*A Quiet Place* (the only spoiler is about the basic premise)

Yes this is a horror movie but no you don’t have to like horror movies to want to see it, you only have to like original movies.  I am not giving away much by telling you this is largely a silent movie, as the humans know if they make sounds or speak they will be hunted and killed.  (Which family member’s relative bargaining power increases when talk is relatively difficult?)  It is one of the most implicitly Christian movies I have seen, though no reviewer seems to have noticed.  Think monasticism, devils, baby Moses, the unwillingness to consider abortion as an option, silos of grain, and Shyamalan’s (underrated) Signs.  It’s also one of the most insightful films on disability issues, although further explanation there would indeed give you too many spoilers.  Here are various reviews, mostly full of spoilers.


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