Monday assorted links

1. “What does Adam Smith’s moral philosophy owe to the literary discourse of his time?”  A Berkeley dissertation by Shannon Frances Chamberlain, #GulliversTravels.

2. “OK, that’s the essentials I think. Happy new year, everyone!”  A fiction reading list from 2018 by Jenny Davidson.

3. Here you can donate to Conversations with Tyler.

4. The labor market really is strong: “Here’s a help wanted ad for you: Hard-working, career-oriented cats being sought by the Ontario SPCA for a new program that aims to match unsocialized strays with farms, warehouses and breweries where they can work as mousers.”

5. Some AEA sessions will be live streamed.

6. “No students from mainland Chinese schools have been admitted to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) through its early admission programme this year…

7. Judith Harris has passed away.


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