers it when one talks to them in "dog talk"? Is it dogs? Is it dogs? Yeah, it is dogs.

5. McGruff hates dog talk.

Who hates dog talk? Who hates dog talk? Is it McGruff the Crime Dog? Is it McGruff the Crime Dog? Yeah, it is.Yeah, it is.

1. Does it count if it's made in the Philippines but a Real Indian takes creative credit, as with Kehinde Wiley?

5. I think there is a bit of social intelligence, or social flexibility, in relating to dogs as dogs. That doesn't mean they are top dog (you are) but you give them comfortable doggy roles to play (and a doggy fraction of this morning's scrambled eggs).

4. I suppose it matters at which point in time we're talking about. Presumably the level of chaos at the White House is on average lower than it was under the last administration, and it's probably the case that things seem less chaotic now than they did around the time someone like Reince Priebus was Chief of Staff. Also there's lag on the level of chaos, and when that feeling is reported. But more importantly, it's nice when folks discern between the exact sources of "press" or "media" they are referring to. Otherwise some people go on believing everything "the media" tells them, and some generalize all media as bad or wrong.

Presumably lower than the previous administration? Is that what the fortune cookie said?

Here's a source you might consider. Gary Cohn from Wolfe's _Fire and Fury_?
"It's worse than you can imagine. An idiot surrounded by clowns. Trump won't read anything - not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers; nothing. He gets up halfway through meetings with world leaders because he is bored. And his staff is no better. Kushner is an entitled baby who knows nothing. Bannon is an arrogant prick who thinks he's smarter than he is. Trump is less a person than a collection of terrible traits. No one will survive the first year but his family. I hate the work, but feel I need to stay because I'm the only person there with a clue what he's doing. The reason so few jobs have been filled is that they only accept people who pass ridiculous purity tests, even for midlevel policy-making jobs where the people will never see the light of day. I am in a constant state of shock and horror."

I'm sure Cohn's is dismissed by the one and true media that counts. Believe what the one and true media tells you. I'm inclined to listen when insiders speak. You act as if press reports are not at least somewhat grounded in what insiders are telling them.

Given Cohn's been completely wrong about everything else, should we find this all reassuring?

But isn't a broad based freeze on decision making beyond POTUS consistent with a dysfunctional state?

Trump values flexibility in his own decision making: he reserves his right to change his mind, and staff are never really sure what he wants on a given issue at any point in time anyway. If this is the case, then you'd expect most staff to just sit and wait until they get a strong directive to do something. In the mean time, don't say anything (at all), certainly don't make any non status quo decisions, and be prepared to apologise for making status quo decisions that Trump now deems shouldn't have been made in the first place.

So from a policy perspective - expect vast regions of decision making stasis with the ever present threat of random and unforeseeable change in the future.

#6. I looked at 1958. Apparently "linear regression" was first used then. But I thought Gauss invented linear regression a century earlier? What was it called before then?
1958 was also supposedly the first year for "multiplicative inverse." But abstract algebra and division had existed for centuries right? What were multplicative inverses called before? Maybe math texts were more likely to be in other languages before then?

1958 was also supposedly the first year for "antiestablishment." Could it be possible that John Milton and Guy Fawkes and Thomas Jefferson and William Penn had never described themselves or been described as "antiestablishment"?

Maybe, but these make me think their corpus is somehow flawed or limited. Also "omphaloskepsis" apparently dates to 1925. Were there no Greek students who enjoyed naughty references before then? I also found that surprisingly late.

I think the date of many modern word first-uses will get pushed back in time, as more historical books and magazines become available online.

Some of the existing cited dates for software related terms in the OEM and Merriam-Webster are 'dated', so to speak:

Many software terms, such as "file", "record", and "field" actually date back about a century. They were inherited from the age of punched-card data-processing machines.

1. Art, like Bitcoin, has value only because the buyer of it believes someone will pay more for it than the buyer did. That's true for assets generally today as rising asset prices rather than the income assets generate is what motivates most investors.

'has value only because the buyer of it believes someone will pay more for it than the buyer did'

This is an extremely limited framework concerning the value of art.

His comment is a concise statement on economics.

That plus (aesthetics) Art reflects beauty and edifies the person that beholds it. Not economics.

And yet, oddly, this is entirely mainstream in the Art community. They are obviously tired of people saying "my three year old could do that" and so their response is not to defend the quality, or even the meaning inherent in the picture, but to say it is Art if someone will pay a lot of money for it.

Most modern art is worthless - both intellectually and artistically. It is only kept in the limelight because some billionaire will spend a lot of money buying it.

So it is sad to see that Haitians too have been taken up by Western fraudsters.

Aesthetic objects are like bitcoins, lol. And Russia's Potemkin democracy is like our “manufactured” (a Chomsky word) democracy.

What startling comparisons can we look forward to tomorrow from rayward?

Strongly signalling lax enforcement of existing regulations (including ending legislation by sue and settlement) is the true deregulatory story with the Trump administration.

Some terms introduced circa 1890:

equal opportunity
equality of opportunity
democratic ideals
living wage
bundle of rights
economic inequality
social justice

See here:

As an aside, I think the first exposure I had to Peter Thiel was his anti-college stuff, which I found amusing and appealing. Since then I have been steadily downgrading my opinion of the guy's basic intelligence.

Trigger warning!

#1 - All jewelry is about signaling, but Indian jewelry is definitely about virtue signaling.

5. I can't imagine Cowen having a dog, because dogs, well, they are complacent, preferring the routine, even changing their dog food can be an unpleasant experience for everyone not only the dog. Dogs are conservative, preferring order and stability over the disruption Cowen prefers. I could be wrong, dogs might prefer the disruption Cowen prefers, pit bulls anyway.

"How many American Indian art works are actually made in the Philippines?" And what if it's impossible to tell fake from authentic merely by examining the objects?

Legally it is still fraud, for the authentic is worth more than the inauthentic, and the buyer did not get what the buyer paid for. And, presumably, excessive counterfeiting may destroy (or at least devalue) the market for authentic.

This seems somewhat like what happens if one pays a premium for an object once owned by someone famous, only to discover that although one has bought the same mass-produced object it was not, in fact, the one owned by this famous person.

What is being bought and sold here is intangible, the knowledge that something supposedly was made or used by a particular person or group of people. Such knowledge must depend on trust if/when provenance can't be proven by objective testing of the object(s) in question.

It's not as if you paid for gold but received only iron pyrite; you received gold, only now you're unhappy because your gold wasn't touched by ethnically correct fingers. So, restore the value by believing they are what you thought thery were. And if this stuff can be made cheaply in the Philippines, why don't these Indians just import it and put their own imprimatur on it?

For those of us who don't deal in or own such intangibly-valuable objects, why, exactly, should or would we care about this?

#3 - Fascinating article. Haitian artists are truly the salt of the earth and their works really do possess a serious depth of meaning.

Speaking of creating works of art, we do a bit of that at Haiti Made. We craft handmade goods of the highest quality, design, and functionality using leather sourced within Haiti. Check us out to learn more about our craft:

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