And you thought crypto-assets were strange…

A candidate in the race for a South Texas state House seat has reportedly received $87,500 in campaign donations — more than half of which is made up of deer semen.

The Dallas News reported Thursday that Ana Lisa Garza, a district court judge running a primary challenge against eight-term Democrat Ryan Guillen, has received $51,000 in in-kind donations to her campaign, listed as individual donations of frozen deer semen straws.

The containers are reportedly a common way for deer breeders in the state to donate to political campaigns. Garza’s campaign has valued the straws at $1,000 each.

Fred Gonzalez, a Texas deer breeder who serves as treasurer of the Texas Deer Association, told the Dallas News that the group’s political action committee has received more than $975,000 in deer semen donations since 2006, and has given more than $885,000 in the same period of time.

“Semen is a very common way for us to donate,” Gonzalez told the paper. “One collection on a buck could lead to 60 straws sometimes. If you have a desirable animal, it’s a way to bring value without breaking the bank.”

Straws from bucks named Bandit, Sweet Dreams and Gladiator Sunset were among the donations listed.

Here is the story, via Patrick and also Peter.


I would have been willing to donate some human semen to the Hillary campaign.

What’s long and hard and full of semen? A Texas political campaign.

Can I COME? ;)

In The Anatomy of Dependence, Takeo Doi Japanese psychological construct of amae (in Freudian terms, "passive object love," typically of the kind between mother and infant). I do have passive object love for the cigarette.

How does this scam work? Matching $ donations from the national organization? Because I don't think these donations valued at a million are settled at a million on any reasonable time horizon.

Are these donations tax deductible?

I think political things aren't, but I am not a Texas accountant.

Considering that wildlife (and I assume their semen) are owned by the state, my thinking is that all this semen campaign donation business is illegal and that the state, at the very least, should confiscate the proceeds. At the most, start prosecuting.

The King's forest?

There are privately ranched and owned deer.

They are privately bred and raised, but they are not privately owned--they are not domesticated animals and are not afforded the same legal status or protections. Take, for instance, one of those "privately owned" deer is poached and the poacher is caught by the cops. The deer's antlers, or any other part of the carcass, does not belong to the land owner. It belongs to the state with the land owner has no legal standing to demand the return of the deer.

But the semen accrues to the first person to capture it. Kind of like water.

Ha! Good one. I'd like to see the lawmakers take on that one.

Do you get a write off? I guess you'd have to declare it as income too then. Who checks to see if it's really deer semen?

No, crypto-assets are still strange.

2:27 personal note: it's fair to say I'm stepping out on a limb. But I am on the edge. And that's where the wigs are spotted.

We know (or I think we know) that Monica Lewinsky saved Bill Clinton's semen (the infamous dress), but the current question is whether any of Donald Trump's many mistresses saved any of Trump's semen. I suspect that Trump's semen would have a value far in excess of either Clinton's semen or a deer's semen, but I could be wrong. I did not know there is a market in semen. Is there a web site? Does it list the semen that is available? How is it authenticated? At least semen has substance, unlike cryptocurrencies (although I am not interested in actually touching it). Markets in everything.

You are going to claim you were unaware that there was a market in stud animals?

Trump is a "stud animal"? Not according to Stormy Daniels.

Democrats are in the pocket of Big Deer.

I would have thought that this was not a good crypto-currency simply because faking it is too easy.

I mean how do you know you have the semen of King George the Red and not Manny the Muntjac some random illegal immigrant deer from China? Without, you know, actually using it. If you did discover it was fake, how could you spot the point in the exchange chain when it was substituted?

According to Fox News

The donations

Were given to

Jane Doe.

A doe walks out of the woods and says "That's the last time I'll do THAT for two bucks".

Cryo-assets are stranger than crypto-assets.

"Gladiator Sunset"... seriously ?

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