Saturday assorted links

1. Are animals getting better at acting? (NYT)

2. “TSA Administrator David Pekoske said at a recent visit to Dulles Airport (IAD) in Washington, DC, that the agency is making a “conscious effort” to deploy floppy-eared canines because they are less frightening to some flyers.

3. “More than half of Baltimore’s 309 homicide victims in 2018 were shot in the head, according to the police department’s annual homicide analysis released Wednesday.

4. C’mon people, should we give the Northwest Angle back to Alex?

5. Does market concentration in homebuilding matter?

6. Our countryside is aging a lot, our cities barely so.

7. For writers, “morals clauses” are being used more and more (NYT).  The days of Henry Miller are gone, it seems.


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