Friday assorted links

1. Megan McArdle on Roe vs. Wade.

2. “We find a positive relationship between intelligence scores and fertility, and this pattern is consistent across the [Swedish] cohorts we study.

3. WalkAway: Observational Data on 150 Erstwhile Democrats.

4. New TWA hotel at JFK airport.

5. Yonatan Berman: “We also find that absolute mobility decreases with income. Individuals and families occupying thelower ranks of the income distribution have a higher probability of increasing their income over short time periods than those occupying higher ranks. This also occurs during periods of in-creasing inequality. Our findings stem from the importance of the changes in the composition of income percentiles. These changes are over and above mechanical labor market dynamics and life cycle effects. We offer a simplified model to mathematically describe these findings.”  More here.


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