*A Quiet Place* (the only spoiler is about the basic premise)

Yes this is a horror movie but no you don’t have to like horror movies to want to see it, you only have to like original movies.  I am not giving away much by telling you this is largely a silent movie, as the humans know if they make sounds or speak they will be hunted and killed.  (Which family member’s relative bargaining power increases when talk is relatively difficult?)  It is one of the most implicitly Christian movies I have seen, though no reviewer seems to have noticed.  Think monasticism, devils, baby Moses, the unwillingness to consider abortion as an option, silos of grain, and Shyamalan’s (underrated) Signs.  It’s also one of the most insightful films on disability issues, although further explanation there would indeed give you too many spoilers.  Here are various reviews, mostly full of spoilers.


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From the Wikipedia article for Signs that Tyler linked to:

"Signs has received positive reviews from film critics. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 74% gave positive appraisals based on 227 reviews, ranking it "Certified Fresh".[1] At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the film scored a 59 based on 36 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews".

If TC considers it underrated given that largely positive response, he must really think highly of it. Leads me to believe he cares a lot more about the story being told than the coherence of the plot.

"Signs" fell apart for me when the aliens turned out to have problems with H2O. Good grief, if they are smart enough to cross the immense gulf of outer space how are they not smart enough to know that a planet like Earth is not going to be friendly to them? and what sense does it make for them to harvest humans when our bodies are 70% water?
(This movie is many years old-- spoilers can hardly be an issue at this late date I hope)

Ok, this is all gobbledygook , but it's my internal premise to justify the movie.

You are assuming that the aliens are alien foot soldiers from space. But that's an unsupported premise. Another hypothesis is that an alien race from another dimension has used non-intelligent animals to probe the planet. The probes (the movie monsters) discovered a toxic level of water and an aggressively defensive biosphere. So, check this planet off and probe the next planet.

The "Signs" were used to orient the inter-dimensional transition. A space based attack would tend to think in terms of global maps. And would clearly be able to communicate with other ships in orbit and deep space. However a race that sent small ships into another dimensions planetary atmosphere, might well create "trail" marks to orient the follow on ships. It's quite possible that there was no way to communicate with ships between dimensions. It's also possible that dimensional shifting was somewhat random and the ships might arrive at any point in the atmosphere. So, ships arriving create "trail markers", follow on ships read the markers.

The ships drop probes, record the results and leave.

I saw it Friday. Good but ended too soon. There's a bit of meat missing. Doesn't deserve the 97% RT rating. More like 70%.

Professor Cowen, put spoiler commentary as the first comment in the story so that those that are interested may read it. Great thoughts, I'm rethinking the entire movie now!

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