The cutthroat world of children’s food

It’s all about the data:

After a year-long investigation, a top California exec has been arrested by the FBI for allegedly hacking into a competitor’s website and stealing their customer data in an effort to ruin their business.

There is an unusual twist, however: this isn’t the high-stakes world of big tech or high finance, but American school lunches.

Chief financial officer of Choicelunch, Keith Wesley Cosbey, 40, was collared last month over claims that he illegally grabbed details from competitor The LunchMaster on what precisely youngsters across the San Francisco Bay Area like to eat and are allergic to.

He has been charged with unlawful computer access and fraud, and identity theft. If found guilty, Cosbey faces up to three years behind bars.

According to the criminal complaint against him, filed in San Mateo County, Cosbey stole data on hundreds of students, and then sent it anonymously to the local government department that oversees the school lunch program in an apparent effort to undermine his competitor.

Here is the full story, and here is another story, both via the estimable Chug.


POIROT: What is your profession?
CASSETTI: I'm retired.
POIROT: From what?
CASSETTI: Business.
POIROT: What sort of business?
CASSETTI: Baby food.
POIROT: But what does that matter?
CASSETTI: What matters is my safety.
POIROT: You are in danger?
CASSETTI: My life has been threatened, Mr. Poirot.

-- Murder On The Orient Express

that television show "the view"?
it is mostly postmodern bullshit!

Now he can legally obtain information about prison food to undermine the competition there! Even behind bars, there is no losing in America. Only opportunity.

What an incompetent CFO. You first hire a Putin-approved hacker then you go to town on your enemies' email accounts.

Well, a GRU officer working out of the agency’s headquarters on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow is not available for free lance work.

Catered lunches worth $5 apiece. Only in the Bay area. Is there anything that tech comes into contact with that it doesn't pervert? Disruption, indeed.

"We've got to find some sort of edge, or else the competition will be eating our lunch!"

It sounds like some valuable public information has been privatized.

But on the bright side, he'll collect a bounty from the government if his reports demonstrate that his competitor committed fraud on the school lunch program.

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