Sunday assorted links

1. The idea of prosecuting prostitutes’ clients is spreading, including possibly to the Netherlands (The Economist).

2. “Online, sobriety has become “the new black,” asserts a recovery site called, yes, Hip Sobriety.” (NYT. link here)

3. Critique of social psychology, not just the usual stuff.

4. Isn’t this abuse of Haitian orphans a way bigger scandal than most of what comes out of universities these days?

5. Data on what universities mean when they talk about diversity.


3. Never put stock in the word of anyone using Twitter for long form essays.

#3: the usual stuff is to say that, as an intellectual matter, it's a heap of steaming ordure.

Religion was marked as intellectual diversity. That is a stretch.

That's #5, not #3. Religion fits poorly into the "intellectual" silo. Religious belief is mostly a result of ethnicity & therefore Demographic. It's simply wrong to claim it is "intellectual"...unless maybe they were talking solely about intellectual religionists. Context.

5. In this list, "ethnicity" is a stand-in for race. Our number one issue, because that's our thing. A history of conquest and slavery leave their mark.

If we want to get past it, we have to leap forward. Race is not a biological reality, so reject it, strip it from every government form and database. Stand firm that all men are created equal.

Prosecute discrimination, but do it the hard way, with direct evidence or testimony. No more race tags and counting.

Perhaps we need a cultural revolution or a five year plan.

Seriously? Are we back to "racism or communism" as our only two choices?

Something funny happened to my high school civic generation .. or the other schools were teaching it wrong.

"we have to leap forward"

Indeed. We must leap forward. It'll have to be big to have the desired effect. A great leap forward, if you will.

Stupid thing to get hung up on. Getting rid of "race" in government would be a big thing, not an incremental change.

But necessary, otherwise we are doing quotas and identity politics for another 50 or 100 years.

"otherwise we are doing quotas and identity politics for another 50 or 100 years."

Which is why it's very unlikely to happen in the next century. Do you really think that Justice O'Connor's 25-year diversity clock isn't going to be pushed back indefinitely on the basis of thin evidence of the great benefits of a critical mass of preferred (so sorry, not including Asians) racial groups?

I am not a lawyer, but I would hope a legislation which denied biological race could inform courts that they can no longer count people by a nonexistent category.

If some guy accidentally sends a company wide email saying "no more blacks," that's still illegal discrimination and lawsuits may ensue.

A woman in a fur coat in a glowing white dress, a red eskimo hat had crossed the street, and her footprints were visible until a girl on a tricycle with ribbons on handles slammed the brake and her purple helmet blocked them out. She looked back as her grandmother nodded for the girl to continue. It’s true that snow in Minneopolis at certain times after a long while gives to disconsolation, like a trump to an ace of spades, but as an outsider, the landscape was like a white envelope of certainty. And to the locals, the snow wore like a set of pearls, or a diamond ring—on a finger made of the Missippi’s soil and the iron of the railroad.

Agreed. We'll need to have a group of people whose job it is to monitor email messages for sentiments of that kind, and to educate people into the proper mindset. They'll need some sort of commission from the federal government, though, to create a sense of legitimacy among the people they'll be monitoring. We could call them commisars.

No Jeff, you don't need monitors.

Just the occasional whistleblower.

Maybe, but we'll need good informants, too, and an agency to cultivate and reward them. A state taskforce on anti-social ideas. We could call it the Stasi.

Like, shocker, all societies have police, and police use witnesses. Because you can't just put laws on the books, and rely on the honor system.

(You seem to be fighting hard against the "all men created equal" thing.)

All men are created equal*

*except those committing wrong think against politically favorable groups

If we drop race, who become the favored groups? Workers? The poor?

This might be fine.

The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandistic initiative.
Joseph Goebbels

Now you're basically reproducing the affirmative action system from Communist Eastern Europe. My dad had the demographically bad fortune of being the son of teachers, so he wasn't allowed to enter university studies, because the state couldn't risk stratification into bourgeois families. He literally became a coal miner for several years before he was allowed to study. He has some pretty gruesome stories from that time.

Right, we can't give points for first in family to college because, again, communism.

If the law says no race, "a scientist" or racist can try to define whatever they want. The courts still uphold the law.

The law won't be changed, and even if it were, what makes you think that the judiciary would follow it?

The U.S. ain't France.

Race is certainly a biological thing with real consequences. It is as real and consequential as breeds of dogs and horses. The list of physiological, behavioral, and cognitive differences between races is large. These differences have more explanatory power than predictive power.

What we have now are progressive scientists with a political agenda to "prove" a prejudicial conclusion with implications for public policy.

Population genetics, worldwide DNA testing, has ruled all that out.

It's entirely irrelevant for social and political purposes whether there is a genetic basis for race. The superficial physical differences are more than sufficient to sustain the concept.

Here is a wild idea: What is true should be relevant to our politics.

LOL. Evolution wouldn't even occur for that to be true.

Some people spend a lot of time barking.

It's not impossible to imagine some long lasting ancient empire running a selective breeding program of the type that's been done with dogs. Say huge size for an impressive royal guard. But there are two problems. Humans have a very limited amount of genetic diversity to work with and the people running it would probably get bored with this kind of thing due to the slow human reproductive cycle. It probably wouldn't be long before some emperor would just figure his guards were big enough or simply decide to hire the tallest people in his realm rather than have a breeding program.

Please provide a reference to your asinine claim. Race is a sociological construct. Full stop. Anyone who claims otherwise, as Willitts does*, must provide extraordinary evidence. Full stop. I'll be waiting, as I love to be shown to be in error. Helps me improve myself. (* unless, of course, Willitts is basing his/her statement on the fact that race is a "physics" thing, a "chemistry" thing, and a "biology" thing. Which is vacuous, at best.)

Money, Democracy, language, and the United States are social constructs.

The folk notions of race correspond well with the y-haplogroups. Just like genetics haven't blown up ornithological taxonomy, genetics hasn't blown up human taxonomy either.

A child of mixed-race parentage is genetically too distant from either parent to receive a bone marrow transplant. Race is every bit as real as dog breeds.

Where do you think Diversity comes from? Do you seriously believe Asian parents can randomly birth an African child?

1 Why do you feel you need to shame someone who is engaging in a mutually beneficial, consensual transaction?

It is widely known that prostitution degrades real estate prices. Also, it is important to notice that Brazil is a very, very religious country. Its current leader, President Captain Bolsonaro, gas been elected under the motto "Brazil everything. God above everyone" and had promised to take the country back to the 70's, fighting the gay mafia and leftists. It is important that the government be seen as responsive to the people's worries.

Fighting the gay mafia, lol. I take a back seat to no one when it comes to outrageous out-of-control political correctness, but many gays I’ve known are fairly libertarian: i.e., “just leave me alone.” So what about tackling the real (gangster) mafia instead?

*despising, mocking, resisting Political Correctness

I think that it is clear that, all things considered, is hard to deny that homossexuality is a problem that besets Western socieities.

Yes, particularly Scranton, PA, though.

I beg your pardon?

So this is what America has become, a nation of beggars. President Captain Bolsonaro does not beg any man for anything.

Begging one's pardon is just an expression.

Yes an expression of a beggar. It is sad what your country has become.

Worse still, begging *one's* pardon is very much and English expression. The yanks reduced to borrowing the Queen's English to do their begging with. It is indeed shameful to see

Consultation of a medical professional is recommended for those who intend to take antihistamines for longer-term use

Prostitution is the least of Brazil's crime problems. Violent crime is out of control, especially in Thiago Riberio's favela.

. Our professor was young and blonde and as pleasant as he was cheerful; he kept a pencil in his ear, his attention was for the blackboard, and he failed to learn our names; after writing date after date of battle after battle, he read as if eating eye-candy, seated behind an oak desk. Tony played Billy Dimple in a scene from Royal Taylor’s the Contrast, in which Tony altered the lines so that his, Billy’s monologue, described his love for European character as a greater good than his love for Letitia. Our professor applauded him on the anagogical equivalence and went twenty minutes after class ended on hermeneutics and the Battle of Long Island.

Actually, crime rates are way down in Brazil, thanks to the diligent crime-fighting of the country's leader, President Captain Bolsonaro. I doubt Mr. Ribeiro lives in a favela. If I recall correctly, he said he lives in a pleasant college town. I see no reason whatsoever to not take his worth on it.

That is the impostor. I am Robert Clancy.

Robert Clancy, the man from Auntie

I do not know what you are talking about. I am from Flagstaff, Arizona, a state in the southwestern part of the United States.

4. Yeah, OK, the Hartford Courant story about the homosexual child predator is scandalous. But even more scandalous is the story linked on the same page that details the false testimony of renowned forensic science expert Henry Lee, whose inaccurate testimony put two innocent men in prison for decades. Sexual deviants are always going to find ways to indulge their perversions but the failures of judicial system officials to operate honestly and competently can't be accepted. Henry Lee should himself be incarcerated, although that can't make up for what his actions or lack thereof did to the lives of these men, just as execution of a murderer won't bring back the deceased. Executions are performed nevertheless.

#4 - pedophiles, yes, I agree with you chuck martel. When I was living in Thailand, I met a man, perfectly normal, married with kids, who would go pay the parents of minors to have sex with them. Re-read the above. Bargained for exchange. That's when I read stories like #4, I wonder how "innocent" the alleged victims were; not the kids, but their parents.

#1 I have as much or more sympathy for a young man temped into selling illegal recreational drugs as for the users.
Of course I'm for legalizing both drugs and prostitution..

1. As prostitution is legal here, there are no incels. Only poor people and cheap bastards.

Lol as it should be!

When I watched Rake (TV series), I thought the scandal was about illegality rather than mere(?) immortality.

There is a lot of variation from state to state:

I'm in a state where prostitution is legal but I do think some of the laws involving sex work can and should be improved to increase worker safety.

5. Rozado makes the point that diversity does not mean economic diversity. That's an important point, although not likely in the way Rozado intended. I recall some time ago there was an effort by some on the left to move away from race-based diversity (affirmative action) toward economic-based diversity (affirmative action). Poor people have fewer opportunities regardless of race, gender, or ethnicity. The move never got any traction because, well, we know some of the reasons. On the left anyway. But why didn't it get any traction on the right? Duh.

Good point. There’s another major type of affirmative action that’s rarely addressed though, geographic affirmative action. Your odds of getting into an Ivy League college are much better if you’re from Wyoming, or even a rural part of New York state, relative to people from New York City, for example. It seems that people generally accept this kind of affirmative action; neither left nor right argues that this type of affirmative action should be replaced by socioeconomic affirmative action because it unfairly benefits rich kids from Wyoming over poor kids from Manhattan.

I think the Wyoming thing reflected a desire to be able to market/advertise that they had "students from all 50 states", rather than any actual interest in diversity.

But you never know. I had kid who attended a small college in Maine. She mentioned a discussion with her friends (most from Boston, all from the East Coast) in the dorm one day centered around TV viewing schedules, which surfaced the fact that she was the first person they had ever met from the Central Time Zone.

the thing about avocado toast is the was ist los quality of type setting

In my experience with admissions in an elite college, kids from rural areas were advantaged over urban kids with similar qualifications even though they were all from the same state. It's not just trying to get all 50 states. I agree that, overall, rural kids are still vastly underrepresented at elite colleges, but so are blacks and Hispanics--that doesn't mean they aren't beneficiaries of diversity-based admissions.

Overall, it seems like the same issue or at least a very similar issue--I would not be surprised if many people at elite colleges have never had a minority friend until college (I'm from a Midwestern city, where I knew no Hispanics and almost no Asians before college). I lean against affirmative action, but I think there are decent arguments on both sides. They should apply equally to race and geography though.

Great! I'll be sure to let my wife know. She's really good with strangers.

It is sad that people actually sit down to a keyboard and type out things like that.

Maybe if you hired a matchmaker you could find companionship, and would stop your sad anonymous attempts to cry out in sad lonely pain.

Good luck, my poor little friend - in the yellow pages, matchmakers can be found easily.

1) Women hate legalized prostitution because it would mean the end of their cartel.

Not actually true. Horseshoe theory applies. Libertarians support free markets. Left feminists support sex workers.

It's the conservative middle that worries about values in society.

"Left feminists support sex workers."

Not really. They buy into the sex-trafficking nonsense and think these laws are helping sex-workers (despite sex-workers' arguments to the contrary). And leftist feminists pretty much cannot help themselves in supporting laws that criminalize the male, but not female, side of these voluntary transactions.

isn't the reason the dutch are reforming their policy is that it created some more social problems & not because of "values"

I think values in society are often tied to (ancient) problems.

we heard the modern problem
was increased violent crime and increased organized crime?

I'm thinking you've led a pretty sheltered existence...

> Left feminists support sex workers

That's complicated. Of course they support sex-workers, as they are mainly female. But many see sex-work as degrading, economic exploitation. While this is slightly at odds with the sex-positivity narrative, feminists will see it as an overall victory because it shifts harm away from women, while achieving a compromise with those who want it illegal for values reasons.

Prostitutes haven't replaced women where prostitution is legal, nor did they replace women back when law had not yet emerged. They are a sanitary facility, not a substitute for a romantic relationship.

Take them for what they are, and there won't be any reason for debate. Stop coming up with euphemisms. They are not "sex workers" or "escorts" or "snapchat models," they are prostitutes. Use them as intended.

If you opt for women you wouldn't opt for if only there was a brothel nearby, the legal status of rental genitals is the least of your problems.

2. Sobriety is mostly a virtue. Understanding that drinking daily, even in moderation ,is a sham way to exist. The inverse of that-no drinking and then the heavy weekend binge or travel binge is almost as bad.

However because all of that is true. It does not mean that enjoying a bourbon a few times a year is so bad either. Mostly alcohol should be avoided at all costs. However I don’t think the puritanical pursuit of sobriety is based on the healthiest emotional grounds either.

Shorter version: Y'all should stop liking what I don't like.

Just live the cuck life like me!

These "hip sobriety" women ought to acknowledge that they had lives that were compatible with being in a drunken stupor regularly or much of the time. An easy way out is to prefer a lifestyle incompatible with alcohol consumption. For example: software engineering, NBA athlete, long distance freight trucker, police department spokesperson. If that's not the preference then there may be no need to change and the Complacent Class retains a member. If preferences don't change then sobriety coaching is more likely to fail.

#4: At least in America, don't most Catholic priests and lay personnel come out of universities? I don't follow - what is new or different about this?

5. And I'll wager that if they took the study one level deeper:

Race and ethnicity would mean Black and Hispanic
Religion would mean Muslim
Sex would mean women, gays, and transgender
Disability would not include disabled veterans

We have always known that diversity and inclusion is code for favored minorities.

the slip must come before the fall, so the tongue lashes the seas of outrageous fortune with wages of slander. It is celery that dilutes the tongue's tragedy with lameness that usurps the power. I beseech you, with cunning, to subvert the slanderer and right the way, it is yours this road.

My son is already planning to undergo a homosexual re-orientation for his college application. I'll have to see if he's game for an Islamic conversion too.

Nothing we can do about his race, but other traits are more malleable.

Have him change his name to, say, Beto Ogayar and the admissions office will be none the wiser.

You forgot Native American. Just ask former Professor, now Senator (and would-be President) Fauxcahontas.

I say yes Anon7, that outbreak shall be returned to its rightful owner.

4. That is the story of every so called "non-profit." Let this be the catalyst to once and for all eliminate tax-exemptions for all of the phony so called "charities."

Prostitution is legal in most situations in Brazil. You can't be a pimp and you can't street walk.

I can't recall the exact details. I don't know if the idea was scaring off clients or if was scaring street walkers.

5. Another possible characterization is immutable characteristics vs. non-immutable ones. This characterization has more predictive power than demographic vs. intellectual because it explains why socioeconomic diversity is an outlier compared to other “demographic” factors. Socioeconomic status may be demographic, but it’s not immutable.

I do not think I buy this explanation all that much. After all, gender is allegedly distinct from "sex" precisely because it is mutable, representing how one presents and interacts with the world. Likewise, I find it very hard to come up with any sensical definition of "genderfluid" which does allow for some degree of, you know, fluidity.

As far as race, again I find that its immutability is just a tad overstated. Somehow George Zimmerman became a "white Hispanic" on a dime. We have had multiple people who have lived as other races, sometimes even without evident malingering. And of course there is the question of biracial kids being able to "pass" and "code switch".

As far as politics, are that not innumerable attempts by academics to state that "Conservatives" have distinct personality traits and psychiatric quirks? Heck many academics flat dismiss religion as a function of genes and upbringing.

Even if we were to grant your premise, I doubt it plays out that much in reality. After all, age is a huge immutable characteristic, yet academia treats non-trads horribly. Likewise parental status is less mutable than gender ... yet somehow I see precious little effort to make any effective leeway in academia for parents who have additional commitments. Or of course there is flat disability. Maybe the numbers will jump out if we analyze them, but I submit that it is highly unlikely that universities will post good numbers for highly immutable characteristics that do not tie into the major left wing identities.

I don't think gender-fluidity changes the immutable nature of sex. Immutability is about how society perceives and treats you, not your own internal self-conception. Granted, science is creating a greater possibility of sex-switching now, but the procedures are very far from perfect and it's a tiny number of people who do them.

As for race, the vast majority of people in society are easily identifiable as being of a certain race by their physical characteristics. Again, there are some people who are biracial or who could look like a different race, but this itself is largely immutable--someone born biracial might be able to pass for different races; someone born with a typical African-American (or white, or Asian, etc.) look and skin tone would not.

Regarding politics (or even religion), there might be certain personality traits that predispose people to adopting a particular mindset or another, but these aren't immutable--someone's views can change depending on their upbringing and free will. It makes no sense to describe an infant as being "conservative," whereas one easily can describe the infant's race or sex. Moreover, people can hide their political or religious affiliation; it's not something society instantly judges you by the way sex or race are.

I agree that age is immutable; however, discrimination based on age is reasonably considered less bad than discrimination based on other immutable characteristics, because everyone progresses through the life cycle and gets to experience life across all ages (unless they die prematurely, but that's a concern about discriminating against younger people who might not get to experience the benefits of being older).

I disagree that parental status is immutable; unless they are born infertile, people choose whether to become parents. Disability is a grey area for me, but the chart also shows that disability ranks in the middle of all the characteristics examined.

For the record, it costs about 10K for a half-Asian person to look one quarter Asian, it costs less than that for a person with 50 percent African heritage to look as white as blond Beyonce, and except for Slavs and Scandinavians and British people, most Europeans could pass as Northern Africans simply by growing their hair in the typical way of Algeria or Morocco, and spending lots of time in the sun.

Don't get hung up on this stuff, the big differences are not between men and women and not between people of one race or another but between people who have an easy time in life and those who don't ....

I hope you see what I did there if you don't ....

we are all human and the line between good and evil, as Solzhenitsyn liked to say after he gave up on his youthful admiration for the evildoer Stalin, runs not between people but runs through every human heart

(he was wrong about that, there have been lots of people who God protected from evil from the very first day they were born, but his basic insight remains valid)

and nobody has an easy time in life, remember that too

Nothing is truly immutable but when society classifies you as a brown Hispanic on Tuesdays and a white Hispanic on Thursdays it can sure feel immutable to Zimmerman. Obama is equally black as he is white but is that how he is received by others? Tiger Woods is more Asian than black but how does society see him?


So some staff person abuses children in Haiti and the college gets to pay $60 million as punishment. Let me guess that will not increase the number of organizations wanting to help people.

Sorry Ty... you can praise the virtues of sobriety, and that's great, but not while you praise the horrors of Statism. Booze is fueling the coffers of the State, and you can't have it both ways.

4. Only a fool would contribute to charities for Haitians or other third worlders, especially children. There's so much corruption and abuse, and you might be held liable for it. Keep your money and let poor foreigners starve, that's my motto.

Why do we always want to outlaw sin? What boner does it give us,
when it is so useless?

#5 When you want to tweek the diversity one way, there might be backfires from some unintended and unwelcomed change in other attributes. New York City mayor de Blasio threatened (just threatened) to reduce ethnic segregation in the 8 specialized high schools SHS by changing by fiat that only the top 7% of every junior high schools be admitted instead of the admission by objective SHSAT common assessment, even for the JHS which privious had none of their students willing to sit for the SHSAT, and some of the JHS with 30%+ of their students had been suspended some of which involved contacting the NY Police Dept.

The data are from the NYC open data portal. The academic performance is reflected in percentage of SHS offers %Ofr for the Grade8 students with number NG8. The percentage and number sitting for the SHSAT %Tsr and NTsr. The overall SES of the students is given by %Poverty. The Ethnic Diversity Index is calculated from the five groups White, Black, Hispanic, Asian and TheRest.

The Christa McAuliffe School used to be the top feeder school for the SHS normally with %Ofr of 85%+. If the de Blasio policy is implemented that will be drastically slashed to only 7%, i.e. students with IQ 143- might missed out to make rooms for students with IQ70-. There is the question of how the SHS teachers will handle classes with such extreme IQ range, compounded with some of the students might be serial absentees from classes counted in unit of days per week.

Anyway the smart parents got the de Blasio message and the elite students from Christa McAuliffe School started fleeing, NG8 dropped 20%+ in three years together with the crash in %Ofr. However it seems that Christa McAuliffe wanted to hold the %Pct at low 70% from the 85%+, it did not supplement the student number with lesser qualified students. The %Pov increased, the Diversity Index also increases, i.e. those that fled were mostly the smart Whites and Asians. If the trend continue Christa McAuliffe might be facing a existential crisis. This also shows that there is no magich dirt in Christa McAuiffe, when the elites have fled the school will be no different from any other schools.

Rank 2 feeder school is the Anderson School whose students are rich, %Pov in 2015 was only 10%. In three years the %Ofr has dropped from 89% to 68% while the %Pov also drops from 10% to 8.4%, i.e. those less well of smart students which really want to go to the SHS had fled, the remaining less smart rich students who don't give a damn about SHS stay behind as they can always go to private high schools. Between Christa McAullife and Anderson the SES segregation increases, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

For the parents the most important might be the "security diversity". Earlier NYC data showed that school security mainly involved 2 specific ethnic groups. If the parents have no choice but to send their children to the neighborhood schools they might prefer those with low "security diversity" if they think they can isolate their children from the bad elements. Later NYC data had ethnic security association redacted, thresholds that require police involvement raised, sweeping everything under the carpets. The city of Chicago tackles the school security problem head on, every schools are graded with fair safety scores, the histogram of which is bell shape.

#1) Interestingly, when conservatives try to outlaw the performing of abortion but not the receiving of abortion, i.e., when only abortion doctors, but not the patients, are prosecuted, the same feminists that approve of prosecuting prostitution clients but not prostitutes don't seem similarly impressed. They claim that prostitutes don't have choice over what happens to their own bodies and are always victims. Those same prostitutes, though, if they were to "choose" abortion are not seen as victims of abortion doctors who take the women's babies from them. Pro-choice on abortion, anti-choice on everything else...

#2: Yeah, almost unreadable. Not quite unreadable enough though: I did read halfway through before I realized it was a waste of time.

Rather more interesting albeit a couple of years old is this one: some people are more sensitive to the taste of alcohol:

The excerpt never addresses hard liquor, which I find undrinkable. And presumably Fadiman does too but the excerpt doesn't say.

The inherent unpleasantness of the taste of alcohol is highlighted by the admonition from cooking experts to heat food strongly or a long time after adding wine to it, to burn off the alcohol. Because if you don't, the food will taste bad. Because it has alcohol in it. So even non-supertasters and wine connoisseurs, at least the ones who cook with wine, confess that alcohol tastes bad to them.

? - I don't think most people dislike the taste of alcohol, large numbers of people drink vodka neat which is pretty much pure diluted alcohol.
Myself I like wine and beer with alcohol, I have tried the reduced and low alcohol versions and enjoy them much less as they are missing the alcohol taste.

It sounds like the women concerned was partying too much to me, not drinking too much. She is probably one of those people who worries about missing out on stuff. If she had confined her partying to Friday and Saturday nights, and took a weekend off every now again, she would have felt much better.

Burning off the alcohol while cooking doesn't really imply that people find alcohol bad tasting, it just means that that is not the flavor one wants to impart on the food. I like ice cream, I don't think it goes well as a topping for pasta though.
There are some foods - particularly desserts like Black Forest Cake that the alcohol is used for soaking the cake and you don't end up cooking it at high heat to burn off alcohol. In Switzerland it is not uncommon to eat fondue by first dunking your piece of bread in cherry liquor.

In short you don't know what you are talking about.

Good rule-of-thumb. If the New York Times is reporting something as "hip" that usually means it's not.

Always great to see an inverse relationship between the use of the word "diversity" and what's actually important in life.

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