Friday assorted links

1. “A Finnish company is saying that they have managed to create “food out thin air”—and it could be hitting out grocery store shelves within the next two years.

The engineers at Solar Foods have succeeded in making a protein powder using only CO2, water, vitamins, and renewable electricity.

The powder, which they have called Solein, was created using technology that was developed by NASA. It reportedly looks and tastes just like wheat flour, except it is made up of 50% protein.”  Link here.

2. Trump, Trump’s brother, and alcoholism.

3. MIE: “An Airbnb host in Seattle is offering people the ‘experience’ of a mock Amazon job interview for $4,600.”

4. Ben Carson still underrated.  And this start-up wants to put a tiny house in your backyard.

5. “A same-sex couple in Beijing have become the first in the city to complete the process of being named as each other’s legal guardian in what is being seen as a major step forward in the protection of LGBT rights.


Most alcoholics are genetically and psychologically likely to become alcoholics. It is most probable that Trump's brother choose to become an alcoholic because he wanted and needed it rather than to believe it was because someone encouraged him to do something different with his life. This story reads like an excuse.

oy ve! 47 percent of the opiate deaths in Scotland involve methadone!
hey Sure, are you sure that methadone is an efficacious medically assisted treatement!
where is that Sure fella?

Yes, we need Sure to weigh in.

I wish Sure had a blog. I would read it and I would be nice - on my best behaviour.

oy ve
mebbe Sure Is at goat yoga?
according to scotland
scottish benzodiazepines (also a M.AT.)
are strongly linked to increasing scottish death rates!
where the hell is Sure!

I give great rimjobs! I love the taste of ass in the wee morning hours. Extra funk helps power my day!

got it, you are both a sociologist & you are missing the point!
did you even read the study?
increase in scottish deaths associated with methadone and benzodiazepines could mean that
medical assisted treatment (MAT) needs to be looked at more & closer!

Trump murdered his brother. Took advantage of his mental illness. Plain and simple.

Is this your belief, or another tasteless impersonation.

Maybe I shouldn't care. Tyler obviously doesn't. A 1:1 email to public name lock would be so, so, easy.

You are literally posting as anonymous. Why should you care if someone else also posts anonymously. Your lack of any kind of self insight is truly astonishing.

I asked a question. I recognized that it could go either way. If this is a real person with a real feeling, maybe they can expand.

But you must certainly know, if you spend any time at MR, that spoofs are a big part of the game. The whole "Thiago" and "imposter!" cycle.

Being anonymous, or Anon, is a partial fix, but you'll still get someone later saying "you said such and such!"

At MR you can never be sure, that is the architecture.

Okay, I see. My bad.

#3 I think that the only innovation is the usage of AirBnB as an advertising platform.

#1 we’ve been heading in this way for a while. Not a lot of details about the process. Was anyone able to find out if this is a refinement of the genetically engineered yeast we have been working in for the last decade or two?

On #1, if they used yeast, they didn't use "only" the listed ingredients (and indeed why electricity?).

I interpret it as very expensive and stupid chemistry building proteins the hard way for PR?

Yeast or algae growing is a thousand times more sensible, but not sexy enough to get PR time.

#1 is just photosynthesis you know?

Bonus trivia: the eucalyptus leaf has the ability to perform photosynthesis on *both* sides of the leaf, in contrast to normal deciduous trees that only perform such a feat on one side, typically the darker up-facing side of the leaf.

How much electricity do they use and how much does that electricity cost to generate?

1. Deserves at least a limerick tribute:

The cyber explorer A. Jude
(that virtual reality dude):
his mistake we forgive
he died trying to live
on a diet of virtual food.

Maybe Elon Musk will thrive on this stuff once he gets stranded on Mars.

Well done.

If you can make a limerick on the actual names, I’ll be impressed: good luck finding rhymes for Vainikka or Pitkanen.

There once was a fellow named Pitkänen
Whose food looked like something the cat brought in
It's not hard to prepare
When you make it from air
And yet it's fit only for shit-cannin'

Nice rise to the challenge! I would just change “brought” to “dragged”.

Depends, I guess, on whether you want to mangle the first or last line for best effect.

Reminds me of the breatharian dude busted while eating fast food. I follow that diet everyday between lunch and dinner. It works!

Haha... "thrive" was a nice touch.

2. Alcoholism runs in a family; it's heritable. Thus, Donald Trump most likely is an alcoholic. No, that doesn't mean that he drinks alcohol, it means that he has the gene of an alcoholic. If he doesn't drink alcohol, will Donald Trump not behave like an alcoholic. No, he may be an alcoholic (remember, it's heritable) but what is called a "dry drunk". What's a dry drink? Someone who behaves like an alcoholic, but is perfectly sober. What does behave like an alcoholic mean? To name a few: illogical; incessantly lying; self-pity, victimhood, and sense of entitlement; manipulative; absence of accountability; irresponsible sexual activity or sexual assault; risk safety to themselves and others. As prevalent as is alcoholism, it's shocking how little folks know about the disease.

Would it be appropriate to bring up Billy Carter at this point?

I learned years ago (by hard experience) to stop muttering, "Now, I've heard everything!"

If I had a nickel for every lie told about President Trump . . .

...I would have a couple of nickels.

OTOH, I would be a millionaire if I had a nickel for every lie told by President Trump.

Evil Is Good

War is Peace

Patriotism is Racism

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Conservative Speech Is Violence

Orwellian Imbecile

Orwell predicted it all - Newspeak, the contradictions, double speak ... the left wing sjws fit it perfectly.

I like the phrase dry alcoholic to me it would be a person who would be an alcoholic if he drank but totally abstains because that is easier than drinking a little. That is one drink and the battle is over he'll be drunk for at least until he falls asleep or maybe for days.

I've known some Alcoholics they don't seem to me anymore likely than others display: illogical; incessantly lying; self-pity, victimhood, and sense of entitlement; manipulative; absence of accountability.
They are often fine people when sober.

You seem like the kind of person who loves humanity but hates humans.

I think anyone sensible hates some humans — in a healthy, Aristotelian way of hating — and is ambivalent about large swathes of humanity.

But rayward’s just needling us, for no one could so dumb as to attribute Trump’s mannerisms to an alcohol-less “alcoholism”.

In fact rayward and Trump are very similar: they troll and needle.

There's no such thing as a dry drunk, rayward. It's a business promotion exercise on the social-work-and-mental-health-trade. And there's no particular reason to believe anyone in the Trump family is an alcoholic except for the President's long deceased brother. That one member of a family is an alcoholic makes the probability that another is higher than it otherwise would be. It doesn't not make it at all likely that the other family member is in fact an alcoholic.

The term is basically a smear that people throw around because they see it as unrebuttable. "His denying it just shows that he's in denial!" Here, rayward is being something of a spiritual successor to the Soviet psychiatrists who used their discipline as a political weapon

+1 rotund postmodern parrot narrative

To clarify, the behavior of an alcoholic I lifted from sources on alcoholism, not by reference to Donald Trump. If they fit his behavior, it could be a coincidence or symptoms. I should add that alcoholism is a progressive disease, meaning that an alcoholic's behavior will get progressively worse as she ages, whether she is dry or not.

"To name a few" means you picked a subset.

Trying to pick ones you apply to the President, to create a narrative?

I mean, that's the obvious inference from the entire post.

(Disclosure: I think the President's kind of a shit. I also think this armchair psychoanalysis is pathetic.)

It's not psychoanalysis; it's biology. As I stated in my comment, it amazes me how folks have such little knowledge of a disease that is so prevalent. One reason is that almost all families are affected by alcoholism, and denial is very strong.

If alcoholism is primarily genetic, such that you don't even need to drink to be, in some real sense, an alcoholic, how the hell does it run in "almost all families"? How would you tell?

It read like you were coming out Ray. Most we knew, but the sex stuff.

I should add that alcoholism is a progressive disease,

It isn't a disease.

meaning that an alcoholic's behavior will get progressively worse as she ages, whether she is dry or not.

This is also false. Pretty disquieting that there are people who pay you money for legal services.

I know some counterexamples very well. All you can say about alcoholics is that they all drink to excess. Nothing else is true by implication.

I have seen too many close to me over many years.

#1: Either they're using a whole lot of vitamins, or they're leaving something out of the ingredients list. Where are they getting the nitrogen for these proteins?

Atmospheric nitrogen, perhaps? But it's not on their list: "only CO2, water, vitamins, and renewable electricity".

Good point.

Their website ( gives "vitamins and nutrients" as one of the inputs on their process. The other input clearly do not contain nitrogen, so it has to come from those "vitamins and nutrients", and we need, as you say, quite a a lot of them to produce
to produce their protein. This begs the question: what are these vitamins and nutrients and where are they supposed to come from? They say nothing about that. Without this information, there is no way to determine if their claim that their method is more environmentally friendly than usual food production is even plausible.

Summary: at this point, this looks more like an ad for a miracle weight-loss pill than a real technological advance.

This may not be economically feasible on Earth (where evolution has fine-tuned plant metabolisms to produce the nutrients that plants need, and which animals can often use as well) but it might be just the thing for a space station, or even a Mars-bound spaceship.

After all, there should be plenty of recycled water and CO2 aboard and can be designed to produce plenty of electric power. And whatever additives are needed presumably would have much less mass than the equivalent whole foods.

Assuming the mass of the production apparatus is not prohibitive, and it's reliability is near 100%. Because it wouldn't do to have your food factory start producing toxic goo when you're halfway to Mars with no convenience store in sight.

Well presumably it would not just have to be possible to make food this way, it would actually have to be superior in some respect... Otherwise, why wouldn't you use something efficient? Hydroponics and tilapia tanks or whatever is being considered today.

Sometimes they it uses only "air," often they say it "uses CO2."

If something 50% protein tastes just like wheat flour, then it also tastes like chicken.

#4. Carson underrated? This is the guy who thinks an REO is a cookie? A stopped clock is right twice a day.

actually reo is
1 a ethnic slur,
2 a cookie
3. a term used in the United States to describe a class of property owned by a lender—typically a bank, government agency, or government loan insurer—after a unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction.
4 a band
it depends on the context!

That is the impersonator.

We just red the Scotland narrative!
Where the hell is Sure!

To be fair to ben, the "flak" he is getting is from Secretary Julián Castro. This is the same guy who wants to set aside money so that men in wigs can get abortions.

Also a car or truck. That's where the band got its name.

When Carson got stumped by "REO" I was also stumped, and I am a finance professional.

Ben Carson is smarter than Trump and the Democrats, that's why he can't be elected.

if we needed brain surgery we would probly trust Ben Carson.

I was going to say “that’s a low bar” but I’ve learned not to underestimate Trump’s cunning. And not to underestimate the Dems’ frothing-at-the-mouth mendacity.

If he's so smart why doesn't he fix healthcare? That's his field after all.

#1: The article is maddeningly vague, the "explanatory video" explains nothing, and the whole premise sounds like bad science. What the hell is "a single-cell protein"? Proteins are molecules, not cells. And in addition to H2O and CO2 you'll need nitrogen somewhere in the process if you're building proteins. Is the missing N coming from those mysterious "vitamins"?

Yes. That got my bullsh*t detector to start ringing loudly.

What year did you graduate Med School, racist?

hey racist neurosurgeon!
we finally tracked down the bias response unit
turns out they were outside m mcconells house all day!

#2: The evidence keeps building up for me to quit drinking entirely. I have come very close to making the jump, but I live in Charlotte.

Seltzer water all the way. Try the subreddit StopDrinking if you are looking for super positive supporters. Lose weight, feel motivated in the mornings, pick up new hobbies, and you can still go out... its just cheaper.
Good luck

Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement

"... but I live in Charlotte."


Just a tongue in cheek comment about the city. All the social life revolves around drinking and takes place at breweries. Lots of finance workers as well (me included) who treat drinking as a hobby.

Obviously that is just an excuse and the city I live in has no real bearing on whether I can stop drinking

He may be under-rated, but an article on the latest iteration of unnecessary federal intervention in housing markets is soporific. A worthwhile program would be to fish out the small agency which regulates lead paint exposure and append it to the EPA and then shut the rest of the department down. If you're concerned about the real income of quondam beneficiaries of federal housing subsidies, add modest increments to Social Security, SSI, unemployment compensation, and EITC. While we're at it, end tax preferences which promote the trade in real estate, erase any troublesome regulations which promote the secondary mortgage market, sell off Ginne Mae, Farmer Mac &c., and end any troublesome regulatory preferences for mortgage maws generally.

4. Loosening zoning laws won't have much effect on African Americans because the increase in supply of housing won't affect the price of housing sufficiently to make the additional housing affordable by them anyway. But that's not to say I don't support efforts to promote additional housing because I do, it's just to point out the hypocrisy of Dr. Carson and his so-called affordable housing initiative, designed to help developers without running the risk of "those people" moving into the neighborhood. .

That's almost a Biden-esque comment.

Her death this week prompted me to wonder where Toni Morrison lived. She had several homes, it sounds like - one in Tribeca, one in Princeton - but is most associated with Grand View-on-Hudson, which sounds very beautiful. This prompted my husband to muse on a parallel with his grandmother, who happily lived alone in a very small black town, for all intents and purposes the only white woman there (I seem to have heard tell of one other white family in the area, but she would not have socialized with them ...).

Her grand piano was covered with photos of what she referred to as her (small) "white family" and her much larger "black family" (the children and grandchildren of the family that worked for her).

I only visited her there once. She had prepared a nice dinner for our arrival - I remember chicken in a sherry cream sauce - which would have been an undertaking since she was long out of the habit of cooking, and most of her appliances seemed not to work. She herself did not partake - she wanted it all for us; instead she seemed to be subsisting at that moment on some squirrel jerky somebody had brought her.

She it was who explained to me that the world had it all wrong thinking Lady Bird was the "quality" that raised up poor declasse Lyndon. Not that she so sniffed at Lady Bird that she wasn't, I could tell, secretly extremely pleased that once, at a garden center I had volunteered to take her to, they came face to face and Lady Bird recognized *her* and called her by her nickname despite the interval of sixty-odd years (it would have been important to my grandmother-in-law to be recognized first, she was very proud) and she happily reached out her hands: "Claudia."

It was a small kindness from the one to the other, both moored in extreme age in an arid city far from the woods they both loved.

Her mother in father (who had grown up in the southern part of Alabama and the norther part of Georgia, respectively) settled in Lorain, Ohio around about 1929. The burgh at that time had a population that was 1% black. Her brother and sister evidently spent their lives there or returned there in late middle age. There's a much larger black population there now (16%) than there was 90 years ago; what's curious about it is that that population is quite dispersed. The county has no black majority census tracts and only a half-dozen or so where the black share exceeds a quarter of the population.

She herself had salaried jobs (working in higher education and publishing) from the time she was about 25 and her brother was a skilled worker. (Not sure about the sister). Her comments on social relations I've read partake of the upraised middle finger, which is interesting given her background.

Well, I sort of blanket admire people who take their worldly gains and seek out a beautiful place to live, so I am now much more inclined to read the Toni Morrison novel my husband supposed I had read. "Why did you think that?" -- "Well, you *owned* it." [Among those books you acquire in college and faithfully tote around and display for the next dozen years.] "I read it," he said, seeming to feel I had deceived him. Anyway, no knock on her, just never made much time for "capital L" literature written after about 1930.

Nonsense. There are substantial black working and middle class populations composed who would benefit greatly from increased housing supply. These are the black people you don't see on the news.

#5: This sort of arrangement was occasionally attempted in the US before there was any legal recognition of same-sex relationships here.

#1 is probably just hydroponics or aeroponics. The Aztecs were doing hydroponics on rafts in Lake Texcoco in what in not Mexico City 500 years ago.

I support hydroponics.

#2. Probably the only article I've ever read where the survivors of a family tragedy are encouraged to blame themselves.

To me it seems likely that it was the alcoholism that killed Fred Trump and nothing else.

That's what Jeff Bezos has done to the Graham's not-so-great-but-will-pass-on-a-good-day media property.

Haha! Very good point, Hazel. And good on you for noticing it, as you are hardly keen on DJT.

Do any of the lady presidential candidates have mixed-up children? Can we look forward to "blame the mother" stories?

I suppose you have to blame DJT for the error of making himself the story all the time. The journalists are only too happy to comply, but on some days the stories don't write themselves.

Harris is childless. Warren has two children, both married and at least one with children; no obtrusive embarrassments there. The others aren't likely to last the early contests. Williamson has a daughter, born out of wedlock in 1990; Gabbard is childless; Gillibrand has two boys, who if they're smart find much of what their mother has to say distressing.

Trump's children are smart enough to know daddy is a schmuck. Except maybe Don Jr. He inherited the other set of genes.

"1. “A Finnish company is saying that they have managed to create “food out thin air”—and it could be hitting out grocery store shelves within the next two years."

So, they're farming then?


Trees are made from air, too.

"Solein is people!"

#1 sounds like a real nothingburger.

5. There are no LGBT rights. But many people are delusional.

1) You do realise protein has a polyamide backbone, correct?

2) Where does the nitrogen come from?

I'm a tremendous cuck!

"Single cell protein" in number one suggests to me that they are using microorganisms in some way. Or it could all be hoax and/or a scam.

#1 sounds like something Thunderf00t ought to get his hands on debunking.

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