Friday assorted links

1. “A Finnish company is saying that they have managed to create “food out thin air”—and it could be hitting out grocery store shelves within the next two years.

The engineers at Solar Foods have succeeded in making a protein powder using only CO2, water, vitamins, and renewable electricity.

The powder, which they have called Solein, was created using technology that was developed by NASA. It reportedly looks and tastes just like wheat flour, except it is made up of 50% protein.”  Link here.

2. Trump, Trump’s brother, and alcoholism.

3. MIE: “An Airbnb host in Seattle is offering people the ‘experience’ of a mock Amazon job interview for $4,600.”

4. Ben Carson still underrated.  And this start-up wants to put a tiny house in your backyard.

5. “A same-sex couple in Beijing have become the first in the city to complete the process of being named as each other’s legal guardian in what is being seen as a major step forward in the protection of LGBT rights.


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